AUDIO: A Christmas SWEAT-er

Ugly Christmas sweaters are so 2016. This year, you can sport a sweatshirt with festive sweat stains . You read that right, festive sweat stains. At first glance these garments look like your average, post-gym perspiration rag, but they are so much more. Sweat is silhoutted into chrsitmas trees,...
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AUDIO: Bye Forever, Glitter

As Hartwick so eloquently put it, glitter is the herpes of the craft world - it gets everywhere, and it never goes away. Now, scientists are speaking out against glitter , and some are even suggesting a ban on the sparkly stuff. Many are arguing that the risk of pollution, specifically to the...
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AUDIO: Too Much to Tweet

Twitter now has two times the text! That's 280 characters to do with what you will. Reviews are mixed from Twitter users, and even Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick can't agree on this, but whether you feel good, bad or inbetween, you got the extra characters and might as well use 'em! If the extra...
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