AUDIO: Why won't this ice cream melt?!

Scientists have developed an ice cream that won't melt. Hartwick and Casey have opposite feelings on this, and on a bunch of other stuff. Melt-proof Ice Cream
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Shrimp Named After Pink Floyd Kills With Sound

According to urban legend, Pink Floyd once played so loudly that every fish in a nearby pond died. As an homage to this myth, scientists have named a recently discovered species of shrimp after the band. This sea creature has a distinctive pink claw and uses the sound of it's snapping claw to kill...
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Shaq Says the World is Flat

Forget the Ancient Greek philosophers and mathemeticians. Forget science. Forget astronomy. According to Shaq, the Earth is flat, and a round planet is a lie taught to us in schools. No joke, Shaquille O'Neal recently claimed the earth is flat , because when he drives from Florida to California, it...
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