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Stones Week: Allie Hartwick's Favorite Rolling Stones Tunes

Hey! It's Allie and here are my all-time favorite Rolling Stones songs! 1. Beast of Burden- This actually isn’t one of MY favorites, but it’s my cousin’s favorite song, so it always makes me think of her. Funny how we associate songs with people we love, isn’t it? Video of The Rolling Stones -...
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Stones Week: Cathy Taylor's Favorite Rolling Stones Tunes

Hi there- it's Cathy Taylor and these are my personal fav when it comes to The Stones! 5. Sympathy for the Devil- It's intriguing. Video of The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (Official Lyric Video) 4. Miss You- Because the Stones toyed with that disco vibe and pulled it off. Video of The...
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