Valentine's Day

5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Aren't Completely Impersonal

In case you hadn't noticed, today is Valentine's Day. If you have been putting off getting your S.O. a gift, and maybe have run out of time, or ideas, here are a few last minute suggestions, that aren't super lame.
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Heart hands at a concert

Classic Rock's 5 Greatest Love Songs of All Time

There are many classic rock ballads and anthems (and even torch songs) that speak of love and longing and heartbreak. Here are five that most people are likely to agree are GREAT love songs, and are at least somewhere in the running for the five GREATEST love songs of all time.
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This Man Invented an Ever-Lasting Electronic Flower as a Present for His Wife

The gift is next level
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9 Songs For When You're Single and Totally Cool With It

It's time of year where everyone seems to be all loved up and sending eachother flowers, or bacon, or whatever the hipsters are into now. But let's not forget, being single is awesome and has some serious upsides. Don't believe me, these songs may sway you.
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POLL: What grade would you give to your significant other's past Valentine's Day efforts?

Take the poll!
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Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee Engaged To Actress/Comedian Brittany Furlan

It wouldn't be a complete Valentine's Day without at least one marriage proposal.
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