Pinterest prohibits inappropriate Halloween costumes

Pinterest is cracking down on culturally inappropriate Halloween costumes by allowing them to be reported by users on the site, the company has just reported.
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Three Things You Need to Know on August 29th

Pinterest is trying to overcome misinformation when it comes to vaccines. The social media site had been blocking search terms related to vaccines but now will direct people to public health organizations with scientifically accurate information. Researchers found in 2016 that the majority of...
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Winter Holiday Decor

LIST: Top Pinterest Holiday Ideas of 2018

If you need ideas for your house this holiday season, Pinterest is the place to be. Here are some of the biggest holiday decor trends for 2018 according to Pinterest’s top trends “holi-YAY” report. Asymmetrical wreaths - Traditional circles are so last year, now the cool holiday wreaths have taken...
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