The Morning Show

AUDIO: Allie's Back!

Feels like Hartwick has been gone for a million years. Now she's back, and so is Casey's headache. Guess Who's Back...
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solar eclipse

AUDIO: 2045 Is Just Around The Corner

While they didn't exactly know what to expect, Hartwick and Casey weren't exactly wowed by the eclipse yesterday. The Day After the Eclipse
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AUDIO: Total Eclipse of the Morning Show

There's an eclipse headed our way, what else are we gonna talk about? Learn how to test your glasses, photograph the sun and keep your pet's retinas safe! It's Eclipse Day...
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AUDIO: The World's Worst Adult Film Star

Mike Casey knows he does not have what it takes to make it in the adult film industry, and that is OK by him. Listen to that and more! Mike's Uncomfortable Day...
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Casey's Surprise Gift

Casey has been racking his brain to come up with a thoughtful wedding gift for Hartwick. He finally found the perfect thing.
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AUDIO: Hartwick's Spinning Disaster

We always thought Hartwick was the fitness master, but, it turns out, there are a few things even she can't do. Find out how she came to accidentally show an entire class her underpants. The Spin Class From Hell
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AUDIO: Why won't this ice cream melt?!

Scientists have developed an ice cream that won't melt. Hartwick and Casey have opposite feelings on this, and on a bunch of other stuff. Melt-proof Ice Cream
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AUDIO: You smell like pizza and roses

Mike Casey is not great at giving compliments. Example: You smell like pizza and roses. What girl wouldn't love that? Listen to that, and everything else you missed this morning, on 99.5 The Mountain! You smell like pizza and roses
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AUDIO: Mike Casey's Vacation Bet

ICMY: Listen to Mike Casey & Allie Hartwick
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Anthony Scaramucci

Goodbye to Mooch!

Mike Casey is paying tribute to the White House's shortest-lived employee, Anthony Scaramucci. The times were great while they lasted.
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