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Kelly Ripa Reveals She's Wearing Her 18-Year-Old Daughter's Clothes on TV

What happens when you run out of cute outfits in quarantine? You raid your 18-year-old daughter’s wardrobe. Kelly Ripa admitted to wearing Lola Conseulos’ clothes during an episode of ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan.’ Read more now.
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Kelly Ripa Cries Because Her Kids 'Won't Hug' Her in Quarantine

Kelly Ripa is opening up about the hardships that come with social distancing and said that she’s not speaking to two of her kids and that they refuse to hug her while self-isolating together. Read more now.
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Kelly Ripa Shut Down Her Daughter's Debit Card for Ordering Too Much on Postmates

Kelly Ripa isn’t afraid to cut her children off to teach them a lesson. The host revealed that she recently learned her daughter was abusing Postmates, a food delivery service, while away in college instead of using the college meal plan her parents enrolled her in. “I didn’t know our daughter had...
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