Gimme Shelter

Stones Week: Dan Hardee's Favorite Rolling Stones Tunes

Hi! It's Dan Hardee and these are my favorite Rolling Stones tunes. 1. Start Me Up- I’ve always loved the super clean guitar sound in this. It really helped bridge the 70’s Stones sound to the 80’s. Plus, it was the theme song to Windows 95! Video of The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up - Official...
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Stones Week: Robb Hart's Favorite Rolling Stones Tunes

Hey- it's Robb Hart! I'm currently filling in for mornings here on The Mountain, but you can always hear me rockin' Saturday nights from 7-midnight. Here are my favorite 5 Stones tunes. 1. Wild Horses- I'll admit that I didn't know this song until I heard The Sundays cover of it and went digging...
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The Rolling Stones

Meet Merry Clayton, The Iconic Voice Behind The Rolling Stones' Hit Song "Gimme Shelter"

You've heard her voice plenty of times, but have you ever stopped and wondered who the woman was with the spine-tingling voice singing backup on "Gimme Shelter"? Meet Merry Clayton .
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