Freddie Mercury

That time Freddie Mercury got Gary Numan a limo delivery of McDonald's in Japan

Currently promoting his new autobiography, (R)evolution: The Autobiography, early electronic rock pioneer Gary Numan has been sharing stories from his life while giving fans a look into his storied career.
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6 Artists Influenced by Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury

You really can be everything you want to be. For some of music's biggest stars, that's Freddie Mercury. The mark that the flamboyant Queen frontman left on the world is unmistakable, even nearly three decades after his death in 1991. While the myth surrounding the legendary singer is still...
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WATCH: If Freddie Mercury Was The 'Killer Queen' In The ‘Alien’ Movies

Whoever made this definitely has way too much time on their hands, but it's fun nonetheless. Someone took Freddie Mercury's face and superimposed it on the alien queen in all kinds of different scenes from the "Alien" movies, all with the background of "Killer Queen." Video of Killer Queen Alien
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