AUDIO: Worst Week Ever

Did last week feel like a total downer? Well, that's because it legitimately was . Life coaches and other counselors have discovered that the third week in January is typically one of the saddest weeks of the year. Why? It's dreary (depending on where you live), the holidays are over, credit card...
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AUDIO: Do You Kiss Left or Right?

When you're going in for a kiss, do you tilt your head left, or right? Turns out, according to new (and very important) research, two-thirds of people lean right when they kiss. Apparently, your dominant hand is a very strong indication of which direction you will tilt your head before leaning in...
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Adopt a pet from the Denver Animal Shelter

What better time to adopt yourself a winter cuddle buddy then during the Denver Animal Shelter's Pumpkin Spice & Pets That Are Nice adoption special event. For the whole month of November, adult pet adoption fees are name your price, which means you can adopt your new best friend for a price...
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