Dan Hardee

LISTEN: Dan Hardee Inteviews Great White's Michael Lardie

Getting ready for their show Friday night at Buffalo Rose in Golden, Dan Hardee chatted with Great White's Michael Lardie.
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What's with the bandage on Dan's face?

Dan Hardee had to get a little procedure done on his cheek, but the doctor gave him an enormous bandage that looks quite intense. So, we asked listeners to chime in with funny reasons of how he got the bandage. Check out the comments below and feel free to chime in with your own.
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LISTEN: Dan Hardee Interviews Delbert McClinton

Dan Hardee interviews Delbert McClinton before his show at the Ogden Theater on September 16th.
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Check Out Dan Hardee's Halloween Costume

I've been obsessed with Back To The Future for as long as I can remember, and since last year was "the future" in the 2nd movie, I thought I'd go as Marty McFly when he traveled to 2015! And just for fun, here's Halloween from 2013 where I decided to go as Marty from the first movie...
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Does Dan Hardee Look Like Ryan Reynolds?

About twice a month, I'll be at a store or restaurant minding my own business and some random person will say "You know who you look like?" to which I respond "Wesley Snipes?" They laugh for about 5 seconds and say "no, no, no. You look like that guy from that movie Just Friends!" The actor they're...
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