House Passes $3 Trillion Stimulus Package for Coronavirus Relief; Bill Now Moves to Senate

On Friday, the House of Representatives passed a second coronavirus relief bill. The HEROES Act, worth $3 trillion in aid, passed by a vote of 208 - 199.
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Three Things You Need to Know on September 9th

Congress is back in Washington this week after a long late summer recess. Democrats are expected to pressure the Senate to take action on curbing gun violence after a rash of deadly mass shootings. The House passed a bill expanding federal background checks earlier this year. "Jeopardy!" returns...
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Three Things You Need to Know on February 26th

The House is set to vote today on a resolution opposed to President Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the southern border. In an event at the Capitol yesterday, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that it's less about border security and more about protecting Congress's power to...
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