AUDIO: Steak-sized Bacon? Yes please.

Bacon. Salty, smoky, delectable bacon is getting a serious upgrade. We didn't think it was possible, but a restaurant in San Francisco figured it out. Sweet Maple is wowing crowds with their "Millionaire's Bacon." It's thick, juicy, meaty and you're gonna want it in your mouth. One strip is a full...
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We Need This Bacon Toaster Now

Ahh bacon. The perfect salty, crispy, smoky meat. If only cooking this breakfast staple wasn't such a hassle. Now, thanks to this bacon grill , soggy, greasy strips are a thing of the past. About time someone stepped up the bacon game! Video of BCN6BK | Bacon Express™ Crispy Bacon Grill Related...
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Bourbon & Bacon Fest 2016

Taste your way through a dizzying array of specialty bourbons and unique whiskies from distilleries both large and artisanal, while you munch on a bevy of smoky, porky treats. The event will host samples from the area’s best restaurants. The Bourbon & Bacon Fest is presented by Buffalo Trace...
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