Allie Hartwick

Interpreting the news, via dance

Dance The News

Casey has always encouraged Allie to bring the full scope of her creative talents to the show. In this case, he may regret saying that. Video of Dance The News #interpretivedancenews
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Get Ready in 5 Mins - Hartwick Style

Doing your hair and makeup can take time and a lot of effort. Not when your name is Allie Hartwick. Casey is continually impressed by her ability to complete her daily makeup routine with no mirror in less than 5 minutes. She also swears ANYONE can look great by following her simple process. Video...
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Demogorgons coming

Demogorgons Are Coming For Us

If you've seen Stranger Things on Netflix, you know how terrifying a flickering light can be. Hartwick is convinced she's about to be dragged into an alternate universe. Casey... not so much. Video of The Demogorgon is Coming Related Show/Host: Mike Casey Allie Hartwick
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Casey Gives Allie "Nice Lessons"

Video of Casey Tries to Teach Hartwick How to Be Nice
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Comedian Tom Papa Joins the Mountain Morning Show

Video of Comedian Tom Papa on The Mountain Morning Show
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Yale Univ Says "Dad Bods Rule"!

FINALLY! The study Mike Casey has been waiting his entire life for! How can Hartwick argue AGAINST Yale University? Somehow, unsurprisingly, she finds a way! #DadBodsRule Video of Yale Says Dad Bod Is Attractive Related Show/Host: Mike Casey
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Aircheck with Mike and Allie

A Typical Airchek with Casey and Hartwick

Aircheck: def - When radio personalities sit down with their program director to get insight and feedback about their show and performance. An effective aircheck requires listening, trust, and a willingness to learn. Somehow Casey and Hartwick's airchecks don't end up fitting that definition. See...
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Allie gets attacked by a cricket

When Killer Crickets Attack

The early morning drive to The Mountain is rough on it's own, nevermind when killer, eyeball-eating insects get thrown in the mix! Luckily, Hartwick met a hero in the Starbucks Drive-Thru. Her hear harrowing tale (5min video). Video of When Killer Crickets Attack Related Show/Host: Mike Casey Allie...
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C.J.'s Mile High Crunch

Will this Cereal Give You Superpowers?

C.J. Anderson's got a brand new cereal, and Hartwick is convinced it will increase her athleticism. Casey has good reason to be skeptical about this (2min video). Video of Cereal Superpowers Related Show/Host: Mike Casey Allie Hartwick
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Hartwick's Haunted House

Hartwick's House of Horrors

This picture was taken at a Haunted House in Niagara Falls, ON. Casey thinks this random scaredy-cat is a DEAD-RINGER for Hartwick! Two questions: 1. Is this Allie's doppleganger? Or is Casey crazy? 2. Why did Hartwick once bite someone in a Haunted House? Catch the 2 min story here. (audio)
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