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Drunken Seagulls, Annoying Co-Workers, and ... Barbie Feet?

Important-ish things happening today, July 11, 2018: National 7-Eleven Day: Otherwise known as “Free Slurpee Day”! National Blueberry Muffin Day National Mojito Day and Tube to Work Day in Boulder! (Crazy hippies….) The George Clooney accident was captured by street surveillance camera . It's a 30...
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A Silly Song, Cause It's Friday and Why Not

It's Friday, and therefore time to turn up the cheesy jams and rock out! #nojudgement Video of Divinyls - I Touch Myself Related Show/Host: Mike Casey
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While The Boss Was Away Casey and Allie stayed BUSY!

Despite the fact that the honcho Boss lady was out of town last week, Casey and Allie made sure to stay busy like the good little diligent employees they are! Video of What Happens When the Boss Is Gone?
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Prestige Imports Day At The Track - Part II

Mike Casey hangs with Jeffrey Silverberg, Prestige Imports COO, and Dave Stribling from the Prestige Service Department at "Day At The Track". AND we get the real dirt on who went for a faster ride in the Porsche GT3: Casey or Allie!
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Gman Hangs with Sammy Hagar at Red Rocks!

The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, and 99.5 The Mountain Night Host Gman reunite backstage at Red Rocks! Toast with a full bottle? WHY NOT?
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Allie's Shirt is bothersome

The Shirt Struggle is Real for Allie

It's always something with Intrepid Millennial News Producer Allie Hartwick. The problem du jour? Her shirt. Something about buttons and shrinking... she talks awfully fast sometimes. Mike Casey, being the kind co-worker he truly is, does his best to understand the issue. Check out the video, maybe...
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Trevor Siemian

Rock n Jock 8.30.16

The Broncos have announced Trevor Siemian as the starting QB. Why'd Coach Kubiak give him the nod? And what happens with Mark Sanchez now? Mike Casey and The Gman discuss the particulars.
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It's not easy being Millenial

Tips for Working with Gen X'ers

Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick are actually friends, we promise, but sometimes their differences in age make life at The Mountain... well... interesting. Allie feels like she's in the position to lend a helping hand to Millenials everywhere, forced to work alongside those of us who have never...
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Mike Casey & Styx Guitarist and Founding Member James Young

Ever wondered if musicians have a tough time playing at altitude? Styx guitarist and founding member James Young offers up a little insight on this matter before thier show at Red Rocks on August 29th.
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Ryan Lochte

Uncomfortably Dumb - A Tribute

They're calling it LochteGate, The LochMess, an embarassment for team USA. When Ryan Lochte and three teammates claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint in Rio (while saying "whatever"), few imagined the story would become an international embarassment. Mike Casey's has decided to offer up a few...
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