Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 5/1

Monday 5/1

Q: 1 in 5 recently married couples had their first fight about this.

A: Laundry. Congrats to our first winner of the week, Erin!

Tuesday 5/2

Q: Not a lot of men do this, but 20% of women wish they would.

A: Pluck their eyebrows. Great guesswork today from our winner, John.

Wednesday 5/3 

Q: About half of all women form their first impression of each other by judging this.

A: Their Makeup. Congrats to our winner, Kris!

Thursday 5/4

Q: A man significantly increases his chance of getting a first date kiss if he does this

A: Talking about his mother. Troy was our good guesser today!

Friday 5/5

Q: 1 in 4 people will bring this to the office with no intention of using it.