Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 4/24

Monday 4/24

Q: This is contagious, but is NOT a disease.

A: Rude Behavior.

Tuesday 4/25

Q: This is in every state except Vermont.

A: Target. Congrats to former Target employee Lucas! You're going to see Chicago & The Doobie Brothers.

Wednesday 4/26

Q: It takes the average person 20 minutes to do this.

A: Choose something to watch on Netflix.

Thursday 4/27

Q: Men are much more likely to cry over this than women are.

A: A Job Performance Review. Congrats Kevin, you're off to see Chicago!

Friday 4/28

Q: More than half of all college students have done this in the last week.

A: Consume an energy drink. Great guess Meagan! Enjoy the show!