Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 4/17

Monday 4/17

Q: The average person spends 23 minutes a day doing this.

A: Doing the dishes. Emily guessed the answer correctly and is headed to see Roger Waters at the Pepsi Center!

Tuesday 4/18

Q: Scientists say this has 40 times more germs than a public restroom.

A: An elevator. Enjoy those Roger Waters tickets, Mike! 

Wednesday 4/19

Q: 70% of people don't use this for it's intended purpose

A: Their garage

Thursday 4/20

Q: If you've ever been late to work, theres a 25% chance this was your reason why.

A: Left your phone at home and went back to get it. Excellent guesswork Mike!

Friday 4/21

Q: 70% of newlyweds miss this the most about single life.

A: Having their own bathroom. Paul and his wife are heading ro Roger Waters!