Fly Eagles Fly

February 5, 2018

It's offical, the Philadelphia Eagles have won their first Lombardi Trophy! A lot of Philly fans are rightfully thrilled, as are a lot of Patriots/Brady-Haters.

The Eagles didn't get the only win of the night, some people think Eli Manning and O'Dell Beckham Jr. were the true champions. THese video should explain enough.

Amazon, Tide, Doritos and Pringles also had some excellent ads, Dodge, however, seems to have really missed the mark.

We're lucky here in Colorado, the game wrapped up before 9pm, but East-Coasters are probably a bit sleepy, and maybe a smidge hungover today. Nearly 14 million people are expected to call in sick this morning, are you one of them?

Whether you're at work or home in bed, take a few minutes to hear what Mike and Allie had to say about Brady's Big Loss/The Eagles Historic Win.

Super Sleepy Monday