AUDIO: Managing Holiday Expectations

November 30, 2017

Knowing how much to spend during the Holidays isn't easy. According to a new survey, men and women have very different ideas on how much to spend. Women plan to spend an average of $170 for holiday gifts for their significant other, but they but expect gifts worth $250. Men on the other hand, only plan to spend about $90 on their SO's (get ready to be disappointed, ladies) but expect gifts worth about $200.

A woman in Toronto deserves to get nothing but a lump of coal this Christmas, forget a $90 present! A video of an unidentified woman yelling at Santa in a mall has gone viral. Doesn't she know Santa doesn't visit naughty girls and boys? Geez!

Don't forget to pick something up for your dog this season! If you wanna kick back and admire your decorations while enjoying a beer with your best canine friend, now you can! Apollo Peak has created beer for dogs. It comes in several varieties like Otmeal Snout and Twisted Tail Ale. Cheers!

Mike and Allie have a few things to say about all this! Check out The Morning Show here:

What to Spend on Gifts