AUDIO: The Coolest Radio Show in Denver!

November 3, 2017

The struggle is real for Mike and Allie today as they deal with skin conditions and orthodontic equipment. Some people are just born cool. (They were not)

If you were to think of the opposite of Casey & Hartwick, that would probably be eternally cool Mick Jagger. He's still living like a 20-something rock star, and now has the 20-something girlfriend to match. Jagger is rumored to be in a relationship with 22-year-old film producer Noor Alfallah. Congrats!

In another expression of her pure "cool," Hartwick gave Casey a quick history of the available varieties of Hershey's chocolate. Yes, she knows them by heart. Naturally she was uncertain of her feelings on Hershey's newest release (the first in 20+ years), the Gold Bar. It's a caramelized white chocolate with peanuts and pretzels, which sounds pretty darn delightful!

A former Twitter employee staged the exit of the century on Thursday. After being terminated from their customer service position, this individual deactivated President Trump's personal account. Trump was non-existent on his favorite social media platform for a full eleven minutes before his account was restored. Should we be a little more worried about securing the president's social media?

Listen to the whole Morning Show, right here!

Coolest Show in Denver