AUDIO: They found what? Where?

September 28, 2017

Playboy legend Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91 on Wednesday. Hef started the Playboy empire with his very first publication back in 1953. That magazine featured Marilyn Monroe as the centerfold, but we're sure the articles also got a lot of attention.

Megyn Kelly is off to a rough start on the Today show. During an interview with Jane Fonda and Robert Redofrd, Megyn chose to ask one of the strongest feminists in the industry about her plastic surgery, rather than her upcoming movie (which ahppens to have been filmed in CO!). Fonda let her know what's up.

Bon Jovi may be a Jersey Boy, but he's got himself a new apartment in NYC. Don't worry, he's still got a great view of his homeland from the balcony. Amazing what $19 mil can get you!

Sofia Vergara could probably spring for a few Bon Jovi-worthy apartments. She's been named the highest paid actress on TV, for the 6th year in a row!

We're sure Sofia is constantly working to earn the big bucks, but according to new research, our brains are only built for a 25 hour work week. Sounds good to us!

Turns out, lungs can work pretty well, even with a toy lodged in them. A man in the UK recently discovered he'd had a small toy traffic cone in his lungs, and it had been there for nearly 40 years! How did he not notice that?

Luckily this man was from the UK, where, it turns out, they don't give their lungs much of a workout. A recent study shows that the Brits spend more time on the toilet than they do exercising. Time well spent.

Those crazy Brits