Question ALMOST Impossible: Week of 4/10

Monday 4/10

Q: This lasts an average of 11 minutes.

A: A dream. Congrats to Kyle, today's winner!

Tuesday 4/11

Q: Most people who have done this have only done it once.

A; Rollerblading. Congrats to Joey who finally answered this tricky question!

Wednesday 4/12

Q:Couples who do this have happier relationships.

A: Sleep at lease 7hrs/night. High five to today's winner Mike, enjoy Hall and Oates!

Thursday 4/13

Give your brain a rest, you've earned it!

Friday 4/14

Q: 42% of men have fallen asleep while doing this.

A: Getting a hair cut! Congrats go out to Chris, enjoy those Hall & Oates tickets!