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Mike Casey was born and raised in Pittsburgh and went to college at Miami University of Ohio. Much to his parents amazement, he graduated from college. Much to his own amazement, it turned out that a Political Science degree wasn't as valuable as he expected.

After moving to Seattle, for no particular reason other than he had never been West of the Mississippi before, Casey landed a job in promotions at a new (at the time) Alternative Rock Station. In broad strokes, Casey just annoyed the Program Director at that station until he finally let the young (and meagerly talented) upstart onto the airwaves.

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Mike Casey Podcast 1-16-2017

Monday, January 16th
Mike and Allie talk about birds that are to desperate to get it on, getting your lovers name wrong in bed, birds pooping all over Mike's house, and more!

Mike Casey Podcast 12-12-2016

Monday, December 12th
Mike talks about Gin Ornaments, how much it would cost to run the Death Star everday, using wasabi for fulling looking lips and more!