You smell like pizza and roses

Friday, August 11th

How to properly hand out a compliment.


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Ellie Harwood Mike Casey I don't know if you've got caught and it's the all or I don't know where you were and whether or not hate you. I'm I was just soft Colorado boulevard like Colorado boulevard there actually five on the binge. The green hill it just blew through their Colorado boulevard was like a river. I did not see any hail. I was getting my hair dye and why just finish getting married and at times I kind of drove out of its. It was old mother Sonya are moral so well. It was just starting where I want us and I kind drove through ban defense but it was just rain and then my guess the other side my neighborhood tell SPF on Sunday. Now of course it is said the sum amounts of in my house. I actually pulled off I pulled off the road. And there's sort of there was a school parking lot there was some trees and stuff like the hills coming down hard enough. Really think it was gonna break the windshield but it sounded like he was gonna break the windshield. And actually held lawfully act I can't. I cannot tell you the last time I I did that's probably been twenty years since I was like this is terrific and driving an orange pulled over that's about it was. And it ran the same time I was just a couple blocks north herself hail freely into consensus like driving home down 23. And nothing now. Right across town animal heart while it was it was literally a river. You colleague Colorado New Mexico. Was about right well yeah now there's a river going just may be blood is my L Norris. Two miles times. Not knowing full well that nothing green to the that's it was drivable is the kind of like a pain to block the sounding out this ago. And terrible and they sure did inching afternoon I guess depending on know where you were yesterday. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might GC in the morning on 995. The mountain. I saw a story this morning about energy drinks. Which is that they're not something we were around when I was a kid I haven't probably been around for twenty years or something I'll do of course being blamed her for heart attacks and in some cases they've been banned from college campuses. Energy drinks are now being studied. For their potential. To increase ones chances of getting hooked on drugs particularly stimulants in the news is not good this article was in. The journal drug and alcohol dependence the University of Maryland school of public health researchers says that their results suggest. The energy drink users might be heightened risk for other substance use particularly stimulants they entered cocaine. And prescription stimulants specifically they found a significant increase in drug use among 25 year old who regularly. Consumed energy drinks. In the five years prior. Which it dead to me that doesn't seem like. I don't I'm not an expert in this but you can see where OK what she attended seeds should enjoy stimulants of any kind might push you in that direction. I think there's these things scare me more than a lot of other things do when it comes to my kids. Jeter yes it is they are marketed very much towards teenagers and it is an envoy vegetables. Drugs because status. The idea that you can concealment. And eight I'm kind of reckless level at times yeah. Yes I do remember coaching one in the boys' teams when they were big 1213. And the number of kids that were like Jack Hadley through Red Bulls today. You're explode that's kind of what I thought and I volume ganymede so it in my case of some the boys are old enough in answering that somewhere there's a major decisions anyways so why we sold about. Energy drinks was only your your appeared to do basically training your body to need. That's stimulants noted mean anything it just seems like that's a bad road to go down I. I always surprised I know people now when that will have any caffeinated drink or caffeinated supplements before they work out. So they can get a little energy boost and I think working your does your energy in the Chinese tour yes every one hates this the first fun. How it's terrible press your body doesn't matter if you say you're gonna feel that natural this premier ain't spiking so don't double spy kids there seems so one hell. T yeah and I get when few you know when people are adults you can do whatever you want the art but it does that that is a thing that's worried me into it particularly from you know teenage boys and preach these boys what it's just seems like him it seems like to have her road you don't quite wanna go down when your advantage yes so for further evidence I guess to support that. We'll potentially further evidence. Yes essentially further evidence certainly interesting my anxieties were somewhat well founded in his case until validating nice and oh yeah. Are worrying about nothing that's probably the whole reason I picked the story can. Grades. Oh. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my night he's like I love the mountain if you're anything like me you hate dealing with the passwords. Situation in your life you know for a new different passwords for. 400 different things the security expert who wrote the widely accepted advice in 2003 about online passwords which was you may remember. Use special characters and changed the passwords regularly. Now acknowledges that probably a lot of the information he passed along back then. Was not. In the best interest of protecting you know pass for doing what they're supposed to do. Much of what I did I now regrets and build Bernie 72. Retired from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. In no 2003. He authored something called the NI EST special publication. 863. Appendix a that became the standard. For federal agencies many corporations when he came to passwords in suggested things like adding exclamation points in. And changing your password every ninety days or so however after looking at fifteen years of research now. That research indicates that that approach doesn't really do much to foil hackers they say the best thing you can do now. Is a long easy to remember string of words like. Correct portion battery staple. Would be very very difficult password to try and crack that's the new suggestion. If we could just get to a point where we don't have to remember 400 of them. That would be a step in the right direction for me I'm far less concerned with acting and more concerned with Hewlett. I remember all the stuff going to be uninteresting story goes on and on FaceBook page. Go ahead take Mike's advice he's not using this morning as we like KC 1995. On 729 Nobel Friday here on the mountain this is story go from business inside police and not Richardson's industry insured for that this could be handy for you guys as you head into the weekend. Men out there here's an here's an easy way. To make yourself more attractive to women. Writing. Compliment them. About that according to a study complementing others and it. It's not just women but complementing others will not only help you see more attractive in their eyes but only if you feel good about yourself to go. Connell making other people feel good makes you feel good to matchmaker Denise Levy told business insider learning how to properly compliment maybe. Kept me just meeting key to a second date making other people feel good about themselves. Increases your attractiveness. People put everything getting ready for dates so take the time to complement the other person and mean it. Are men so oblivious that we need to know this. I think sell real I I think perhaps but I do find there was a keyword in there and it was proper lead. Okay yeah. Be cut is just everything on the complements. It's not want to see Owen is a quantity over quality kind of thing you don't want to just a bunch of compliment it is a dream come. I'm Hannah doesn't feel genuine and then after violence like Anwar okay stop at eighteen he just a few well placed winds and insulate. Oh well it then has a very real fact properly execute properly is to keep there it's not just a lot of compliments it's the right compliments at the right time. I think you're asking a lot of men in this particular interest. Think we tend to prefer the the buckshot approach to confluence of late throw a whole bunch of them. Are your dress is nice your hair is nice you. Yes exactly and see what you gotta warn you got a bit worse had the desired target properly mule more sign. 88 kind of feel genuine if he doesn't feel genuine talent buying ads and Allen's buying that second day. I came up with a couple to give you while Ali was doing news here's one that's it's nice but it's not too over the top here's here's it's not really direct complement but I think it still works. If beyoncé came in here and wanted to sit next to me I would say no because a Marty sitting next to you. That's sweet doesn't feel genuine and the only compliment I like is well that was great news report that I was listening to you oh. It's great news and for us so we listen to avoid here's another one ear hair smells like roses in pizza. Film. I knew it. Oh it's great I I know you can't really sound that's not a college combination and here's OK here's my last on the throw out. And this I think not only is a compliment. But it helps to aid in fines and point of relief ability between you and your dates here to answer you know my mom has the same pants. I'm Mike thank god and I think that's. He didn't trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike GCI 99 plus the mountain pass. You should know that's if euros an Oreo hear him or you don't hurt. Scientists of Utah State at new trustee university. I discovered the optimal amount of time to Duncan Oreo cookie in 2% milk before eating it he's three seconds. Just three seconds there's no benefits. In dunking the Orioles for more than four seconds. Because it only takes four seconds for the cookie to beast next out to be saturated with milk so adapt point. Point of diminishing returns punts three seconds the Oreo in 2% milk that's your optimal known time. Thank you trustee university for doing such important work we appreciate. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools it gives them a glass of water Smart it's like Jay-Z 9095 the mountain. You have two chances to rev it up today with the mound and Emily and Charlie chance for you to score Keeney may start to end Harley-Davidson Donna why glide they were given away. Courtesy of mental internally we pulled some will tell you which hours that we're gonna do this every day you just have to download the mound that. Poker details on the website 995 denouncing dot com apparently Oprah Winfrey was not content just talking we'd watch urged feared the other media mobile. Has officially launched her own line. A refrigerated comfort foods. With craft coins is sinister reason CNN money today. Oprah Winfrey said she wants to make quotes nutritious comfort foods more accessible to everyone she is eight products. In her line would do blindness is called oh just let her own Bo. That's good. Includes force soups and four different sides original mass Strategos garlic mashed into his cream parmesan posterior. In three cheese possibly about the standard though there's some unexpected nutritional twists. In each of those dishes served from looking too far into the details but it's not just like. Mashed potatoes printed with Oprah's name and hundreds of little more to within that other soups and decides police ever retail price of 499. 10% of the profits will go to organizations. Rising as hunger and feeding America. Look for them in storage in September seems a pretty much everything Oprah doesn't afford so I wouldn't bet against this yeah. Sarcasm isn't as bad as people say it's. It's much much much worse mornings when Mike GAC 199 lives the mountain. According to a new British surveyed. Young millennial us. Of which you are not one you are you are now on the old and the money young millennial surge what's your now if I'd. This is the data helped him secure the old and if humanity well that's true young millennial those ages sixteen to 24. Or consulate in an. Until dinner for fish considered free Wi-Fi. The most important factor when deciding where to go on vacation. 40% of this age group also known as generation Z. Consider free Wi-Fi to be among the top three deal breakers when choosing a vacation resort above price. Swimming pool. In walking distance of shops and bars 90% of gen Sears pose a social media while on vacation. Compared to 64% of vacationers across all age groups a third a full third of these folks. Post a social media before they even get on the plane the young millennial switch again you're not technically part of that group. On the younger end Mullen feels. I think and I understand that this is it's just one of those generational things. If I will say. My kids would fall into the younger into this category. Is something that frustrates me and beyond doubt when they're on. When we're on a vacation there were around like he played. You don't need to do it at whatever you do it on your phone you need to do it now lake we're in two were in place you may never be again. Yeah you know it's just one of those things and having not grown up with him and really not. I mean let's be honest slates social media has existed for like a tenth of my life yeah yeah if that so certainly not so you. You are already an adult with forms habits at that point. Rex so it was unlikely to be something the U seamlessly incorporating your day today he writes exactly which is a very nice way of saying that and then we you know we do for our I should assurance fee for you I I do for work you know her for mounting on vacation you're supposed to be posting social media I don't and I. Well aware that yeah. You have Florio now I don't do solemnly through here and I like to pick up all my slack. I'm posing and midnight on weekends. Although I do I I gotta say I find it. I find it so I still find it hard to believe that's the deal breaker when you're gonna go on vacation and if they don't free Wi-Fi and. Yeah I mean I understood I don't. I don't think you would that would be a decision you would make wouldn't know I wouldn't know. So it's well I am IDQ general tenor Wi-Fi because if you are traveling to foreign country that's your only way of getting in contact with people shirt your cellphone doesn't work. If you don't have access Wi-Fi extrasolar some part of it is a means of communication and yes then it's if there's an emergency how meg going to get in contact somebody without Wi-Fi I won't be able to -- ask a two point. I do you enjoy posting of pictures from my vacation ends. To social media kind of as they're happening at the end of the vacation is over I'm not gonna stockpiled post some pictures yet afterwards. I don't have any like and that point I'll heat the pictures I need to share with anyone but sharing it as it's happening every now and then to spot. So they understand that desire it would be make or break and not necessarily. And as far as some of the little boy into their twenties colonials don't. You and I both know all too well that works doesn't stop simply because you're on vacation. And having access to Wi-Fi. Is an important thing because you can't actually say not I was gone through routine check my email that's that's not a thing that you can deal actually I do that all of us. Let's put its most people lyric and I say hearing Cryolife. When you come back sometimes you come back to a lot of things necessary urged and yes that's true most people on vacation do not know. Can only be there and bikes especially if you're that young and new to a job you're not in a position where he can just say no I'm gone you not. You're used to it it's yeah. Your life the only other thing I would say about this I would like to point out having children that fall roughly into this age group sixteen to 24 year olds. A huge percentage of them are not deciding where they go on vacation anyway because they ain't got no money so they're going to Paris wanna go so I'm I'm wondering how accurate that part of the survey is when you ask my kids were they wanna go but they've never gotten them. Make the decision because I always say. If they're looking to make me yeah. For the first time ever what's really get a mention a mistrust us economist is there comes the maker break especially at that age sets. Break that's what I'm saying whenever they start to wane with the votes a series your hand if you have any money. And only Mayan Indians and go up and say guess what. The economic decision making the decisions. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride into work at so Mike Casey in the morning on 99. The mountain. Are you should be aware of warned perhaps would do better word. And a handful of Taco Bell locations in California. Taco Bell's testing something they called the firecracker burrito that features. Hi in flavored. Popping crystals. Firecracker breed new features Connie in flavored popping crystals that's right this new garrido from Taco Bell the firecracker brio. Is sprinkled. We spicy pop rocks that's what they put in the Brito spicy pop rocks. I again only being tested in painful locations in California in this attempted to this point. I don't wanna be alarmist and I don't wanna be on chicken little new here but. If we're talking about testing new breed of it has pop Broxton and this is one of the sons of the end of the world. OK so just be aware I'm not trying that is then examining politically or globally but this is one of the signs should do with that information would you well. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC morning spontaneity and.