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Wednesday, January 31st


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We. We made our best effort to see its and we actually went up on the roof we did we just got down from the earth and I've never been happier to have headphones on because now it's warming up my years I hear this chair when I sat down and I and it is so warm it feels amazing and it's not like a hot chair any it's just broom temperature. Is much referred to that we were solar eleven 111 stories up you know a little windy up there as well who have very chilling I was kind of cool to see the did the looter trifecta the blue moon. Super moon. A total lunar eclipse it was a shovel the man blood booed Julia super blue blood means yes super blue blood moon there hasn't been this hasn't happened in terms of the triple wanna since 1982 the next one won't occur. Until 2037. Here is free cool I thought it was really so yesterday only ties that as I was like why and I very much chance there yesterday and you really any. It was it was cool to watch this you could actually plots yet you yes. Yes and unlike well and we could with the eclipse glasses. Yeah summer but Denver for the solar eclipse you divers know moment where you can actually just look at it because it wasn't covered up and yes and I feel like people in the path of totality got a really cool show well and here we got pretty close yet to see them covered up but it's like not gone it was just bring dust. Orange dish yeah I didn't I only saw them like two I don't know if it was my glasses or what I mean I saw the little shades of red that I did so we'll yeah I didn't feel. It is right now. Really I missed that. We have different ice could clearly I get that part Boca and you can see it among the whole time. Well I could but I didn't I didn't really notice so much of a red like through May be a faint red hue but it wasn't by brains because. It doesn't but it is very dead. Boston jumped over to the window currency for a facetious just can't still see it being the closest an end and until sadness. Nicole welcome. Mean really let's start. Mike feces coming up that are appear on 95. The mountain. Dobbs so here's. A question it's probably worth debating would you rather. Tell someone your weight the balance in your bank accounts. What can I do to get out of that altogether bad meat if you're using either there's using night interview about Fiat. Rob according to a new show that there's a reason I ask this not just curiosity according to a survey by the investing up acorn says they servicers surveyed. 3000 people 68% of Americans 68% of Americans between the ages of 1844. Say they would rather talk about their weight. Then money I think their point in this serve today. Or the end result of the survey I should say is that we know people generally don't like to talk about their weight yeah. Substantially more of them would rather talk about that that money and their point I think either take away from the survey is that culturally. This is one of the biggest mistakes that we made collectively speaking because I think we can all recognize. Will love it or hate it money is important. We all need it's it's something that we all basically need to surviving it were afraid to talk about it it's tough to the extent that we would rather talk about something else. We also don't like to talk about. In far larger numbers than we would prefer to talk about money interest sting enemy it's very interest it is it's kind of revealing. Revealing about us culturally I would says. Yeah and that money is something that word time it's never to speak about ever yet somehow supposed to know about it yes response I think my lack of knowledge about it blade indicate why one of those numbers for me is very very well. I think it. If one is higher than the other. You can you know it'll go a different no I think it's I I do believe that Saddam. It all in some ways it almost doesn't matter. Where you are on the money. Spectrum you know what do you make a lot of you don't whatever it is none of us are really comfortable talking about unity and yeah. Like I don't I'm not particularly embarrassed by the amount of money it's in my. View bank account or whatever but I'd still I would I still wouldn't wanna talk about it I would still feel clean. People from the bank kind of meet meet talk about it because they call me to talk about it and so I guess they do you have to discuss it every now and but it wouldn't be your preference well I when I knew what they call you talk about that just say here's how much fairway and then hang up. And barely fine and the height of my age you've got other struggles. And it 68%. Yes I would rather talk about their weight that money very revealing surveyed think they're revealing 100% and value Hardwicke would rather talk about me. And come up with any other subject and I'll say OKE. That's cash and that was when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. Not to get all you know in a negative. This morning but the I think there's there's probably. So legitimately important information in here if you it's sort of take the negativity part out of it if thumb your thinking about two getting out of your marriage in filing for divorce. You may wanna do it sooner rather than later specialists and so our lawmakers in Washington DC. Change the tax code right now. Alimony and spousal support our tax deductible but starting in 2019 those payments will not be tax deductible which could affect obviously your. Your bottom lines have significant if amounts of money depending. Divorce attorneys now are seeing a spike in the number of clients considering. You know divorce this year for that reason they're starting the process with hopes of having this all finalized before the new. Alimony and spousal support rules take effect next January again like you semi it's you know. Not to dwell on the negative part of their their fiscal reality here that you may want to consider and you know were full service program here in 995 to melt in the morning show. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. It possible yes so two and 99 but the men. Tickets to see Brit Floyd the world's greatest Pink Floyd show at red rocks this summer up for grabs today yesterday I think was our longest question almost impossible ever. I mean just in to the longest no time to get the answer. So I don't know zero we wind up today. Ice had no idea but I do you know what the question is in its that this was once believed to have been caused by demons. And you move which could repeat what did people once believed it was caused by us. And now we know is not mom now assignments Linux no no. But once upon a time people believed this was caused by teams OK if you think you don't let us know 6312995. Week college. We might now a minority. Placing almost impossible with Mikey now. The mountain our question this morning this was once believed to have been caused by demons what do you think we're talking about we quit. Connie and eclipsed the. Pool I'm gonna. A bullet but are not. That ominous all the year that blood but not yet. Yeah yeah yeah you mean. You've you've figured out a little. I. Quake didn't yeah. We're experience. At this optical out really well you I don't know I'd stick with the the cup it's working pretty well Gloria what what's that. Your year off the cuff thinking his latest U tickets SE brits look at the world's greatest Pink Floyd show. At red rocks this summer looking at news article thank you our buddy thanks for being here. What is that a little easier than yesterday's yet just a little bit. He is now in its first caller yeah and may do we have to try and. Barrett fair enough question almost impossible do it again tomorrow morning seven cents right here on the bounce. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training. Technically he's right. Mornings with Mike Casey and I need it. The mountain. Kind of bugs sad news this morning 87 members of congress were actually rushed to the emergency room dues they have two of skin damage on the palms from sustained clapping firm like material on eighteen years lighting pretty hands standing up sitting down the slick. And our heads a nonpartisan think it happens every time uses state of the union. One side of the aisle vs the other is like just. Just let just let the man talk to me don't apply to every single thing he says you know and we take a lie while a I have to quicker yeah and again nonpartisan as they did the same thing with President Obama and President Bush doesn't matter what's idea here. Yeah I mean that that's actually true this however I did not make up if you need. Emotional support. From a peacock. Don't count on flying United Airlines on yesterday the airline turned away a woman who tried to bring a peacock. On a flight from Newark Liberty International Airport as her emotional. Support animal. The woman argued initially. That she was entitled to bring the peacock on board for free because it was an emotional support animal but even after she offered to buy a ticket for the peacock. Her request was denied accorded the airline this animal did not meet the guidelines for number of reasons including its weight in size. United amongst other airlines has tightened their policies. On emotional support animals. After a steep increase in incidents including animal defecation. And attacks on crew members the new policy which goes into effect march 1. Bands exotic support animals including insects. Spiders. Goats. Ferrets. And anything with tusks. Those are now banned as emotional support animals if you if you look around the world and I do this sometimes. If you look around the world and think like you're looking at a bottle of shampoo and it has instructions on and you think. Who really needs instructions on shampoo or if you're we're watching some TV show and they'd do some crazy it says don't try this at home. And you think all that's obvious when you do we really got to say that. We do have to say that because this world we live bit personal what shows up at the airport with a peacock. And doesn't understand what the peacock kick it off the lead I mean as somebody who. Wishes they could fly with their packs I'd you understand why he would want to claim. Unity the club is an animal like eleven feet long what is the wizards yeah. On pats people people doesn't mean you get to bring them on the playing you know. It doesn't I agree with you on that and I am going to give up one just one of my billion dollar ideas. These first person to launch a pet friendly airline. Especially launch out of Denver where everybody wants to bring their dog everywhere I'm sorry you're gonna make billions. Because that's one of the hardest things is not being able to fly with you pat especially when you're going home for the holidays. Everyone's going home for the holidays nobody can watch your dog you wish you defied your dog but unless you dogs really train you can't bring it'll. Pet friendly airline. You're welcome just made you. I don't make sense to me all I wanna do was create a bigger separation between those of us to understand that you can't fly with a peacock. And those of us who think you can't win. Had to specifically say you can't bring goats and that it's up. Their fair I but that doesn't mean it's everybody else's problem hence. Line she's these people are exhausting. I do not pet owner who are you understand why right I guess I I do I theoretically understand that you can't bring a peacock an airplane that's just stupid. It's been a big blue. All for along time meeting claim anything is an emotional support animal and I could bring your pet for free this is where Mike's like. It's just kind of brilliant and that obviously she's trying to take advantage of that loophole. It's a peacock all sound people pass as pets so we don't it's not as you get to bring them on the play neither do. That's not some don't need to to bring down that's the problem. Therein lies the problem you can bring any. I think there's a legitimate line between what's an emotional support animal and what's just trying to look for you. You're really gonna see the other side and is trying to. Yeah city. They include me bringing my dog on a plane so yeah I like the I have that could be OK with that under certain circumstances been peacock I mean that's even really she may derive a lot of chewing from spending time at that peak track. I'm sure she does that doesn't mean she gets to bring it on a plane with 400 other people. She can my hair. While he talks welcome fly Allie air sailor from. You could get not my whole bottle like Graham but there is nobody there are a constant it's. When. Like JC he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. Bob the president talk. So in bits and invites last night about two health care during the State of the Union Address as you would expect. Just before his State of the Union Address three pretty big name companies. Announced that they're taking a proactive approach to the idea of what they're calling the health car health care crisis here in the United States on Tuesday Amazon.com. Berkshire Hathaway incorporated that's so Warren Buffett's and JPMorgan Chase and company. Announced a joint plan. To cut health care costs for their American employees. They said their primary focus will be offering better health care for their own. Imploded to own domestic employees would like million people between those three companies the plan didn't prompt speculation that other companies. Mike followed their lead as you if Europe's stock watt star market watcher. You may have also noticed that this news had a a detrimental effect on health care and drug and health insurance companies. Kind of a downward spiral and spiral yesterday. On the stock market investors speculating that the plan could cut profits in the health care business they haven't said specifically. You know what the end game here what the end goal is. But I think if you've got Amazon.com Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase you've got those people. They're they're higher ups in a room. Talking about health care. And addressing it is a crisis. I would expect we'd see some change hopefully positive ones but at the very release are expected she some changes on that for Elizabeth Smart people those three are losers. Stay so all generally by not being good in most things Mike Casey and he's 95 mountain. So it didn't well she he threw about three hours now you finally warmed up from minute viewing a super blue blood moon Curry's still I still feel my hands after that there's self browser are you kidding me still frozen accounts three and a half hours ago I know I mean it was cold it was cold on the roof but not. Ideal is silly I was addressed to super appropriately I mean I had a coat on but I should have had several more layers and his theory theory call but no lead aid. I had my hands I barely able to feel them now they may not warm. For the rest of the day they're just going to be close it was certainly interesting viewing nonetheless the super blue blood lunar eclipse Palma de. Almost got an era not did it spoke super super blue blood moon. Coca it has a lot of information plus that your frozen hands and it's on Steve tells the arm did depending on what you're doing this morning if you were not outside. Viewing the whole. Bones Celeste jewel events perhaps you'd took some time to have pizza for breakfast if you did you should know. It's better for you than sugary cereal this is according to a diet his dietitian Chelsea. America and for this Acer America she told the Chicago Tribune that while it's not the ideal breakfast choice. A slice of pieces healthier than a bulls cereal milk. Not only does the average pizza slice have about the same number of calories. As a bull cereal and milk by pizza has more protein. Which will keep you feeling full for longer. So march I am advocating. As I often do for more pizza for breakfast and more of more pizza during more times in more days. Now to ever sit down and think about Blake. Why Pete is bad for real it's just it's this truth that we all accept that pizza is not good for you. It's junk football I don't except they get is when you really think about it what is pizza. It spreads and bread sauce friends not bad bad for you okay moderation me getting don't want empty cards made a suspect that for you right cheese that's bad for you. Banks of all not bad for you pepperoni okay processed meats is too little better just the pepperoni I don't amnesty like pizza yeah. Fleury I don't think it is I think this is one of those greats from myths that we've all body and seriously collective group that's working against how bad can bread tomatoes and she's actually been camped at bat. Might be the best thing ever we see it all the time is it. Wow I was easy I convinced you that like who I think convincing myself that pizza is good for me for years Soka. Why can I get behind that with some bold change the title missile threats that. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC morning's call in 1995. The mountain. It's been policy for between 12122. Years now Beckham back to 1996. And science was first able to clone. A mammal cloned the first mammal Dolly the sheep you might remember from 1996. Since then scientists figured out how to clone nearly. Two dozen kinds of mammals including dogs and cats and pigs. Cows and ponies and now. This is a big scientific development for the first time ever scientists in China say they have cloned a monkey. An and obviously the closer. Of I would guess the closer we get to. DNA that looks like Joseph human DN AV. That the more impressive defeat has increased from monkeys and moving closer in that direction to identical long tailed. Macaw monkeys were born in the lab using the same process. The same cloning process that brought us Dolly the sheep. Back in 1996. Of this is kind of game changer there's some speculation that the plan here is is start cloning monkeys you know over and over again. And then we're gonna have a mall run for congress. And the more monkeys we getting congress the more of an upgrade we get from. From what we currently have in congress so using science for a better rents that I think we can all be in favor of Taylor. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head. Mornings with Mike TC by 1995. The mountain.