The Worst Week Ever

Tuesday, January 23rd


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Tuesday morning. My case CLA heart work the the government is back to work the shutdown is over thank goodness now thinking back to the business of corruption and graft to name calling and inefficiency and all the things that we've elected them to do. The arrow they'll get right back to that is I'm so excited for ya I think we all are are a little closer to home. And I. I told me you talked about last week in news and I just forgot that it was yesterday yesterday was the became instant Hamilton tickets 10 AM and one answer well yes and pretty much everywhere I looked on social media after the out was I am number 1181000. In line apparently there was a pretty big line. Huge line is sold out in just a few hours and that's because it basically took that on to process people I mean ever want to wanna take its list pretty much. Ready at 10 AM sent to buy them yes and it's and but I would save a whole lot of people didn't did get them whenever which we knew going into his hugely popular show yes it is hugely popular show but the good news is they're doing the same thing they did for the New York shall. If you don't have tickets can enter the lottery every single day and they're giving away forty seats per day in the orchestra section. Their chat lottery and they're cheap to read their very X ten boxers have we I don't Elsa ten dollars and another theory inexpensive I don't wanna get an emergency cases from Coca but it's something that every time I was in Manhattan when Hamilton was running as an elegant as the airline I think it was twice I consider retouched. So lottery for that didn't happen but you can eat in answering the focus of forty to forty tickets per show. Yes orchestra are going to begin Italy via the lottery now it's they're not free you suddenly he's they've formed idea but you have a ticket and I think that's all you have to dig your name in a note is that the DC PA website I believe so yeah I have to sign up in the morning and then they used to drying in the afternoon when they did this in the art they on Wednesday -- the sixties to come out and Italy the tickets at like a live event outside the theater seat had to physically beating awhile again it's always a school within an Atlantis to. Yes they'll be doing as well. OK the other thing the other footnote I mean if you're adventurous and you kind of like to travel and you feel like you have a little extra money later around it is go I think it's going to Chicago. After Hilton's go to Chicago after Denver. And right now I think you can still get tickets for the Chicago now obviously I have to get to Chicago but. It is gonna follow Hamilton and the country I like they're the debtor some of I am not gonna follow Hamels or throughout the country vibe I feel like there's some people who probably had to dress up like in your Hamilton car of the year exactly and they really cool if victory for him to. Up every choice seven through April 1 here in Denver for him good luck with the lottery. Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain. And today is January 23 we are now in the other third week of January apparently. Through over the the years people like life coaches in counselors and therapists. And people who deal with let's say. Not just mental health but also you know life planning and management sort of issues. Apparently have come to the conclusion of the third week in general January is often one of the saddest weeks of the year it seems by this time. Most of us have accepted that the holiday season is truly over shall work on dealing with that. A lot of us have also figured out just how far over budget we went during the holidays perhaps how much weight regain during the holidays and by now. Many of the New Year's resolutions that we started the new year with have already been abandoned so. Your back to the grind there's a certain reality that said in an apparently is such. That makes this year this week rather one of the saddest weeks of the year. No you know me well enough to know that this is a foreign concept to me because I'm mr. good vibes as assured indicates. And sort of perpetually unhappy bill so I thought I would check reviewed to see if it felt like there was any kernel of truth. To this particular story. I mean I completely understand where they're coming from the left out two important things you know in most places of the world famous in the sunshine since. Yesterday and whether he whether yet so that's that us a surprisingly like the one week without football. The third week of January 15 point to just sit around I already am thinking of mechanic to speak. And beautiful photo watched Kansas and her TV on Sunday I'll I'll need your record it contradict this at all you just threw two more things on the pile yeah but even sadder a year joke you are called mr. divides things like I just outright rejected. And moved on to something else because it was too ridiculous to brag do I need to Wear the shirt again that is. Concert again because because the shares is let me seem they don't just give anybody the shirts near I can only give people with money that shares. And people who qualify as mr. Orton is good vibes and who you end up. I think that is a rhetorical question that a market answer is also welcomed the third week of January from me mister good. Oldest Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's going to be like Casey in the morning I'm 1995. I think we've probably through the years all heard dogs referred to as man's best friend and seems your that a lot man's best friend. It turns out women actually have. A better understanding of dogs according to a new study from the on this university Budapest women are better at knowing what a dog wants. When when the dog growls or barks or otherwise tries to tries to communicate so. Another way to say it would be it women or more and more fluent in dog. Then that men are according to the study author women are more empathy are likely more empathetic. Insensitive to other's emotions and this helps them better associate the context of the emotional content. Of the growls this is another isn't a mean c'mon this doesn't surprise anybody. In this is another way of saying I mean I think guys which most of our reality is guys use enough value back to me kind of thing we do that would other humans why wouldn't we do that with with. Pets in dog really. Care we. We wanna interbrew Reuters saying but not enough to really pay attention I mean that applies kind of across the port so not shocking but thank you university Budapest. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like should be its portrait minute on 1995 and amount. Okay Rod Stewart Cindy locker jig is up for grabs a government Pepsi Center in August shot I was working on the question disorder. Clear with the each other is no Google aims. No using technology your advantage posts huge grain if we feel like you haven't been we just saved. You don't win and yes simple as that we're in charge here yeah we're now just like Alexander Edwards charger. Also of note if you wanna evening from us in the last thirty days to submit to. You know not be fair you it is fair. And serious it is question the first one of these was built an ancient Romans in 110 AT. That's a long time and severe on tempo you'll like science six. Yeah Denver's one of these is built an ancient Rome in 110 AD cruises off work and school. For the record 3036312995. Question almost impossible. We might now a minority. Stood for the right answer for question almost impossible for one of these was built an ancient Rome and 110 EDD what do you think. Yes a shopping mall that's exactly right how pray tell did you know that. That let it is all right. Well infertile. There you go you are exact audits productive our reasoning what's your dad. All right Steven you did it shopping mall was the correct answer built in 110 ED although you said they. Because you came out of the question they start it took a little while to build on it. That's ten years of belt so it started in 100 AD and and it wasn't actually open and her shopping and sell 113. So we don't sat when it takes more than a couple months to Barack. Who took effect at. And is that the thirteen years Cheney are beginning to end yeah okay in the very for shopping mall in ancient Rome apparently I've I was researching this little bit more. There was some historical debates. As to whether or not it's this particular structure qualified as a mall. However when they went back and did the research there was an orange Julius at one entrance and it's in a bond at the other. And that's your side obviously you have both of those then it's a mall in incident is as the only qualification yes so now you know the first maul each room once NED. It was right next to a pars and on in the coliseum. It's an interesting. To see an increase in different and only one of them. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. And jumping from the seventies to the eighties it was thirty. The 3535. Years ago today that this show made its debut on NBC. In nineteen. Crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court. He's been obvious game. The security stuff okay. Today still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune if you have a problem if no one else can help and if you can fight. Maybe you and I. You know trial in. If your kid in the eighties for Java to save particularly fuel for. Not to feel really gender about a foot. Fifth. Some of those fourteen when the super. You have my friend who has been allotted. Time probably more time that I wanna bet. Watching the team but as animals said I love it when a plan comes together 35 years ago today. Yeah he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 buying. The mountain. I know it's weird it's a weird little Segway weird little transition but I feel like if we didn't mention this would be sure to be overlooking a pretty big headline. Neil diamond's announced yesterday. He's retiring from touring following a recent diagnosis it's been a diagnosis. Of Parkinson's disease she still out there on the road seven 77. I believe there's no retirement he was still up there on the road each had to cancel the third leg. Of his fiftieth anniversary tour which are scheduled to hit Australia and New Zealand in March he said in the statement it is with great reluctance and disappointment. That I announced my retirement from concert touring. I've been so honored to bring my shows to the public for the past fifteen years. My sincerest apologies to everyone purchase tickets and were planning on coming to be planning to call into the upcoming shows. He said in another announcement on his website that the parkinson's has made it very difficult for him to travel and perform. But Neil Diamond will continue to write and record into 77 years old. We salute you Neil Diamond. If you lived concrete mixers then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. Awesome folks in India were recently summoned out of their homes by a very loud thud. It turned out to deal of the priest significantly sized object that fell from the sky between six pound object fell from the sky. Some people there but it was a space rock others thought it was part of the US fall. As you can imagine in that particular moment when you know something balls out of the sky ended its show. Shaking to the people in the general area people lol well this might be valuable this might be. You know this could be a really interesting scientific find so they all base basically started clawing rather than taking a little. Piece of that with them you know also they couldn't. You know you can are so below current pace through this horizontal and again they thought it was a space truck they thought it was part of UFO. Later on they found out according to experts from the Indian meteorological department. It was actually a frozen hunk of who. Dropped from a passing airplane. To basics found. Hong Koo boo the people clock that and stock in their refrigerator. Because they thought it was valuable. I bring up this story because I think it's a wonderful member to go home until like kids this story is a wonderful metaphor for life sometimes in our panic. Sometimes in our haste. We had we approach something is if it is a valuable space rock. Only to find out it's a hunk of frozen to. That is what you need to though about the human condition right there in one story. All my doubling your kids get older and have kids of their on their gonna be like you know you're always used to say and it's gonna be like field might Casey managed. Did we did I tell you grab pause frozen booze or. Great. She's so old does not be careful probably wrote it from doesn't prove the exactly that's how I got the mr. good vibe shirts. She's great at making people. Which would be greats if he was. Trying to beef up my GC morning's hot 95 the mound. Tuesday January 23 2018 kind of important to notes Naomi Parker freely. Passed away yesterday at the age of 96 she may be thinking yourself who in the way I've don't know who that is don't know where I've heard that name. Naomi Parker freely is the person who had sued after a lot of research. Has been credited. We she was twenty years old when we start there she is torn here's all the time in 1942. And there was a photograph taken of her with the red Indian in her hair. Working in the machine shop. Of the naval air station in Alameda California shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It's Naomi Parker freely in that photograph the lead to be legendary rosary that Rosie the riveter. Poster that we probably has become more than iconic in the last where seventy some years. And she just passed away yesterday the age of 96 and since she was only twenty years old when that photo was originally taken. And in the New York Times recently she said read Naomi Parker freely said the women in this country these days needs some icons if they think I'm one of I'm happy about the match yeah I would say this freely I'm sure. You qualify as a as an icon on more than one. More than one measuring stick rosy record 96 years old Naomi Naomi Parker freely passed away yesterday. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art in music. When Mike Casey does it he's drunk. And has to leave the hardware store this morning with Mikey field on 99 plus the mountainous.