Winter is Coming to Idaho

Wednesday, April 11th


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Joseph I gotta be honest I've I've thought about it and looked into it is a decent number of times over the years the album is called ghosts in the machine. And their thumb a lot of different inspirational points for that title in two there was a guy named Arthur. I guess the theory goes all the way back to mom rainy day card to philosopher. Who talked about did did you lives in between the mind in the body and all these super league deepening respective things and frankly I still don't really understand the concept I like the phrase ghost in the machine. But as to being able to explain it I still can't do it only seriously and I will say it's a long way from. Nearly Bebop Lula she's my baby like rock and roll move didn't mean definitely different direction by the sporting type. I'm staying in the police are real things she does is magic Wednesday morning on 995 the mountain. Alley Harwood Mike Casey I don't know if you caught this yesterday afternoon. There was it was exciting but I suppose probably a little bit scary as well for a late night TV host Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi. They have their second son. Whose name is axle. Axle Myers. Have their second son Avian mom refine. It didn't quite go exactly according to plan. On day actually had the baby in the lobby of their building in New York City here's so I'm Seth mark we get. Into the lobby of our building I've called an uber the Hoover is outside and we basically get to the steps of our building where in the lobby or Wacom stats and my wife to says. I can't get the car and it had to be here right now the baby is coming. And I eighth I just I'm trying to calm her down like look this is and again I know because I've been through exactly one earth. I'm like this happens all the time you're really it's not trust me I know I taught and my wife saying the baby is coming. The baby is the baby is out. And I looked in my Wyeth and the only way to describe how my wife looked was she looked like someone who was hiding a baby and apparent swept its. So I don't like sneak a baby got Peyton. He and so we walked back and we had a side we go into the lobby or back of the elevator. Those are terrible options. When what you're looking for the hospital. Because neither of them are very close to a hospital I called. 911 this up as that happened I called 901 in over the course of a minute conversation. I basically said we're about to have a baby we're having a. Maybe we had a baby. Area. Seth Meyers and his wife Alexio their new baby axle and I'm sure legged. It would take awhile to kind of called down from the discrete and everything worked out you know worked out fine. That's sort of that's why more men. Walked out of the delivery room being heeded that anything to grow because we elf they were like no no this boy is totally. Don't know what can I or logical yeah you obviously have a lot going on to hold short birdie the date of the five this is this is how men died and deliver gas. Lobby of the hotel there. To be some consistency to this whole baby thing like I have heard stories about people who are in labor for three days and then stories like us and it's just like could be something you know I'll be a little consistent here at there's nothing there's there's not overlap between any story. No there's none and and that's funny viewer writes I think in my limited experience. They teach you to the norm right Lincoln in childbirth classes everything they see this is sort of the well everybody's different and every Demi and all three of our kids were they all this you know came out in different ways at different times. They're teaching you the basics right you never know what the variables are. It seems like you know it's the thing we've been doing the longest as humans we should kind of like have an idea of how rabbits now. Just apparently not yet what are now hanging confusing and now thank you yes when in doubt guys just say relax everything will be fine and it usually goes on super telling people to relax isn't green I always. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. Are not even what we talk about eating. LT from time to time I think it's something that's probably on everybody's mind in some way shape performed. Our number crunchers analyzed five million recipes that's a lot from 9000 web sites. And discovered that eating healthier does cost more which I think we've probably all been led to believe but it's. Not a lot more the study found that the healthiest meals. Were only one or two dollars more on average. Then unhealthy meals so of their take away significantly more unhealthy meals so they're take aways that really for a couple of bucks. You get a and I get this if there's nothing I disagree with in the study I would have believed that to be true but it's. One and it always seems a little. Like sit world's only another dollar to. Can be a lot of money to somebody who is me you know maybe string you know in Namibia 45 kids in your you know your stretching dollars. As much as you can it's a little the it's it's a little self serving two worlds only dollar to set the second thing is and and this is just my own observation from from my wife and my family's life. It's the times that we don't eat healthy. It's not because we don't want to rule we don't care and it's it's generally not because we can't afford not to it's that time things yes time time time that time. Sadly I was gonna say what they should've studied as how long it takes to make. Healthy verses and healthy recipes. Because eating really well doesn't have to cost a lot fruits and vegetables he confined Vieri and politically the time and energy it takes to prepare it in a way that's not on healthy. Is exhausting I get tired doing it and I have nothing but time I can't imagine somebody trying to feed an entire family. And feed them well and taking the time. Necessary to make some of these stress. Yes and if you also add in like let's say your you maybe have been in the situation where there to parents and maybe they're both working to different jobs yeah you're not just you know you can't just be run by convenience soaring grabbed the ingredients that you need rights are now yeah. How can that's eating healthy gets expensive because yes healthy fast food and healthy snacks are really really expensive. Yes that's cost Brit becomes yes and if you're feeding a lot of people are very limited budget the sad truth is the cheaper. Eight you're you're actually probably spending substantially less when you talk about processed ready made not a not even factoring in the time thing which we are you talked about. So I think that's a lot of times where were all of us fall into that trap. I don't disagree with the study registering its there's there's more to argue it more suited to that decision. A look at what's really holding us back from eating well and cost isn't. Eaten since not the only thing it's not the only exit. If you lived inside concrete mixer. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. If you didn't fretting over a wedding gift for Prince Harry and meg and Markel. Don't worry about the royal couple has made it easy for you in a Twitter announcement earlier this week kids in palace said Prince Harry in ms. mega Markel. Are incredibly grateful for the goodwill they've received since their engagement. And then ask that anyone who might wish to mark the occasion of their wedding considers giving to charity. Instead of sending a gift a couple of personally chosen seven charities. Which represented a range of issues but I'm glad about a guy. And quote the wedding takes place on the march 9 to our may nineteenth rather. It is. Someone I guess it's nice today I mean so far as yet they probably don't really need anything. And secondly can you imagine the pressure. Of getting a gift for. Referring Syrian meg Marco lake. Oh gee thanks for the blender will just throw it over there in the corner with the the mean as far as that we or me you know what you zero says there probably is I don't understand royal etiquette and protocol but I guess it makes sense so if you're going. You'll have to get him anything. You can even just say you gave to charity in OK should do that would be kind of a non nice move. If Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 99. Are we did see the Alan Parsons project who lives for you today has always know who really knows search and today. The view 1 evening dramas in the last thirty days or so give somebody else a chance you know this is this like you try to wake your brain up in the morning. Yeah so if you skirt the rules we have no choice but to bring long government justice down upon you yes and my arms are buried theory long and Gary just to see so full of justice. Yeah just expect it about lining in five adults say they could not teen dad since they were asked him. Guy 20%. Reduced number. But I mean out. About no one inside illness say that now we did not do you didn't. This is asked you. All right what are we talking about 6312995. Vision question for today. If my finale line. Do you really right answer question almost impossible about one in five adults say. They could not do this if they were asked you what are we talking about. All the. But let me wouldn't be passed. Written driver's death. Yeah that's is a matter of fact that's exactly what happens. Hasn't written driver's. We I worried taking a driver's test did you oppression the something's. Now I think actually did know what it's about fifty years. I want to go home everything it doesn't often get there. How bad it was like OK I get about it however I wouldn't. And they may need it ever. Pop pop and like. I can now I. That would not believe how often apple. I've debts I've. Look I know my everybody I think a good but I don't know I don't know I fail miserably. But I got oh my god what I just. Right Syria. Want congratulations. You've got to Agassi yeah Alan Parsons project with CNET. Yeah. All right Kathleen good word way to not get thrown off the that the trail by a mine lousy clues. You have to get to see the Alan Parsons project we'll do this again tomorrow morning 710 question almost impossible here on the mountain. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex it image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. A new study out says indicates that fewer people are being. Drinking in states where marijuana is legal recreational league legal. Our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 16 adults in America. Are binge drinking at least once a week that's not the good news to reduces but in states where we do is legal that number is 13% lower. At least according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because people are. I don't token up in sets I don't know what all the long term you know ramifications that I'm certainly not a health expert and I don't know what all the long term ramifications are. But it's it's interesting deceit. This whole thing evolve particularly here in Colorado right were way ahead of the curve in terms of legalizing marijuana it's interesting to see this involves seeing not only the economic impacts. But what do you mean socially what it means culturally. And what it means so or could mean from a health standpoint as well here and uninteresting note on that I thought. His conscience is clear which. Is and too many tequila shots Mike Casey mornings like 1995. The mountain. So you know we did we just did you hear a monsoon on the big radio get together I'm not everybody knows this by your your going to now. Judas Priest is coming to town tonight we got some last second tickets yesterday in the first borrows. On for the show. So yesterday by mid morning you and I put together quick little video that just said everybody hey. When we play Judas Priest in the 8 AM hour tomorrow which is today yes you call us first for college winter gets in the first four rows of the show. And we took that video and we sent out to people who were mountain insiders. So not everybody leg in the known universe knew this but people were amount insiders knew that. And show as a result for people day brick Josh. And Adam all won tickets to see that very show in the first four rows so we tell you all the time I say like oh you know maintain a second B amount to insider. But it sounds very. Needy on my part it sounds like hey do this thing for me. We're now free you know totally not an insider is get the coolest stuff. Writes this is just another example so if you have you been mounting inside he would know this you could have been the first four rows for that show. So really yet to take a second and then next time this happens you'll have to kick yourself. You know and being so it's it's for you it's tough for us gas obviously. Yes and. You stressed that there while it's far our listeners are likely you are not a specific before the data in the fact that I mean let's be honest about it management is like look if we give them gratuitous prizes to give away maybe people like suffer through their show yeah I mean with the I know people are gonna listen to us. I says oh I get you get it we get I can we don't want to marry here. Might Casey's final thoughts. Show viewers think about job moving soon. Idaho for any reason I think your big fan of games thrown the G your game thrown its. This could be the place for you there's a new subdivision of homes being built in Kuna Idaho. Which features streets with the names of characters and families from the show game strokes some names that have been accepted so far include. Morass the end veracity and avenue and recon on streets. Start guitars to drink go win mr. and symbol have been disqualified so far but there are still others in the running names you know from. Game zones including Syrian. Our young sands and pucker her poetry I don't watch the show us I don't know but those are all still in the running for. Street names in the town of them kudos Idaho which is decided it has some sort of tie in. With the TV show gave us through town might I also suggested the people who make those decisions and Kuna Idaho. You may one also consider. Mirrored avenue. Loser lane. And IRA. Dour boulevard which just so the rest of us know what's down to steer clear. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office that time in between low pressure bringing on Mike Casey. Mike cheesy fun idea. The mountain.