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Wednesday, September 27th


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My case yeah they are wake I would I will admit that I was a little embarrassed when I saw this because I. Frankly I didn't notice and seems like even though I don't live in in Saudi Arabia I probably don't know I probably should have been aware though. That's it if Saudi Arabia it is and was the only country in the world where women still were allowed to drive legal. They weren't allowed to vote or go to the gym until recently. I may have known that but I didn't know about the driving for the can't drive. Well that's good shape and they're just not as I allows you illegally they're announced yesterday a Saudi king Salman announced yesterday. That as of boy they're really taking their time on this June 20 a June 24 next year 2018. Women will be legally allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia via Saudi or ambassador to the United States prince Khalid. Bin Salman said that it was an historic and big day. In our kingdom it's something to an and I don't mean to make light of it because certainly there you could find any number of different ways to joke about this. Understandably by its. It relieved. Lens a little bit of perspective. When we talk about and certainly we're we're having discussions about some similar topics here in this country. In terms of equality and and you know you and I talk about. Male and win male and female pay radio we talk about that stuff yes it doesn't mean that we have achieved everything there is to achieve. Yet and we got a good enough is at least he can drive sit just be happy that's that's a very dangerous argument to make an incorrect one and personal opinion. I do think it's fantastic that women in Saudi Arabia are going to have the opportunity to drive because it. If you've ever Ben without a car if you've ever been in that situation you understand the amount of freedom that comes. With being able to drive yourself some of this is even different than not having your car this is like this you cannot you can't legally do this without that you can't get a job it's very hard seeing do what you need to do every day. Dear dear life to walk here lefties public transportation and things that sort of inherently didn't dependent as it does make you dependent on the purpose of this long wall. Ridiculously. Inaccurate health benefits foresight was to keep winning dependence on their husbands their father's. Gone on on men right. Okay -- big change I mean I agree again later seven in general I don't live there so far be it for me but I didn't I did not realize that equality for women around the world means equality for everybody yes except for Trevor but it in absolutely and in it'll be great to see next year and when they finally get. And any day. Take our time there's there's a lot egos and as you've really got to think about my hand is key to sell her shares changed speed my mantra on drugs is difficult. Or Mike PC's coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. We started this morning we're talking about women being on the drive in Saudi Arabia's show I thought maybe we just leaning news hold. It's a different topic but it's related men and women that's sort of thing out with more and more women bringing in half or more of the earnings are there household. Many people apparently. Don't think this is such a good thing in new circuit and new surveys found that about a third of women. In nearly 71%. Of men. Think being able to financially support a family is very important for a man. In order to be a good husband or or partner it seemed according to this story story it seems men have to earn. In order to get respect as a husband or partner. I'm Ayman have Ayman have. Leading into this a little bit more and just say I I don't think this reflects. So much that men feel threatened by a significant other group who earns money as much as it says that men feel. An overwhelming responsibility. To be able to financially support their family's okay and I will say from my even though I understand that on on paper. I understand it technically that is an Meyer responsibility. That's that's been difficult for me to get away from two. That I got idea that concept I think it's very. Depends on your age I suppose but I think you know guys my age mid forties or bolder. It is very much ingrained it doesn't mean you're threatened by the fact that your bureau in work I'm not threaten by the fact that she makes money. Or that she works but it's still. It still looked upon as very much the man's responsibility. I make sense. Dye is I I understand that that's the idea and it's been perpetuated for so long and I think that is starting to crumble just a little bit more. I mean I can only speak individually honest and and from the experiences of friends. But I think as long as. The coupled together is earning enough for what they wanna deal I don't think it really matters who makes more. Greg and I look all the time and who has the potential suited to make more angst yeah it will always be based on and are we doing what makes us happy and are we doing something make it's a spy it's never his responsibility to make enough money and hopefully one day. He can. He can retired mile and a dad and I do Wear combat sounds good and great to me that's my dream. And if you're an agreement on that the name your eyes and I mean maybe things. Things are changing. In that direction I think a change in the direction and I think it can be difficult for people my age to really. Go through the changes. Because I don't think it matters as much to people my age but it does matter a lot of Steelers at all or older and yeah so the whole pressured to align yourself with that way of thinking is still going to be there. You'd wish it would go away just because it doesn't it doesn't matter doesn't serve Narnia again in makes it serves no purpose it's not like. We're going to be better off I mean technically may be because men do you make more in the same position. Surely enter ahead right. Until we fix that problem and yet she probably doesn't make sense for me to protect minors because they'll just make more money via third and seven cents on the dollar. 7978. Aren't they get some RS depending on your industry if you're on your own. Mike GCI 99 plus the mountain. Us. Obviously the NFL has been in the headlines over the last let's say at least couple days and not for just what's happening. You know between the lines so to speak DirecTV says they are offering unprecedented refunds for fans. Who want to cancel their NFL Sunday ticket package if they informed the company DirecTV that is. That they are doing showed due to the recent protests. Regarding the National Anthem and well and through all that again. You know what that's all about once the season starts fans usually cannot cancel their subscriptions to get their money back by AT&T which owns DirecTV. Decided to change the policy due to the sensitivity of the issue. The probe if you have a units that 275280. Bucks while fans or at least some fans I don't know the numbers saying they want to a refund the exemption was first reported. By the Wall Street Journal. She's great at making people. Which would be greats if he was trying to beef up my GC mornings on 1995. The mound. I feel I don't mean to overstated I feel like we're broom like on the senator Tim Burton film unit emulated just been kind of had Trier. Retreat. Or don't we were in London or something I don't know until right now in Denver does look like Tim Burton because it's so grow and there's this one cloud to cloud hanging over for over the city. Oil scanner and it's gonna it's kinda get a deal like that for at least another day we'll get to that the second 720 SM 31 rather Wednesday morning here on the mountain. Did you see that Twitter is talking about doubling their character limit from a 142 underneath. I sloppiness and I actually don't know how I feel about it and I still on the fence I don't like when social media makes changes it takes a really long time to get used to them. And I feel like FaceBook has only changed for the worse. Since I've started teasing. I did see three or somebody said my only life skill is being able to tweet things in exactly 140 characters so changing its two hundred eighties eventually ruined yeah kind of one of the beautiful things about Twitter is that it has to be short. You can't get anything after Heatley yeah if you send it out the so you're getting very genuine theory brief little thought Twitter is pretty much just a digital stream of consciousness. Yes with with limited characters to use yeah but I do understand that very daily active users have been going down so again it. Change something about it if you're always strikes me as funny about an end this not only applies to Twitter but I think the rest of social media and end and a lot of other businesses. I love it's when a business or organization. Trumpet some thing is like a big. Forward thinking idea leg worried that it was like when when McDonald's burger itself breakfast all day of Mike. Really that's not it that's not really I mean it's a thing and you can do it but don't make it seem like this is earth chino earth shattering I have pretty excited when they started serving. Fissile day yeah I once was in line. For McDonald's breakfast and I to me they weren't serving breakfast yet so I ordered chicken nuggets instead to decide and as I was waiting for my nuggets they flipped over to breakfast. I was like dude it. So I that's because you probably deserved it. Top 280 characters I don't see this open field but I believe you said some people are very comfortable in social meeting. You're not gonna meet me in the morning anymore because they Felix so much of what I do here is help you add it prevents your tweets he's yeah hundred different different. It was through this frozen pictures today of speaking his Twitter at 995 dimension. At Mikey she's 24. Heart was that so apart menace and die you know don't go in on our little. Yeah. Mike was a political science major. Can't look where that's taken us. Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. As if it isn't enough the gets your book while. Books are much are we basically get anything from these days have been probably everybody knows that carried out another thing to listing Amazon has teamed up with the online. Ordering companies all low. In ruled that Dell now deliver Amazon will deliver. From fast food restaurants like shake shack five guys to pull in jobless shoes because it. He gives no order from Amazon here cursory and not only as it was on taking over the world blink one. One different sub sector of the economy at a time. Also pretty soon they were they gonna have to leave our houses are reduced you do everything you need for me it was on which is scary but also appealing at the same time. If god created sleep than the double created the alarm clock and Mike Casey is the love child of both. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountain. I enjoy the stories that tell I just saw yesterday afternoon Colorado story Wednesday was Mindy shepherd. She was a little upset I think it was in a parking lots. She saw that somebody had you know they opened the door and scratch your car Ding your car or whatever and you know you come out of working she's a nearly man like it's the last thing I need. So many is looking better car and she sees the digging in the dead and she's well for gonna drive home. She noticed at that point that somebody had she readjusted her side mirror on her car when she looked more closely. She found that someone. We're assuming the person who you know doing your car. Had shoved a baggy into the space under the Mir which contained a very short short note. Forty bucks to partly covered some damages and a half smoked joint. Him a note the other voters said sorry for being such a dumb ass. And said he hoped he made up for things by offering. The things that he offered forty dollars a short note and a half smoked. Joints ms. shepherd says she does an opportunity. In marriage is a runner she does not them smoked marijuana but I guess did find it funny and amusing and done pass the story along it's like fields amid. Colorado story isn't it I mean if there's thrown in like a two days keep passing. A micro brew of some guy like that would be it a B Colorado and a bag wouldn't it. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC morning's call in 1995 the mountains. It seems the some of the flattered people around again. One of whom is did you I've never heard described as a rapper. BOB. Yet you've heard of OK I don't know he'd think eager yet console to play. It. He's wants to go (%expletive) me. Page. To prove wrong the people who believe the earth is round he's trying to raise 200000. Dollars. To launch this a quote to launch one if not multiple satellites into space. In order to find the curve of the earth war as you and I in most other people would look at that BOB is raising money. To send satellites were satellites have already been. To discover what's already been discovered. And witness what everyone already knows and that is that the earth is not flat. And I feel ahead Ziff. And we've we're we're starting to lose control of this whole phenomenon that. Of there are of such things in the world news facts there are provable measurable. Facts in the world. Slug two is to say about best. First some people won't believe the burner is hot until they touch it themselves you can tell someone at Haas. Don't touch it and they are they just won't believe you until they know what for themselves true. There are people like. Second I feel like this is mindful because I'm sure is I was I may. Really light BOB is stuff from 2010 when he had a bunch of stuff going to build schools and so I tried to analyze and other day I was running on. Is BOB a TV stay something really got to hear from him and well here you go and yeah. What he's do I did beat just more awesome you say. No it's ago full moon your anger and so he could prove that the world is flat I think you need some veteran and I pulled open means. He's trying to prove that the your it is yeah and I cannot thank you can't support that it's I can't I really can't. And I really like a lot of is on there. The two X-Files. We. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter when we issue will be bored on your ride into work itself Mike Casey in the morning and 99 but the mountain. Coffee and pumpkin iron things like that's if you're pumpkin spice kind of person I suppose this is good news for you you can now see upon pumpkin spice. Vodka and a limited edition vodka being produced by Canada's lucky bastard distillery. On shelves now pumpkin spice vodka I would just like the saying I'm trying out soon judgmental about this but I'm I'm having a difficult time doing that. If you are craving something that is pumpkin spicy. Then I would say you don't really want vodka you want something other than that like. A lot today or a leg warmer or something like that but as in terms of wanting something vodka eat and something pumping spicy I for me those are two different things you whatever you do is you see fit and happy fall. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drone. And has to leave the hardware store mornings with Mikey field on 99 plus an amount in office.