Whooper Severance

Thursday, August 31st

Would you admit you got fired on Linkedin.com for a free burger? Casey thinks this ad campaign is a little off the mark. 

Plus Question Almost Impossible, Target wine, flirting at the gym, someone gets a really bad Floyd Mayweather tattoo, and Casey has a new diet for you. 

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Mike's random thoughts Argentines. To the airwaves they should. Did the mountain to your FaceBook timeline FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountain a. Mike Casey Wednesday morning obviously the whose big headlines continue to be hurricane Harvey. And everything happening in and around Houston. It's kind of one of those you know good news bad news good news bad news I mean their tartan in some parts of Houston blow over 5051. Inches of rain. Since the storm began setting a new record for rainfall in the continental United States from a single storm. Of course with all the the pictures that we're seeing in the video there were seeing a lot of which is heartbreaking. They're also they're also positive stories not that they necessarily offsets. The negative ones but so Houston Texans player JJ watt has already helped raise four million is new goal is five million dollars. To open the relief efforts in in and around Houston. An Anheuser-Busch brewery in Georgia stopped kidding beer instead focusing on canning and shipping drinking water. And you can find I know I've heard a handful of stories. Of people then I mean not in comments are in there in Houston to people maybe a couple hundred miles away some people in Louisiana. And beyond. Saying I've they decided to take a couple days off for work and maybe take their fishing boats down and and trying to help outs help rescue people would have been stranded it's just they're just amazing stories in MP. Amazing images going on in and around Houston area. If you've recently been fired from your job Burger King has some great news for you they wanna rewards you with a free whopper. Business insider reports Bernard King launched its own your fire promotion yesterday. And will send a whopper severance package to the first 2500 people. Who posed the following message to they're linked in profile. I got fired I wanna free whopper. Hash tag whopper severance. Apparently what they're trying to do years connecting getting fired with them. Fire flame broiled saying I am left to wonder. First off how will they actually know if Persian actually got fired Brian. Secondly would if you knew would have somebody who did get fired and you they're part of this free. Whopper thing with they referred fully. Sexual harassment really workplace violence or something you Hugo well it. They're not I'm just not gonna do background check before they give you a free burger over you know that's going to be I wanna like the secondary stories is really big news dive for it seems like I mean I get where they're gonna try to do some that's a little different and I'm generally I'm in favor of that I'm yeah I'm gonna think in the sun does a lot of art game my margins. Cabrera took. The little off the mark but so many fewer through offering you lost your job. Foleo do post that on Linkedin welcome new America. Today will be a big day for you to. They're taking to FaceBook lives at noon that's noon eastern so be 10 o'clock our time. To supply some details on their new album songs of experience they will unveil a new show called blackout. And the first single. You are the best thing about me will be out on September 6 this songs of experience is the follow up to you songs of innocence. Which came out in 2014 you may remember the took over but he's iphones and people go bitter about that shouldn't I don't think they're reviewed at this time around I'm glad maybe they will be seven announced it yet like all again all the contacts on your contact information will be wiped out. And you know for everybody is just silly where the streets have no name conflict you too tired I don't. I don't think they're gonna do best it's in similar to work is quite exactly the way you wanted to through last time around. On 7:10 this morning questioned almost impossible you would've Perry tickets to see foreign Cheap Trick. At red rocks one grand prize winner this week on a question almost impossible win a pair of meet and greet passes to hang out with foreigner. Before the show and red rocks on Monday presser that's coming up at 7:10 this morning 655 funny next with Amy Schumer. This is a really awkward guy when I was an a bathroom to come to club couple weeks ago and there's a bathroom attendant. Now have you ever been like old Swede a bathroom attendant. Know. It's always just a big bag of awkward brave it's never bed. So ideally we're right you're never really peeing like I had a leader not a star bursts pond. There's mystery perfume out there are no it. Slowly going and and that that's an attendant is blank. She's like. There'll full rate now. Sure get the women. And I was lake. EEye yeah I don't ambassador marks thanks. We gotta just gonna start going rooting pounding on all this love. Rudely initiative up and down. Being in the same thing do I want. I come out she hands the paper tell thank you. I would just drip Blake's stick my. Well me. Think now she's gonna think it's a race thing in. Well I just wanna say it accurately whatever race you just assumed it was like that's who you wait. When he spends way too much time on the Taylor ratings. Question almost impossible with Mikey now he's. Our knowledge we tickets deceive foreigner and Cheap Trick your red rocks that show is Monday on Labor Day. One great prize winner this week winner here meet and greet passes to before. Kind of cool deal it's it as usual like no no Google lingo these brave. You won in the last couple a couple weeks thirty days you know would give somebody else's kids. Beat therapy reasonable fair about. So we'll ask yourself the question we're left to switch today 60%. Of Americans. In this world driving 6% of Americans do this. While driving. We Mikey now he's fine. Good morning what's your guess or question almost impossible I. God you know what that's a good answer I bet you its actually way higher than that orbits its more lay somewhere between 3050%. I would think. The acrid gas though. Thank you hi what's your guess for question almost impossible. Under the age. I really turn signal on. From everything I've observed that's more like 50% of people like just randomly going around the world and left it there either going to be. That the ideas are looking for I did suggest though. Our this was true it'd be a little tricky you know I think it's because of the way the question is worried 6% of Americans do this while driving. Instead of thinking play drive along the road you know go between destinations think about when you get to your destination. And what you probably do behind the wheel at that point Democrats and accents well maybe in any event that's that's your clue. We might now a minority. To answer. Let's get they'd hit he. They'll block stepped in front of a big bump into that. Okay what's your other guests. Back. As you got the split aren't you had a pretty good decent idea digger on one but that's okay. All right well listen I've. God gave. I got a Terry tickets for use seat foreigner pat with Cheap Trick that red rocks on Monday and you may win some meet and greet passes and hang out of the band brought on I'd be totally opt. Well enjoy it totally awesome show gave way to go as the hardest question impossible ever. Mark was going to be so bummed out she missed it question almost impossible just after seven set weekdays from here on on the mound. Target just announced they're shelling their own line of wine called California roots. Target one California route she can get a cab. A red blend pinot grease you shortened name. Or the skydome they're all just five bucks a bottle. About that one will be available starting September 3 question becomes whether or not it's any good. But it five bucks a bottle may I don't know how you go wrong there though means absolutely nothing but upside to me. Is the infomercial of morning Denver radio. Selecting quality and pretty much just here for the money Mike Casey mornings I 99 fudge the mountain. You have plans to go to the gym today are there a couple days this week you know couple to three times from and if you're the kind of person that likes to have. And what what's the proper terms he be elected hit on people when they went here in the gym. Believe it or not you're not alone in new survey found that nine 7% of people. Who have hit on someone at the gym save their flirting led to something more. What was that something more 66%. Said it would do hook up. Sixty which is to be very broadly interpreted are supposed 61%. Said it led do we dates. And 24%. Said it actually turned into a relationship. Flirting at the gym oh and apparently people are more likely to flirt if they've had a protein shake before their work out. Doesn't say why that is also no surprise here people who flex in the mirror while at the gym. Twice as likely to hit on someone while they're there I just wanna point out that this is this study supports I think some of the many reasons. That normal people. Hate going to the gym. We exist sieve and rampant narcissism going on there yes there's a lot of healthy Bennett a lot of things to be gained but it's all this other stuff it just me. Sesno size makes the rest of us feel just a wee bit uncomfortable. When he goes to the gym key parks in this. Not furthest away so he won't be judged eating his course on which like people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountain. The other big fight is over at this point Connor McGregor. Did not win Floyd money Mayweather won on Saturday. Bites 31 year old MMA fare increase in Gregory was show sure the content McGregor would win. That he would mated that would his business partner. And that the loser would agree to get a tattoo of the winning fighters face and then when Mayweather wind. Grayson Gregory had to follow through and now has it statue of Floyd Mayweather face on his leg. If you if guys if you've ever wondered. Why you're your own your wife for your girlfriend your significant other tries to limit the amount of time that you spend with your buddies. This is why because when left unsupervised. We both men we do really stupid stuff we do within this growth may 31 he's now eighteen years old. Is a guy at some point in his life is gonna have to explain his wife his girlfriend why has a tattoo of Floyd Mayweather on as like. Who's who boo boo boo you most true though got to look at that for the rest of his life well and that is why a girlfriends again and ask whenever I'm sitting in this is why not a big supporter of men I'm happy to be a man a mullets all good but if you wondered guys why sometimes this is the way things shake out it's because we can't be left unsupervised for all that long. This just goes to support the idea. Do you they and frankly I'd I didn't know this until. I read the story this morning do you have any idea what happens to the fat in your body when you lose weight. Like borders or go way through what happens. Believe it or not according to physicist doctor Rubin mere men what actually happens you actually breathe it out to. Most of the masks. You know the excess weight of the mass is breezy doubts. As carbon dioxide that that's where the week goes when you lose weight and actually to sort of disappears into thin air. As a process of a breathing most of the masks mass is breezy out as carbon dioxide. About that look for rom my new book Mike Casey's hyper ventilation diet. On store shelves later this week. He marches to the beat of a different drummer for the very heart of fearing imbalanced in her ear infection drummer. Mike JC mornings on the mountain.