A Whole New Store

Monday, January 22nd


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Monday morning Alley Hardwicke Mike Casey we hadn't. Snow we had did government shut down which continues. We now know who's gonna be suitable asthma. Page news again. Again name care. I know you're probably even more bitter best I could I am I was. So I was over a friend's house watching the game and when they went in for half time and run talent up and was like guys let's remember the Super Bowl last year. How that was both the best and the worst game that we've ever seen yes I would into. And I wouldn't. Say this is over yet it's not not even close and then of course we're all ours is yes it is almost as he stepped through and suffer through yet another patriots super ball and I don't care. Yes well we don't settle bitter about the if you analyze on and usually as a tandem of lots of AFC teams we're not at all. Yeah exactly should days or they came back Asia as they always do figures came back wanna be Jacksonville and then the Eagles and even closed down. I was actually really barring a lot to yeah we kind of we tuned in tuned out because it just it got away from so fast and but in now on I was collects. Either team I was OK with the Eagles out of it device as Qaeda may be a little bit pull more for the vikings have committed such of a wild crazy season but man they weren't in that game. Now and all I really wanted to vikings to have a home game for the suggests that's a battle that is so cool and such a great story in the vikings have a similar story to the filth that we're the only teams. They have gone to the Super Bowl four times and lost yes so he'd just would've been neat I'm so many different levels I also have a lot of friends from Philly who are very excited about the Eagles so yeah some Finley they're two yeah I think it'll be cool ten. To watch torrent and then the other was also mean not soon enough to move away from football which exclude most important thing the world but the the women's march was Saturday as well it is yeah I am they're pretty early and that why didn't do the actual mount march route I just got a really good seat for her all of these this speech is Boca that they were going on so. His last year I had a tough time hearing because there's so many people there yeah it's very difficult to actually hear what's going on. After the march. So that was more prayer this year. Giambi so both that both my daughters when both -- and Joseph Jones Lily was going with a friend this year already planned shoes standard friend's house Friday and then go you know going Saturday morning insist that was thirty covered. And and Evan Moore out of town and so I said to Jo-Jo throughout the day from several points Friday asked to look you know if you wanna go. Joseph there'll be thirteen next month. I should be if you wanna go and I'm I'm happy to go with few a you know otherwise have I probably won't put if you wanna goat cheese with the neither I don't. I don't know I'm not I'm not really sure I'm not really feel and Mike OK so Saturday morning. Judges awake and her brother he broke gets up. And says cave is coming to pick me up or go to women's march you wanna go. Yeah it's public took it isn't just. Feeling exactly so you wanted to go you do wanna go with me. I get what when did you rooms twelfth thirteenth so. There you go mom the weekend in summary is and it was a good one. Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain. The super bargain the future apparently is here and buy here I don't mean the front range it's actually in Seattle. By its Amazon ago Amazon and another bid to takeover every part of the world. Amazon go is a grocery store. Which outlines. Without cash registers. Without the need for you do physically stopping and pay for your goods before you leave the store. Has got a couple I know it sounds so could hardly erotic I read about this yeah so they have cameras as I understand it cameras and sensors. That track what people take off the shelves in what they put back. And your your automatically builds. You just literally grab whatever you want you walk out the door. And all the motion is Lego of cameras and all that stuff attract what you what you've taken with few and you'll be charged accordingly. It's so cool and it just goes right out of your Amazon accounts I don't does that seem a little scary you. Or asleep and I hope that it doesn't tell me out. The idea of being tracked and monitored outside eight of the store I guess feels a little scarier and like I don't have an Amazon account has and really don't like the idea of listening to meet all the time. I'd I'd really just don't glove that. But if I've decided I'm going into this story and I know while I'm here I'm being monitored in mrs. that's okay I'm okay with that because I entered into it knowingly. Some find it. OK but I think it's pretty cool. Would have they would if there also is it that they don't announcing this is the case but I'm sort of playing devil's advocate here what if part of the tracking and monitoring process. Means that they've essentially created an Alley Hardwicke profile. But it's tells them everything that you've purchased in what brands and what you know yes I can be advertised Steve better. Yes now your own weirdo that and. And I'm not necessarily down that I know I have the power within myself to it. Ignored the things that I have been sold to me if I don't want them so yeah I'm okay that. I guess where I do wonder a little bit more as I hit like the whole facial recognition saying I really just get a little bit antsy about. When we came back for a honeymoon. We'd go through customs and they had this digital thing where you can't take a picture of you in Scania in their like were putting you and you get to test it might I don't want to. I don't wanna guess I'll stand in the traditional lion I really don't wanna help heal the with your movies are ready. And so now you have a database of like my faith in what I look like I I'm just not on border than all the way unless it helps you to grocery store than tells leader finally again I enter into it knowingly right. Difference it there's a little bit of a difference are just one other. Footnote to consider on this there are at least at this point right now in the United States and about 900000. Cashier grocery store cashier jobs. That are currently fulfilled by people that you would think if this seems I mean not that this has happened tomorrow but if the Amazon go model takes off. Then you have vote perhaps 100000 cashiers that don't do the job anymore another sign of the changing economy August. Yes dear Ann and by no means stressing the cashier should be out of a job. I 'cause I don't I don't know I'm not saying you do a non it would be an interesting thing to see you know how are hired job market is evolving and what types of positions now are available to people here. As well and we'll continue to do so go to Seattle into a shopper it's kind of happens fake. Yeah I did as meat ice. What's a political. Hand look where that's taken Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. You've heard I'm sure of dry January or people staying from alcohol during the month of January kind of a little. Little come back to reality after the holiday craziness of the holiday party season but have you heard of ZD began you weary I guess is how you present begin. January it's it's when people make a resolution to go begin for the month of January in according to live kindly. Other web site live Connolly more than 100000. People. Signed the pledge to go V in for the month so viewers think in yourself is there an idea that's dumber than dried January. Yes. And this it's not even a word begin your weary. I mean nothing if people wanted to do try I think that's okay but it seems like that's a pre. The supreme drastically gone vegetarian for a month. Even that would be like a middle step if you're going from just sort of regular street forwards. Meat included Dayne did begin world that's a big jump but jump you know credit to the people who were given to track. Vijay anywhere I think it needs a better name though in enemy. Mike feces coming up to reveal my 1995. The mountain. Question almost impossible with Mikey now eight. Okay Baghdad and again this morning Rod Stewart in Sydney opera tickets up for grabs a can of Pepsi Center in August alleys gotcha question we need your answer. All right here's the question and it's good line a city in New York. Once tried to make things illegal. There could be a lot of things could be Dickey definitely a lot of a lot of things that a city in New York once tried to make this illegal. We'll continue offer Rod Stewart tickets up for grabs we think we're talking about 6312995. We college. My finale minority. Question almost impossible this morning here it is a city in New York once tried to make this illegal what do you think we're talking about. Are now. Four thanks future and now. A morning match against reckless in almost impossible. You don't. Know these things like could actually be made illegal you can not make this thing illegal. And I'll be completely via it is effective to do it but that's a really good yes thank you. Good morning what's your guess your question almost impossible in a ball and drawing a hall of the vicar specific yes hook up with nothing but kids are little more. You exit giant and provide the morning match against a questionable it's impossible and yet they're fighting a public. He is happier stills all. And her right and still get distance although I'll tell you we have tried to make that illegal in my house it has not worked. Great yes thank you. Boy this is proving to be more difficult than we thought and I think it's because. As you pointed out earlier it's the heat in this is it's a ridiculous it's almost a joke to try and make it illegal yes could you can't you don't have any control over. Yes and others are saying try to make it illegal it didn't work because you can't I can do as saying a legal right so a lot of guesses we felt like you could make kissing in public Julie yeah. You know kind of like people say Monday is it should be illegal yes and someone actually tried to make Monday illegal you can't do that because Monday is a day. Right it's sort of like that's only slightly different and again this city New York who tried this. Was Syracuse. So if you're from central new York and you were there early in the early ninety's you might even remember you money in my. Again that was yet our will pick it up again. Tough question almost impossible this morning here it is a city in New York once tried to make this illegal what are we talking about. You're so close you're so we're gonna have to move in the right direction what do you know this it. Oh. See we told you it was ridiculous and totally impossible to van. Our way to go with student group. Look Chris enjoy Brad Stuart and Cindy library question almost impossible is going to be back tomorrow morning a little thing after percent in right here on the mountain media won't be as impossible tomorrow. Ike's five year plan. Look at that it has any minute by minute plan might TC in the morning on 99 plus the mountain. Title track shoes in 1994 album from Tom Petty that's wild flowers on 995 the mountain comes sad news. Over the weekend that I don't know I don't know that I would this serves very shocking but John sad news according to the LA county recorders report Tom Petty died. On an accidental drug overdose due to a variety of different medications that he was taking. That Saddam essentially brought on cardiac arrest he was on several different pain medications. For his fractured hip does include oxy code own. In next selects two types of Fenton no one of which came in a patch. That you may remember is the the drug was linked to the death of prints in 2016. This family released a very long and heartfelt statement on a mobile read the whole thing for you buy it. It says are we knew before the report was shared with us. That's Tom was prescribed various pain medications for a multitude of issues. And we felt confident that this was as the coroner found an unfortunate accident as a family we recognize this report may spark further discussion. On the old Buick crisis and we feel that it is healthy and necessary discussion. And we hope in some way that this report can save lives Tom Petty was a 66. When he passed away in October. If you live concrete mixers then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. 8:14 Monday morning about suitable two weeks from yesterday much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone suffer heart patriots fans. Bands Tom Brady's doing the pages will be in the Super Bowl again this time against the Philadelphia Eagles. While Tom terrific is getting ready for the game sports memorabilia collectors will be paying attention to an auction that we're Tom Brady's rookie card. Very rare rookie card is being auctioned off priced at 500000. Dollars that's for half a million bucks. For a piece of cardboard with Tom Brady's picture on the partisan fleer ultra Michigan card. In mint condition from the year 2000. Back then of course nobody on the planet thought Tom Brady would necessarily be any good. Much less the most amazing quarterback of his generation of 500000 dollars of your Tom Brady patriots fan and got that kind of money should her around me if you wanna jump in on this auction I will say and an Alley I've talked about little bit this morning. I I'm I'm not a fan of the patriots and not have a fan of bill bella Jack. I've the other not my team that I root for and yes I'm kind of sick of seeing them you know all the time but you if we've got to be honest here there there there a dynasty. In an era where it shouldn't be possible. You shouldn't be able to do what they've done. The beginning of the NFL is now set up so that you shouldn't. Be able to created dynasty which makes it. All the more unbelievable the day of doughnuts and I do. I do admired you have a certain amount of admiration for for Tom Brady being the last text you know picked number 199. And having to sort of battle against all these odds ever even get a chance to get into the starting lineup. And now. Arguably maybe a maybe the greatest football preview degrees quarterback to ever play in the NFL OK all that's said. Let us never speak of him or the patriots ever again from this point four. You always can be an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Thirty might do the math or 34 years ago today. Pretty important moments. Not only culturally but I guess some from a technology standpoint as well if you were around at the time you may even remember seeing its. On TV on mr. on January 22 1984. January 24 Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984. Won't be like 1984. That was the very first ad that ran into you as you until two days in advance of the official release. Of the apple Macintosh. You've I mean a nose before your time and I'm sure you've seen them. The spot by now yeah it's proportional yes yes the orwellian 1984 a big geno future distill the kind of thing. Obviously a moment it's we didn't know at the time but we change. All kinds different things that resizing the world of computers and technology. On that intersection of pop culture and technology which is about something we really saw before. And was particularly weird about it to me in hindsight the reason that commercial rail and on January 22 1980 four's because that was the day the super ball. It was suitable spot own like not much right now because now the seasons longer and the playoffs are longer. And who blows and until at least the first week of February sometimes even beyond that right yeah. So when I was looking at there like why it would that's fodder front on January 22 there like Iran during his normal. And makes so much cents writes so the big Super Bowl spot and obviously a a game changer in a lot of ways even though we didn't know at the time I remember seeing and thinking what is I don't even know what that means. Unity in yeah. It seemed weird and very. It had its intended effect it was very eye catching in very strange AG. Wanna know more how did you even learn marked as you can go to theater. How right it is. It was all you just didn't users thought they like Helen is fairly early release of computer Gregory who cares no one's ever gonna need those boy were we wrong super rock super wrong. Mike Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on five the mountain. So Monday morning I think you know to be honest about it I think you would be. More of a disservice if we just completely ignored the whole government shut down thing and I know everybody wants to make enough. You know Republicans wanna make it a Democrat issue Democrats on major Republican issue and you know so echoes of scored kind of history of our government lately the way I looked at this weekend is like this. Imagine that I hire you to do a job. Right which is essentially the case with our elected officials we we elect them and we hired them to do a job and that is to run the governments in do you know all the other things that come with that. So why do we hire you to do this job. And you you've not only do you totally failed to run you know to do that job. But then YouTube shut down my company in the process. And in the end in so doing that. You know you shut down the government shut down my company. I still have to pay you. Can't pay your health insurance while you're you know what you're doing this essentially this is -- argue this is this is the United States government as it is right now. You didn't again you wanna make a Republican issue go at you and your Democrat issue go ahead but if we're honest with ourselves. What we have here is much bigger than that we have as systemic failure. You know our system of of elected representation. And what it is that these people actually do. When we elect them to represent us in our nation's capital those are the questions and he we should be asking rather than pointing fingers one Ireland the other. Intervened so a good thing about on a Monday morning. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the low. Pressure bringing on my case. Mike Casey on these. The mountain.