A Whole Day for Hot Dogs

Wednesday, July 18th


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Yeah way before there was sir mix a lot there is Freddie Mercury in queen fat bottom girls from jazz on 995 amounts in the new trailer. For the the movie bohemian rhapsody I think it was just yesterday Eric he had just came by yesterday. I didn't see you saw that and I guess I've watched it twice so far orchard where I've I realized trailers are misleading or can be misleading the world war what was your take on the. So I love queen and I love Freddie Mercury love him just think he's amazing like. Obviously a lot of people drop parallels between him and Lady Gaga on their performance Elena over the top nature show on and also their vocal quality. So already you now Romney now Ike is being sent up to exceed these big issues of yet another kind of small inspect I'll make it. I was so put on by the prosthetics that they used to through dole like teach situation. Over for Freddie for Freddie eighteen yeah. That I was having a really hard time getting past. And when he ceased to elbows and when you look at pictures you think all of my. Asking that he looks just like Freddie. But then when you watch him talk it's like oh god now this is bad holing Palestinian. So I'm hoping did that may be I get over that. OK so that's what's blitz that's would start got to use it was just hard to get. Literally stuck stuck out audio yes it was very hard to get past that have watched it twice a mental watch it again in a few minutes because you have to see detail yeah and maybe the third. And ball. Find sell off putting to death sentence no November ads with the were November again there is we have a few months to wait and get real excited I assume more trailers will come out in at halftime yet vision pretty good job without some 40 yes so this sets a little bit on the new queen background I had did you I'm guessing you didn't watch any deal started. Not really think now I didn't really have married her but I'm guessing you did. I did watch some movie I'm in a really big baseball fan but I could tell they also are game is. It's it's cool to see some of the best players in the game but the thing is it's of it's a very odd game there's not a lot of arm flow to it because obviously managers are trying to get in as many players as they can. So pitchers come into training and then they're out so there isn't a whole lot of rhythm to it's. And each. Because. Most of the pitchers and hitters have not necessarily faced each other before there's a huge advantage. It goes to the pitcher so like last night there were 25 strikeouts. In in the game. Which basically our All Star Games are home runs and and strikeouts were yeah well last night was there were ten home runs in the total of the game 125 strikeouts. Trevor story had won the house but did. That's why mr. Reid mom. About the game and it and it looks yes. Okay yeah he might have let him deriding suitable games so yeah I think I think Trevor Surrey Allen's home runs. Correct way far strikeouts general runs the American League won again on Cheney's. Dirty American League. Are they one 826 so yes the go get another couple days before baseball's back on Friday. Our hot one today 96 for high ninety tomorrow 91 on Friday chance for afternoon rain coming up just after 710 question almost impossible. We have we have this week. Firm. It's via isn't a journey it is stirring up leopard. Which is really exciting to be funny about these tickets to I wanna see best out and I don't I'm going to go really snow prepared this word yeah in mind it's okay should just thank you playmaker so prepared. Or Mike feces coming up for review by Knight he's like five the mountain. I think probably most of us have heard she's the the health statistics the indicates. Things like Blake marry people live longer. Are less likely to get sick. Heal faster than than people who are single in the rift earlier the statistics before and that is true however a new study from the international association. For relationship research which is right here in Colorado is a sixteen your studies over fairly long. Period of time. They learned that while married people do attentive. How all those benefits that were previously mentioned if you are in your relationship where there is a high level of conflict. It offsets a lot of those particular benefits and more show for the husband and for the wife. So more negative health benefits in in in a highly conflicted relationships for the husband and the wife the take away I think the short version takeaways here is. Disagreeing. Too often with your wife is bad for your health. That's what I've taken from this particular study. You know. For once you've come to their correct conclusion and on a sunny all I'm letting you notice everything you'd think as Ron and in his case he nailed it. That's because two disagreeing threw off with you oysters dead for your help. They also save but joking aside their part of the issue here is not that it's that nothing conflict is not impact full four. The woman in the relationship. But perhaps that women are better equipped to resolve conflict than men often. Yes there is trouble called expressing ourselves and you know communicating. Monsoon yeah I think it's really it's not really weird we've been allowed to do our whole lives so we deal it and he is understood that you know conflict resolution and better understanding of the skill I know I don't let you know he'd get a couple extra years and your life today and yet but I don't she cop yeah. Typically what cost is exactly right. For he recently that doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. Roger Hodgson was just a kid when he wrote this seismic 1923 when he never been issue America. You know being British and that was sort that was the the gist of what his concept of the country was at that time which is really give it up the song title in the the album titled breakfast in America. Supertramp on that 995 the mountain. Another hot one today actually much warmer than the last couple days 96 or hide today 98 tomorrow. On 91 on Friday with a chance for afternoon rain right now three things you need to know how they are quick. Well the big thing Intel yesterday blood is president trumps press conference after meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin he said that he didn't believe that Russia would have any reason to see you be involved in in the US election and influencing yet. And now he's he's changing his statement or sell its. Especially email I sent word what is the what do you. NN. I don't know what I would be maybe a little bit unclear why. Transmitted over here on the actual video. Dissension in the end I don't see any reason why wouldn't you rush. Now he get a lot of criticism from that pretty much. Everyone's because this scene and I did twelve option I mean interfering video with the US election and that president seemed to come out and saying like oh no please tell me he didn't do it I know reasonably fit and well. Here's the thing every guy who's ever been married in his life has tried this sort of approach before glitches in the you misheard me yet I miss out they 08 weight so if would you what I save make you angry if so I admit to see the exact opposite of bats yeah usually doesn't work I don't think it works like. As with and right for years ago I don't know why would work with the American public but I've been wrongly force. Yeah at some Woolsey it seems it seems a little interest in tonight's the espy's they advanced ESPN's award shelf for the year and sports. And the first ever woman's going to be host Danica Patrick will be hosting me ask beast nice they've never had a woman hosted before no they haven't. Ali's our own I don't believe so I don't I think you're right now you mention plenty of women have presented they've been involved they can warrants. But just staying also Danica Patrick's day next night could trigger an inning of work. It's and and this is coming very exciting just came out today red rocks is release saying a.'s special collection of live tracks that were recorded at red rocks. It's available unlimited edition final he can only get ads at the trading posts and visitor center over Brad wrecks the launch party today at the hard I can't say if you are brilliant job about as Monica on down at their twenty tracks on there. Fuel will one from the seventies on from the eighties most of them recorded in the early two thousands not that there are songs that necessarily but we still nearly 2000 of these versions of them but these versions I Derek critically can only get in on final two week I mean so many artists see red rocks anise. They get a pinnacle of plays that you can perform data it is cell unique so I mean. Dave Matthews and had him in Tim Robbins light red rocks and that was like such an incredible album I'd guess it's just another one of Kenya's that's now. We really young Czech Lucie looks really good to will put that on her blog a little bit later this morning. X five year plan. Has emailed my minute plan C in the morning and keep us from mountain. If you love the taste of wine. But not this the next day hangover not the calories. Perhaps why not indulge in water that tastes like wine. Tastes like one minute zero calories and no alcohol in it. It's oh mine is what it's called 00 period find its mineral water or just a hint of wind flavor. It comes in red or white tee you can get it in flat or sparkling. It recently made Steve view with the New York fancy food show and will soon be available in the United States I am not a wine drinker but the idea like why bother. Right comes to mind this is just of wine flavored look cry yes and I think it's Celestine. I guess who you want to whine that you don't want calories and you don't want the alcohol you don't actually about why you want something else only some grapes. Yes exactly I'm not a wind trigger but I am totally with you on this why bother if you're gonna drink wine. Just during the line I agreed OK I'm so sorry we're apparently not New York fancy food show people. You've probably heard he knew that about us it's like Chevy it's portray them. I'm 395 and amount. I mean this is another real deal this week Def Leppard and journey tickets up for grabs. Pretty significant prize it's I would say snow so get ready to do some thinking in some answering absolutely well okay. So this happens. Just over 800 times a sack games in the summer 800 times a second yeah spell it out there 800 tons of it's average X snow. You know it's not like this is actually in real time happening 800 times a second but if you were to spread out evenly 800 times every second. This would happen and in the summer. Cookie dough. Think it's confusing but I promise it's not it's hard 63 once you know and a five. That's your question almost impossible this morning now we just need an answer this. We Mikey now he's fine. Prepare for us this morning this happens just over 800 times per second in the somber on average here in the United States we think we're talking about. So I went to the baseball game last Thursday. And they had stats on the screen and they said hot dog play. Like become the hot dog eating all the time. So I think it does yeah. Around about. Taking the title. You are exactly right yeah. Hot dog easy enough on average just over 800 times for executives summer. In the United States crane so your trip to the ball Mark Madoff you're going back to the ballpark. You've got to a celebrity journey on Saturday which you're dead I'm. OK Kim enjoy the show Def Leppard and journey on Saturday don't forget our free parties to bleed street's average starting at 4 o'clock in the afternoon that's going to be great to. Another chance to those tickets tomorrow morning just after 710 on question almost impossible. He pre planned this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him he's my GCR 9095 to mountain. I'm gonna say I was judge teenager may be looking young teenagers who once somebody explain to me yes that is Jimi Hendrix doing the song but Bob Dylan wrote the song. In that for the longest time just couldn't get my mind around that problem because they didn't I'd never heard Bob Dylan's version. I'd only heard Jimi Hendrix is not bubble that doesn't make sense why would Bob Dillon read song for Jimi Hendrix and he didn't really specifically writing for Jimi Hendrix. He just wrote and recorded in the Jimi Hendrix and hey that's a great time record of myself. It was a lot to get your mind your own as a young person I'm I'm still obviously you haven't quite done yet. Their generational commonalities I didn't know that Hendrickson dominance and all because Dave Matthews was the one who performed that for me right. And you know the Bob Dylan wrote yeah there was two steps back I just together and pick the. You mean Dave mat he's in right that's not a Dave Matthews are. 91 for a high maybe some afternoon rain on Friday I thought this was a really interesting story from a scientific standpoint. May be particularly for foreign you know what you and I do for a living because we do so many things with with our voices. And we think about that when we meet people you know the way people speak in impacts. I think a lot of different things the way of who you know the way we understand them socially or in other situations. So this story suggests this study suggests. That the the picture of your voice. Is basically unchanged from a bow the age of six or seven. Now obviously you know like three particularly boys your your voices contend to get a little bit deeper but the actual pitches it's. Is relatively the same throughout the course of your entire life and they think based on this study. That most of what ends up being your voice that. The pitch of it is formed while your in utero reeling yes based on your exposure to testosterone in utero. In that they can now tell. By a big issue or even old enough to speak yet they can tell by the the way they cry. What the pitchers their voices going to be like. As an adult. Interesting writes so as a child I must've cried like. KK I get isn't ridiculous Khartoum Saturday to. And you must have been like what they say it's funny you mention that select we didn't have video cameras that this wasn't a thing like when I was a kid. My parents were big audio files and they recorded a lot of digging of the recording different sounds more concept so they had their actually is audio. Of me crying I'm just like a couple months olds and it's a little scratchy social hardy here but then this is actual audio of this thing and I. I'm half half. No. Yeah. I so maybe they're right because I mean I couldn't even might make words then only that I was crying you know he get me every time I every time you do that I get so excited like you actually have DT here and then I realized how Kelly he's got the ball. He's really happy that I think go we have is that real the real technology backed him he wouldn't have Nina but I'm glad you bought it I did the story actually Israel the crime was not. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you play professional level with food in your mouth. Mike Casey mornings on 99 plus. No joke sometime in the last couple weeks I heard that in a grocery store around town and I thought oh man my. My alternative punk rock youth has become grocery store music and had. And did hurt he's still a long time and now it's kind of just always known that it's not much as it's always been on the. Health Ramones I wanna see dated on 995 the mountain I just hope I live long enough to shoot up and view well I'd go all items you're totally alone and I'm I'm prepared for making an I should to be considered the mom Eunice is really not a moment. Our great story out of out of Alabama. Of all places a young man named Walter Kerr was hired to work for a moving company their the name is bell hop moving company. And he was set to start working on a Sunday. And on Saturday's defeat Saturday afternoon evening the fifteen year old car that he was driving. Broke down just stopped working. He tried to get some some other rides from friends family couldn't couldn't nobody can give him a ride. He needed to be at the the client's house the person the other moving all the stuff he needed to be there Sunday morning. So he started walking from his home and how would Alabama. At midnight on Saturday and I just twenty miles. Twenty mile walk only like not ash to be there that's almost a marathon yet. The persevering long walk twenty mile walk because he wanted to make sure he would be there in time for his first day of work. He got there are a little bit earlier than he expected and he went to the the door of the person like if you know the person that they were supposed to move instead. Hey I'm sorry dumber early but this is what happened in. Level Bly and the woman who was on the house is it cuddyer walked when he miles like your early why don't you laid down and take a nap. Until everybody else gets here and he said no I think I'm just gonna start working. So when this story like one big people who work to this company is he gives his first day of work. Obviously. Not only decline but his coworkers were like wow that's some pretty serious that's dedication serious dedication the CEO of bella moving companies a guy named Luke Markel and and he wanted to reward. Walter Kerr for his dedication show this is what he did hears that the two of them together that we. We re arm where yeah. So now. Just it's. Like here. So the CEO gave him his car which admittedly is I mean it's delegates Mercedes triggering but it it's a Ford Escape Tony forging Ford Escape. He actually just handed him the keys and say here you know you can have my car. We appreciate your dedication and years you know your attention to detail. And somebody else started to go find me they've raised a couple thousand dollars for this young man for Walter Kerr. I think it's such a great story on a lot of different levels. I did you and I think it's very easy to get caught up in the negative rhetoric. If people today just aren't willing to work his heart. Because you need to remember that there are Walter cars out there he is incredible and there are a lot of incredible people on every community. That works so hard to get their job done because they know it's their responsibility and they exist and we need to remember that. Death Walters said done no matter what challenges you can breakthrough. Totally good words to live by a my kids are listening right now if you're not a minute tell you when I get home tell you'll story. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reached the office in between low pressure bringing on Mike Casey. Mike DC and 995. The mountain. A nice walk down memory lane with mr. happy go lucky himself Billy Corrigan and smashing up kids. 1979. I don't know he always seemed like a little dour to me at this coming for me. A law all death yes no absolutely there on memory lane mr. aqsa glad happy go lucky coming. Another victim be mr. good vibes like me now about I have the shirt that makes me mister good vibes are 97 nights Smashing Pumpkins on 995. The mountain. I think get all the years that I've I've done this not only here but other places I don't think I've ever done a story about the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas if you wondered. Fort Smith is on the western edge. Of Arkansas eyed boy is right on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma. If that gives you a sense of where fort Smith and you saw senator of the world pretty much center of the universe. So apparently since 1953. So that's going back a number of years now Fort Smith, Arkansas. Actually did. Have a law on the books. That outlawed public dancing. On Sundays. Only just on Sunday just on Sunday snow public dancing on Sundays in Fort Smith, Arkansas. And they have finally. A since 1953. And then do the math there reserve 55. Years. 65 years yes sixty to 65 years they've had this this law on the books they have finally just now overturned it. In the last week apparently. A young man named Ren came before City Council. And had some very impassioned words for the City Council folks in Fort Smith, Arkansas yes it's. And he is acting as soon. There is it time to every purpose under. Time to laugh. At it and weep but on the Mormon. Is the time to get. It's you better believe there's a time to dance totally in tennis right now exactly Fort Smith, Arkansas congratulations. You'll have what choice now you can do this. And yeah. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain.