Who Uses Their Major

Wednesday, July 25th


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I've always wind there you Peter Wolf of lead singer from Jay got to spend just asking if that's true story. In that song I've my feeling is it's not but it pretty prize doesn't even matter because it's such cleverly structured song that you are good enough. Centerfold jig aisles band on 995 dimension. On Wednesday morning Alley Harwood Mike Casey today just for the record is national merry go round day. National hot fudge sundae day and national wine cheese day like probably a hot fudge Sunday in the wine and cheese people are like. They're closing in on a battle because they both want their own days our insurer yet maybe they should battle on the merry go around link to cool down. Okay as he slowly spinning in circles. If it's by FiOS and I'd watch that but at 59 and you've already brought in fights the good to eat a well done. With his start on an up note for. Did you see on eighteen we got lake. Will give him some wind in my house. The need little glittering nothing significant do you see that sinkhole. Sheridan. Yeah in the digital and cool how up and got swallowed I dole. She's okay but like hole I do not yet not just the person in the entire car yeah. We'll be there is a person inside well yes I feel I can do different animal. Important that you are I'm focusing more on the size of yeah there's enough to be single. Yeah I don't I'm I'm perplexed by this and I feel like this is one of those things it's really starting do. To trigger my anxiety a little bit is because they seem wildly unpredictable or you're just drive real Menem. Of giant hole opened some holes you know it's we don't need more things that you can't control for you worry about it. I beneficial for nobody right now are puts and calls moment this great. 87 for high today we may see some rain this afternoon when we knew Morse wrinkles. Eighty tomorrow 87 on Friday kind of singular in the afternoon evening green pretty good chance each of those days before I forget this Thursday so tomorrow night. We have our Berman in bacon stop number two. Taking it out on the road which we did is a couple weeks ago now this is our second one we are at two of the whiskey biscuits which is on Broadway. It's of the tickets are only ten bucks writes up before they sell out that is we've got prizes we've obviously suburban in bacon and some swagger to give you. And it's great event we had a good time at the La. We're real time the last line is it's very shallow it's just nice way to hang outs yet. Tries to berg Mann has some food like a nice little happy hour with none. So yeah own efforts embarks on some details on that burden baken tour stop number two on the website many 95 denouncing dot com. Or Mike Casey scum and after reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. I. And true. I was really to sit my parents peace and elect a black light on and listen to Steve independent headphones. You go all the way if it's burning in your parents basement I don't have a basement anymore since those of I was funeral listening you're going to get an important role playing if you go with me you know knowing just flat illegal Steve Miller Band. On many nice five announcing their it's through the screen on August 4 as you know he can always find complete concert information. Our website 995 the mountain dot com and also on our app tell me again I feel like I know the answer to this but I often forget what YouTube at a double major. Did you majored in a required you at my school you had a pass through there a double major or major in two miners Coca so I majored in English Buckeyes I didn't feel I spoke it well enough. Actually I just wanted to read books. I am and sexual diversity studies. Okay double major for you I've I majored in political science embarrassed to admit that I've. There are minor in Spanish I'm not embarrassed that I minor in Spanish I'm embarrassed that I couldn't I don't know anything about it I couldn't I couldn't speak or mouth attitude I don't think. Anyway up point being you I guess you and I would be someone applicable in this particular survey. 15% of Americans say that they don't use. Any thing that they learned in their college major in their current job. Now I guess you could say. Glass ceiling your major sell bride yeah the language you already sneak peak yet and sexual diversity study is bridges is is Blake I. It lets your mind wander I'd I do things with those majors I suppose. In a very a scare way yes I would karma maybe say a little bit the same with political science like LA's not directly applicable away. But I think there's a certain field serves some concepts that influence the way needy things yes. 50% of Americans say they don't use anything I find this interesting particularly because I've two kids going off to college next year or well really in a couple weeks. And there asking some questions about college majors in the end. I always have a difficult time. These are trying to steer them in the right direction because one of their questions usually is what did you major in my image of political science of it you talk about harassment. Arab. Two schools of thought there and he just trying to decide which path you wanna take you're either gonna go to college to learn a lot about life and you're gonna pick one of those majors like history of political science class sex. And you can and it would learn concepts broad based and generation exactly. Or you gonna pick them basically a four year technical decree and in announcing yet hours or like him. Biological sciences because you're going to be doctor. Engineering any engineering degrees your mini is that every single day because you basically start job training the second you start classes. So it's kind of a tear which when you wanna do it now if you major in drama. To be an actor sell or decide how those principles are going to apply to what ever marketing job you end up getting. Right exactly that's really good advice so kids when you have college questions in the near future about majors Armisen New Delhi are all please deal to all of your kids are gonna major in philosophy you're welcome back in the bureau differently from the twelfth century when I graduate totally gonna be perfect. You always can be an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. The coveted Pepsi Center in December on feel like your knock you hear that one that hits it Lindsey Buckingham song and he's not. Are you do weird for Neil sooner or Mike Campbell have to play that it could happen but I I'd be surprised never gone back yet Fleetwood Mac from rumors. On 995 amounts in 87 for a high today chance for afternoon storms really the next of couple days afternoon evening storms eighty for high tomorrow. 87 on Friday right now three things you need to know. Alley Hartley. Our rights how well yesterday president trump announced a plan to give twelve billion dollars to the farming industry. This is a short term solution to a lot of problems the industry has encountered after this entire trade war. Has been started. By the as placing tariffs on certain goods and in other countries retaliating Alpharma or suffer and they don't want it foreclosures we don't want that twelve billion dollars yeah we won trade not a good day today absolutely Benn caught up in something that is negatively affecting them that they'd never ever plan on being a part of in the first place. So this is basically twelve billion dollar bail out that's being offered to them they don't want just a rather seen from what students from their reactions that scene on they would. Farmers would generally prefer that the trade war stop. Instead of not getting ends like. Are allowed American government and show we don't want twelve but what you're gonna take it you'll like you don't fix the problem just throw money we don't have an Asia. There we get. And not a child has announced she announced yesterday that she shutting down or fashion brands she said she's making the decision and to remain focused on her work in Washington. She is and White House advisor. So yes she did her brand had seen some ups and downs cents. Our father became the president lets you know her brand will be Nomar. On a related note I'm stepping down from my radio brands to pursue my Major League Baseball career. Ari you know yes because the expose both they seem somehow related to that of market trumps. Yeah I ain't so I need to educate myself on this because I don't actually know what work she does in Washington other then. The memories this bowl of green and that. Stuff and things he can't be everything. You can't be reasonable and run a business at the same time I don't know I just I get it done I'm unclear. Entirely what her role within the White House. It's so that's not need to figure out. Which I will gladly. I single game tickets go on sale today for the Broncos and seize and sell if you just wanna go to one game peaking on Ticketmaster and get tickets for that game. They're gonna sell out really fast a lot of them are single seat tickets is still may be just year not to make friends teammates. If you weren't those people that thinks ahead there are going to be a certain amount of half price tickets available but he had to pre registers to get those half price tickets. So some people can be like no way I was pretty cheap Broncos stick and it's the rest of us are probably get by and on the secondary market for will need more and shed. Kind of although the Broncos have another season like last year late game panic there it real she. Yeah he'll be able to buy at the end there yet or towards the middle. His conscience is clear on which it. And too many. Tequila shots Mike Casey morning's point 995. The mountain. Our meal kits are all the rage these days in fact you are we just aren't a blue apron problems go as an example. But it's a 2.2 billion dollar business annually. Right now the meal OK it's not just blew it for that meal kits in general it's expected to grow 25 to 30% per year. Over the next five to ten years there is in new player in the meal kit world and I don't think anybody saw this common but it could be kind of game changer. Chick filet. Really chick filet is getting in on the meal kit actions starting on August 27. The fast food company says it will offer meal kits at 150 restaurants across Atlanta they're just starting in Atlanta. Two person meals up for grabs for fifteen dollars and 89 cents they say takes about half an hour to cook. They come in five varieties including chicken parmesan chicken enchiladas. D.'s John chicken there's a chicken team here and I don't think as you might imagine. I'm side dishes include kale salad and macaroni and cheese. Fifteen dollars and 89 cents as I said for two person meal. The kids come with Ron marinated chicken and are delivered in 100% recyclable compost herbal boxes and can be refrigerated for seven days. I feel like this is gonna bullet I realize you're shaking your head and there's a variety of different reasons you're shaking your head some of which we probably won't go into by its. I this is I think this is going to be this is gonna mainstream. The whole meal kit thing you. Thinks I do OK I get on board and a little has it probably is a really good in between from the just going to check flight and any rain that's your play and buying something made for you and I will say I love the blue labor and hello fraction son basket all of those can't. And I love that you dreaming learn to cut something angle when Nagin anti nuke is it's just drying gradient and there's a marinade you're your doing and yet apparent brain like your shopping everything that goes into it. I like it. It is a lot of work so for people who aren't so much into it and don't want to learn really cool techniques this may be a nice middle grounds. Yes and it's it's I think price point effective at 58 iron for tuna for two or do we need speak chicken well. In the end the bouquet that brings approved a very good point but I'm if I'm reading this correctly there's a lot of suffering here that's not I mean they deliver raw chicken and there you know its middle samaritans. You have to pick cannot. See if lucky end to a fast food place and I have the option to pick up dry ingredients that I can make largest premed stuff can't just take this stuff does Harry made for me no I would agree B I think you're also when a difference. You're about I would say different stage of life in so far as I could see myself being in that position going oh I got to meet three more meals. This week yeah our family of six. Granted the numbers don't quite work out for me in this case but. Yeah I can bring him this meal from chick filet tonight and get three more that'll last for another two or three weeks. Interest staying it is interest staying. I don't I'll hear your Nazi and I'm not totally sold but I guess I can I found a path that could potentially lead to an answer. I'm OK so that's the classic all right we'll find out artist won seven chick lit launches their meal kits. Planned a meal kits system. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like Chevy is up for treatment or on 995 and the mountain. They wanted to see Chris eyes again Hudson garden this Sunday we'll we get or arrange dad's partner used to be answered. This question and Allie has raised over there. And thank this one to think there trust me. In the UK and he is generally turn clockwise. Whereas in North America. They turned counter clockwise. Whoa yeah. Do we even know what clockwise and counter clockwise means anymore in the digital iPhone I would sure hope sell it in the UK these generally turn clockwise which would be headed towards the right to continually. In fear in North America what they tend to turn counter clockwise which is continually turning to the last. Check the ego good explanation 6312995. That's the number unique forward this. We Mikey now eight minority. Yeah. My it career. There are I'll go plot art Eric on the ground go counterclockwise. Yeah. On your your rights essentially except for I think merry go rounds and terror cells are the exact same thing. Is to read. Are black or go to clinical. Now they're just an an M yet they're just got a synonym is basically at least at least according to our research however. The answer we were looking for was. Merry go round war terror cells so you are X. You're exactly right in that sense but I think the words are interchangeable. Today. Yes are you sure you're right today's national merry go round which is why we picked that question. Yes we've got criticized it tickets for you what's your game. Our Eric Carter join the big Chris. Show on us you were right the answer a merry go round or terrorist cells we would have accepted either one of those. We'll be questioned almost impossible again tomorrow morning just after 710 here on 995 amount of he's at his desk when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain. They welcome to Denver where it's been at least fourteen hours since our last major sinkhole opened up and swallowed an entire car we're I guess trending in the right direction that sense yeah it's been fourteen hours 87 for hot that was insured by the way the troops unbelievable. On 87 for a high today chance for afternoon storms each of the next three days eighty tomorrow. 87 for high on Friday number crunchers at the Census Bureau have discovered. That men. Lie about their salary they they tend to report higher earnings. When their wife earns more than they do. It seems that when women make more than their husbands the men report their earnings to be two point nine percentage points higher. Than what they actually file on their tax reports. You the IRS. I thought this was an interesting story there are a lot of different directions we can go with this by its. Yet it's a fairly complex. Concepts. Yes it happens for a ton of different reasons obviously. Yes and I would guess that'd be I mean I don't know I don't put words in your mouth but I would bet you would you would. There's a lot of things about this that you would find problematic there aren't a lot of things about it. Issued. Give me some perspective on this one because I don't mind is gonna be like yeah this edition BM thing. Okay see here's what I would say while I think this it's kinda crappy. Com I'm not I don't see it as his genders as as I think you're going to. My thing is that it up and I don't agree with this I just think this is reality particularly in our society here in the United States in in in the western world. Men. Are measured by the amount of money that they make. Not not to let our bodies vs their wife for significant other judges to our general that's how men measure themselves against other men. That's how society as a rule tends to view. Men's general worth or importance. And I think they're probably. I guess my point would be I think a lot of men lie about this all the time no regardless of what they're. Wife makes or doesn't make their significant other makes or doesn't make. Because you know it's like if it's like blind eye your driver's license you 62 in year 180 when you're not really. Close to either one of those things it's the same kind of thing. Hi I get that idea I think it's interesting it dad's. This competition and about how much you make definitely exists out there in the world would be great if we can all rejects that but I know that's a long shot. Competition within your own relationship in with your own spouse like you shouldn't have to feel threatened or like you need to compensate for the fact. They your significant other makes more than new especially because. Up for a long time sadly that's happened to women in relationships where women make more and statistically. That couple is happy there and so many studies done so nobody should be judging you based on what you make. Provided that you're happy new work hard in India and your family is doing well so it's just it would be great if we can let this go collectively. There are and it's good point I'm actually more impressed might take away from the story now is. That you just let me claimed 621 Indian didn't say anything about it so I feel like I would. I didn't think you were talking about yourself quite literally just random noise British national editors listened says you are referring to year yeah. All I didn't even draw that connection that's an ally in this respect. Worse. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems in this Wednesday morning nobody had 5000 million dollars in. The mountain life. My driver's license and really took the sting out of bounds there's panic if your own line might imply unbelievable he was unbelievable Antonio's unbelievable I when I got that driver's license OK it's not now. He needs updated headlines like 2.0. There we go big boy learning to fly. On that 995 denouncing who's up for a four day workweek shy about that there's a company in New Zealand they tested out of forty workweek. And discovered that it had huge benefits on both employee morale and productivity this company for two months or call perpetual guardian. The they manage wills in the states and things like that for two months they had their employees work for four days 32 hours a week instead of forty but paid them for five. The results employees were more punctual more creative more productive. Happier and less stress the company was so happy with the results. They wanna make it a permanent change I realize it's a relatively small company in a relatively small country but I do think it raises. Interesting question. About particularly here in the United States. How we do what we do and why we do what we do because I think we've come to a point where. We just do a five day forty hour workweek because that's who we've always done yeah and nobody is really asks and there are not enough people have asked questions about. What does that mean in terms of your work life balance what does that mean in terms of the economy well and you know it maybe opens up more jobs of people work fewer hours individually but it has a lot of questions it raises and I think they're a good wants to. Are very good questions and also it you know really points out that being. Ease their monetary earlier time might compensated for work that you do has a huge benefit so many people are showing up. Five days a week at least forty hours and the thought of giving someone a day off and share from any companies would be just. No we are entitled to have this work from these employees exchange for their paycheck absolutely not. But getting good work yes means having things that aren't that are considered benefits outside of health care because we consider that to be honest I'm an. I just love or so of course gonna try harder you're gonna be happier you're gonna work better. If you feel appreciated whether that be would de Oscar ray users some things. Yeah I feel like let this be a lesson sue employers everywhere at that. Things like that is going a little only went wrong way and now health feel in the long run my only. Counter question to this would be you know I would we you obviously wouldn't notice until he made this kind of change but I feel like if you go back with Syria and good as say a hundred years just in in terms of round numbers. When people are working. Seven days a week getting fired if they were sick sixteen hours a day right and then did some point I think in the the thirties or forties congressman to have mandated that. You know forty hour work week and all that sort of thing. I bet there was a big bounce right after that were few. Well this is great I only have to work five days a leak oil soared forty hours I put so much G and yes I wonder if if this wouldn't. After at a certain point the same thing wouldn't happen didn't and the like now we only wanna work everyday yes I don't know if that would be the truth but I'm okay with dividend to try it yet I mean mainly to test it out yet but would you rather have bus Friday or Monday. Friday yeah yes OK I think retail. I feel like yet that would be that would be bonus we haven't gotten that far yet but there we go mentally well they could happen. He recently that we watched was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. I don't want to alarm you but we've actually for the last slate hour we've been doing we shall from a single. The entire Texan or has swollen by sinkhole in looks the same down in the sink hole I don't above friend I dated look like that to keep your panic level at a minimum you made it look like and I'll you've got a lot of control over there in the world at large as you I do but it and I think we still sounded considering reducing call Heidi great but you've got at all. Is really big engagement ring is high on your priority list I guess in this case would be do or speaking to lose two in two ladies to wind. You're going to wanna find a guy who thinks that you are really super duper hot according to a study out of Western Oregon University. Guys are more willing to splurge on an engagement ring if they think their partner is more attractive than they are and get this. Women who think they're guy is less attractive than they are. They want a better bigger ring to. Really. Yes which goes to show I think we've covered at least part of this before we are incredibly shallow knee high seas we are so we really aren't superficial. I'm not above since I wind into a jewelry store this past weekend. On as a friend of mine was looking at wedding bands and let her go do that and he has to guide counterfeit to try and largest imminent historically if zero I turn on the three largest diamonds in the store yeah. Wow how could read all one of them was six carats I don't know what that means is Jimmy's a huge like the size of my thumbnail. Oh wow and I am very long males it was really leading the league leading to decide when united on was it that heavy it was obscene. Obscene I'm not that hot I'm more likely to carry an effect. It's. Why is all amazing so you got somebody number three carats and you're looking Ghent. He had an apparently significantly better than your significant other which you guys you shelled out for a. Is that human costs were somewhat thick and 199 was able the most expensive on 3750. Yeah. I was three so yeah I think considering a purchase the photo of course not but still trainers and I've done thousand dollars and a while. Guys I think to take away here is if you can afford it getter a ring the size of Volkswagen it'll just be safer. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so he won't be judged eating is Chris summit which like people walking. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain.