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Monday, April 9th


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One of the big shows over the summer may you may be even argue the biggest one the Eagles June 28 had coarse field with Jimmy Buffett that should be agree Charlie think I don't I just think and I don't think I've ever seen a concert. At Coors Field. They just started to. I think that would explain it W two years ago they had their first ever concert Barry one assailant is geez who it was a country shall. Oca and that's why aren't that explains it I'm not imagine you're gonna have this would be good the should be good opportunity. To do with this summer you can always find complete concert information as you know. On her website and on our app which you should have downloaded by rights Monday morning. Our Mike Casey Allah cart Rick you made it down to the the pre game for the opener on Friday but you didn't actually go in the game. I did answer so we had our hard free she's in some circles we had our mountain party which acts a ton of fine we are in the parking lot of us have earned. And had a great time Dan hardy was there in the morning I made it in the afternoon after spending almost an hour 125 which was Superfund. And I plan initially what is go to the party trying scorer taken out somebody in and pump money into the game. And then after about an hour of freezing I thought half I thought he knew moan and I'm glad you will go into this. No I didn't a lot of people thought the same thing yeah but that is if you could get enough Friday that he went back Saturn to the games and to negotiate a W and this was Alice island Saturday and he'd tell someone offered me take and I share on the scene Iraqis on a nice day which is a good choice it -- it's nice to see them win and which was very excited here to deal that was the only time that happens over the course of the that was Friday you also decided to cease and yes we went zone we went yesterday via the rockies' bats stroke a little bit biased as you point out it was definitely warmer than Friday. What we figured out yesterday was there was one of those classic. Colorado spring days in that it's wonderful in the sun. And if your hands as she Dave Edwards wit it's like twenty degrees cold it was hot and cold at the same time yesterday yes and we and we've spent most of the game we had a couple exit seats and a couple different places so. It was kind of like. We would take turns in the cold seats in the switch to somebody you know some wheels for the warm seeds and reliever they gave so Iraqis loose. Treatment for a one I think was the final. One lead in the game. And more you know walking up the stairs to the concourse stands. Evan turns around and some were brew mongo. That was I don't know with the tuzla creek behind being. And we if you look back down the stairs. And it you know the souvenir cups they've overcharge you for our. Ends picking up all the sues her cubs that people have the alliance we re doing she's like always the results I've been home was take a moment you know broad judicial harsher. Now one of those souvenir goes on Saturday telling lasted behind now there you go you brought it up yesterday that kids like Bob what are you doing it perfectly good cups I did say is this is a great work water cup. Because it is it's the perfect when he keeping your dad's in my get water ran. I'll bring one for you because now we have like eighteen of them I know my and I left it behind a bring into the or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. Well according to a new study men are more likely than women. To overestimate their intelligence. I'm a part of isn't supposed to be surprised researchers studied whole bunch college kids and found guys with average grades still rate themselves a Smart and and two thirds of the class. And I'm gonna I know you suspected this all along and it's gonna let you know little secret. Here's here's the gist of what they teach you in men school rights. The first thing they teach you is overestimate your intelligence and your abilities the second thing they teach you is underestimate your own shortcomings. And three if you can get to the third chapter written in school the third lesson immense school that is if you have feelings just ignore them until they go away. Those are the three that's the three tenants of men to break there that's what they teach. How well we try to tell your shocked yell we'd burn down lady's school and our common for man's school next to Eric Diaz cell I've got lessons in quake has been I've got a mall there are exile this. Thrown out. He'd always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US foreign or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. Can you guess which states or states eats them eat the most burritos. The answer this actually surprise me this is a survey budget polish so maybe keep that in mind because they are in the breeding business. On the top five burrito loving states according to this to polish survey. Idaho. A number five Colorado here in Colorado were number four. Three huge job to Montana. And number one the most breed eleven stayed in the United States according to Foley's Wyoming. I figured like Texas New Mexico would be way higher on this list and I would are also everything Colorado would be a little bit higher. And I've I fail to understand who's eating all live burritos and you talk. But apparently. Apparently a lot of people are Idaho Colorado Utah Montana Wyoming it's Monday somebody may ask you that and you don't like would state seat the most Rios now you know. Because as a full service radio show. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like Chevy with forgery minute on 995 and amount. Target Dell tries this week compared to Vegas to see the Alan Parsons projects on June 2 had left civilian that'll be kind of cool show. Has always if you wanted to promise in the last thirty days you give somebody else a chance. What's the other thing we say oh we had no no no Google no moving those search engine in yeah I just use your brain yeah use your brain especially on Monday don't get your brain. The movement in a three need direction. Exactly Mike Susan has seen a brainy leader he truly not a case you haven't noticed. I here's today's question 28%. Of new cars sold today do not come with one of these. Okay. 20% of them do when he or just new cars they're sold today do not come with one of beats. But cut we were talking about 6312995. Good looks. We might now a minority. Placing almost impossible with Mikey now. The mountain. But our question this morning 20% of new cars sold today do not column width one of these we talking about Robert all of course we have. It. Took a the new one have 28% of new cars still today do dot com with one of these. Bartlett OK. So you'd you'd do the answer your your rights. Better weather here that it where you do the answer but we're confused about the question Brett. That my friend is the Monday questioned almost impossible to ever there was one. Oddly enough I just got to cover it throughout the he. Under what's if I mean under what some circumstances of this trauma. This car rental and iron to record this. You know are we don't come. That makes almost no sense to me you know to me like I'm not a car guy sub I'm far from an expert on it but it seems like you've kind of got to have a spare and you definitely have to have a police force spared no. Right. Through it yet well most things do right. It'd events. You're gonna CDO Parsons project on us no money required what's your name. I barred Mike enjoy the show thanks for playing along with question almost impossible will do this again tomorrow morning at 710 right here on the mountain. His conscience is clear which. Intimidate. Tequila shots Mike Casey mornings like 1995. The mountain. On this is kind of a loaded question which is exactly why I'm asking him I just can't wait to hear your answer. Would you rather spend time with your best friend or your husband to my husband is a best friend. And yet you didn't think you are valid. According to a recent survey 50% of the women respondents. Chose. Their best friend here are some of the reasons that he gave. On my best friend and I can talk about everything. On my best friend offers better advice than my husband. My best friend is less irritating the bios and that's a good sign my best friend has a better sense of humor that my husband. Week we go wilds it when we're together. My best friend deny we enjoyed the same things the list you don't kind of goes on from there. I'm I'm wondering if this is in skewed a little bit by the facts. Particularly if you have best friends that live somewhere else like Doral isn't dead tomorrow playing alchemy EC BC gringo time I don't normally shun any of my close friends Eric in in buffalo yeah so wouldn't that wouldn't you feel like that would kinda skew. And truthfully even if you do have a a best friend whose local. You know people are busy probably don't have as much as you tomorrow. You you assumed they you're gonna see your husband a lot has he lived in the same house yes like that seminoles. Do you parts or things as senate asking somebody you would you rather do that thing that you got all the time the thing the media sometimes adult kind of thing you can only do sometimes would you rather go to work good dusting world. You need to go to lyric in Burke is fun don't like to. See normally I would just secure you've put like spin job on that but that actually makes a lot of sense yeah I mean it's a little skinny but it's but it's for cardiac. It's even exaggeration approval points I think mark is that is great listening. Now he's worked so everyone should check Joseph cool to just tell about the husband is my best friend right he's had that Jeff forget it really came after that absolutely. If you take away looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 99 by the mountain. Popular worked out on the agenda for later today this is probably worth. Keeping in miners are being mindful of let's say. Morning comes to sports drinks vs bananas. Oh with a bit in every time of bananas are also packed with sugars like sports drinks are about fourteen minute and a half crimson medium sized banana. They allow for longer more intense workouts and faster recover faster recovery time the stories in New York Times this morning. And when consumed during exercise. But it is replaced nutrients and prevent inflammation just as effectively in fact more effectively. Than sports drinks which of course are being made cost more. And also lack the additional benefits of fiber and vitamin C and B six so if you're this is all bump the study came out of appellation state university if you wondered. So feared facing that choice today sports drink a banana mango banana everytime. He recently that doing squats or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning on Friday night the mountain the dumb White House Correspondents' Association announced over the weekend that jump president trump will boycotts. The April 28. Event the white house correspondents' dinner. The statement said quote the White House has informed us that the president does not plan to participate in this year's dinner. But that he will actively encourage members of the executive branch to attend. And join us as we celebrate. The First Amendment and quote the White House will be represented by Press Secretary. Sarah Huckabee Sanders you made no this is it's it's a pretty big break from tradition I guess our roots are. Presidential did not attend last year's dinner either instead he held the camp on campaign style rally for supporters if your. It does some you wanted to check outs. This year the white house correspondents' dinner will be hosted by comedian I'm Michelle wolf of The Daily Show the president will not be there but we show willful of the. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Morning's quick Mike Casey bought in 1995. The mountain. You know I learned a I learned a new word new a new term this weekend's. Monday green. Lol you know I want to know it'll still don't know this visit new audio as well yes but I just learned this week and so Monte green is I misunderstood. Or misinterpreted word or phrase. That results from miss hearing the lyrics of the song. OITV channel that time yes another forehand. Agreeing and and like so the reason I did this thing about it with that song bad moon rise in. There about a hundred different versions of the the lyrics of that song in only one is right but yeah they're you know there's a bathroom on the rights on which John Fogerty is actually song that. I didn't see him do a priority in concert you know like. Mean a lot of effective for a lot of years people thought that was the that was the lyrics of the song it's not there's about a mother of Britney gets called ma degree. It's no it is and an A semi just make up my own words to a song which is pretty much every Sunday to join her on yes except receiver baseman making the national every words that want. I'll just not that's what I'm and there's a saying it it's a real bonus dreaming I am yes I don't think it's actually verb but what got me into it won't even make anything ever. Yet I mean especially if you're doing recognized leader than bush telling how I'll break it down for actually. In my case he's final. Thought. So Curtis Strange story out of from Anchorage. Anchorage Alaska that is a television station there is reporting that a man. Escaped with fairly significant injuries. After encountering it several movement should a moose she and her calf actually. Outside of Anchorage beef according to the story. And you could understand where you know running into. Moose in the wrong situation could dig Camille Little dangerous in this case it sounds play of the moves swore on a trail. The moose and her calf were on the trail. And via sky was in a hurry. And was trying to get packet around us that the move sooner cap so we kicked the loose. You reach out and reach out and kicked. The moves. The could be mom moose at that point. It turned around and stomped on the men's hoods. Breaking several of his toast. And I probably the rest of destroyed as well. Unfortunately and then the moose wandered off fortunately there was no more damage that was done to this man. But Alaskan officials in Alaska Ers are reminding people that it's generally not a good idea. To go around you can lose for really wild animals of any kind of particularly ones that are the substantially bigger than you. And particularly if there happen to be with their calf at the time. I realize we may not always have to contend without your Colorado but it still. It's a good thing to keep in mind to Boca because you go by your business today don't kick a news. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.