Where's My Chocolate?

Wednesday, January 10th


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Song that John made in my household name back in the early seventies he celebrating birthday today sure Rod Stewart is you know how we have to guess how old news. Seven. He is the war. Really good guess 730 hangs every three years old so they Rod Stewart he has eight I think is eight kids. At a cut he's got a variety of different. Him my daughter who is like super famous in the early two thousands along with Paris Hilton for kind of not doing anything. And then she had beanie with Benicio doubts are mentally know about his. It's more than I do that's why the eight kids have you birthday Rod Stewart on a slightly Saturn no today. Also marks the second anniversary of the passing of David Foley. And on this day in 1949 I would've thought road a bit earlier than this but on the state in 1949 vinyl records were introduced. Being young I mean they have they have records before them I assume they were acetate system they weren't they weren't vinyl as. I was gonna say is we knew vinyl that you didn't really know final final chance to clients. 1949 on on the estate today is job January 10 2008 seed we did we've 2018 songs in a row I'm. You know it took a really long time. Thankfully we had a weekend to just let it play because apparently didn't like to do around here we made up stuff to do we know that we did. But some yet in terms of actual you know like do radio Wii and because restarted on it was two on Wednesday yeah we started Thursday. Surged Thursday last week and many nice yes and they ended do last night's. Real we're bird still working on the exact specifics but it ended last night's. And we're going through all the entries of all the people who have their gases to win it would end. And whoever was closest who's gonna win 2018 dollars in cash. Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. I was in used was like in the middle of college that's I I am friends Montana cleats are politically it's our. And dumb by the time college was wrapping up I think I'd was certainly not agree guitar player and I was functional enough that he marketplace and songs. And I convince my roommates. Rag and a couple other friends of ours that we should play some songs like this open Mike kind of thing it was on campus. And that was one of the songs that we did was I made my roommate saying patience by Guns 'N Roses and he's. He's functional singer but like this try and sing like Axl Rose was probably. It was generous of him to participate in that and we do we did Joseph replied that we played. A Beatles song. Please song by the replacements in there was this one other song we played them like I can't remember which one was video that was like. I heard it six in my bag is the first time ever played in front of you know like of audience and originals like from the underground stage I don't remember. It's hard to remember a lot of in different silence because. This kind of what we need to re right that memory in your. I think being realistic about news is okay. Australia there was there were no undergarments in two boosters but it still it is still as a pleasant is still it was a pleasant ring in my memory. And a fun hearing a church of semen remain singly. Trying to simulate Axl Rose it was a moments. You say you made him do it why can't you. You calling the shots I didn't make him make him but I but I had to sell among the idea I'd be tied to convince him that I'd be interested to hear what his version eyes yet. Well yeah from the sari and out what ever talking points you use this to convince probably involved undergarments being thrown around this yeah. It was wild disappointment over promise under deliver exactly typical like basic you know even from back then. You always can be an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. According to our recent a Zagat Survey Zagat Survey having a Tyson Zagat Survey diners in Philadelphia. Are the most generous tempers in the United States leaving an average of twenty point 3%. Average tip on each bill coming in second place. We did here in Denver diners in Denver were next leaving an average of nineteen point 5% of followed by Washington DC little bit less Chicago. And Boston that are there all right around 19% if you wondered the national tipping average. He's just over 18% so in terms of the of the cities including Denver there in the top five. You know we're ticker too ahead of the national average this would indicate that very few people here locally. Have absorbed the teachings. Of one of the characters from an early Quinton Tarantino film called reservoir dogs which you may remember this scene. I don't that you don't have I don't believe you don't believe in two. You know these cheeks my opinion that's only gonna money she can quit. And is distributed on the tip. I don't to because society has I have to. Are ending up to that so many really deserves it if they really put forth the effort given them an extra and that means the thing automatically it's for the birds restore confidence and just doing the job. OPEC news media as maybe has appointed clearly those of us in Denver. Have not have not absorbed or subscribes. To that line of thinking and for want I think that's probably a good thing if. Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot. Worst question almost impossible and ninety. She's been so long as we've done this we know how to rear mirror how is worse I don't home I think so. Find out we out we're gonna find out right now. Oh yeah I sell it to take back find question almost impossible it's the oldest surviving one of these and it was needed an eighteen year olds. Okay it was the old serve it is the oldest surviving one of these that he was meeting at eighteen media yes but still around still around today. OK question almost impossible our tickets a prize today should say appeared to secede G three to deter threes so the deter three. The guitar summit G three guitar or not ready for next thing you wow holy cow. There's some guitar players playing there it'll be really fun. Stevens. Before the previous 6312995. Words are almost impossible a big question almost impossible. We might know a minority. I. Requests for possible this morning the question is it's the oldest one of these in existence and it dates to 1880. Eight's what do you think we're talking about parts. I'm gonna say a still movie felt. Your race. I was that wild yes or did you happen to know that our. Didn't really know it is kind of look at the that you're like oh well. So we teach the answer and you. I so you're pretty you went from like Bob the projector which is exactly which we would we wanna Judy do you congratulations you've got a pair of tickets to see the G three guitar summit for you. What's your name. Runner. Are dusting good work enjoy the show question almost impossible 7:10 tomorrow morning at a chance at the G three guitar summit tickets right here on the mount. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain. A question almost impossible. The correct answer to admit you know why are you got a lot going on in the morning again it may be missed the answer. The correct answer to the question it's the oldest surviving one of these in it was me in 1988. Other correct answer was film yes and we research that a little bit further the film is. I just say it's called might be improper because it's not really like it had a title so much. It's one point six seconds one point six seconds long and that's when he frames are so I posted on YouTube and it looks a little more like stop motion animation and anything yes. It's called round Haiti garden scene. And it's based it's exactly what its sales leads to people walking around. A British and English garden. Like I say people taking like for a five steps from a group of argenbright did for a five steps is one point 66 seconds long. And apparently the oldest two on the oldest film you'll surviving film or I guess we should say. I'm dating back to 1988 these are the kind of things that will throw magic question almost impossible 710 weekday mornings sometimes there. Sometimes they're little more broad in May be linked survey based yes sometimes there obscure acts yes sometimes we try and we try and shaken up we always know when nurse care facts because a lot of the same answer and they all come from something that rhymes with blue. If it if it of straight its rate did you ever do you something this. So we we strongly. Discourage. Grueling in fact we generally penalize you by not giving you the prize if it does it's is you know expose this is supposed to be fun expose not a hooking Google fast that's exactly seventy and weekday mornings questioned almost impossible. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the all the pressure bringing on my case. Mike TC on these. The mountain. The new report says Americans have more credit card debt than ever before shocker. A total of over one trillion dollars and so we currently holds in credit card debt one trillion dollars industry experts say they're expecting an increase. In the number of families who struggle to make their payments and twenty teen. And that the reason there's so many families are in such trouble with credit card debt. Is as you would expect. Because of unnoticed what they call unnecessary purchases that story I was in MarketWatch this morning when I always find interesting about this and I couldn't I don't know when the when the shift occur. But I can tell you this might my parents who are on in their late later seventies and grew up you know do in the shadow of World War II let's say. Dave. Have lived it's pretty much their whole lives. By the mindset of if you want to buy something. You save up the money for it and then you buy it right whether it's a piece of furniture car whatever it is that's how that's how it operates. That's an I think that used to be the norm. At some point we got into a very well I need this now. Sort of society mind sets. And really that's that's what you're paying for right when you would credit cards because you you're getting what you want now. Your paying a lot more forward. In the long run than if you just saved up the money and you know bottom with cash or whatever so to me I we area again this is based on my own experience but I always feel like somewhere. You really 80s90s. Dave did we reached a tipping point were fuels that we need to save very thing we seem to buy it now. Now we have one trillion posing credit card debt I'm pretty sure there's a connection. If you. Create X. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. Our street is certainly New Year's Steve Bannon a sloppy Steve does the president first to now. About to be unemployed again less than five months after departing White House to resume is posted for a part news. He is leaving the conservative web site to New York Times reported. That bright parts financial backer Rebecca Mercer first force the move. Mr. bin and as you may have noticed has struggled a little bit too silence criticism ever since his quotes about president trump. Appeared in an excerpt of Michael Wolfe's new book called fire and fury. Bright part says there will be an orderly transition. I the only thing I would sit like this I'd die I don't find this particularly shocking. Understanding as you probably do I'm not a fan of Steve pinned in any way shape or form but it's that second period second during the whole discussion. I think the people I understand he's basically being shown the door of bright part. I understand that basically the same thing happened at the White House I think if you look at Steve Dan it and you think. Well that's them that's the last of him his fifteen minutes is over. I don't think so I this is not a guy who strikes me is one lead going gently into that are good into the dead gentlemen whatever that saying his. I'm not seen him being so I don't agree C a lesson of his profile maybe a little bit lower. In the next a couple weeks and months where he's got a pop back up somewhere. Somehow. Someway that's my prediction. He recently that doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning Monday night by the mountain. He does little for the clip that I cut couldn't find it because. I don't know I haven't figured out all these buttons do again but I there was his let him the rock and roll legend for years and years and years to Peter Frampton. Road dvi I love your way and show me the way on the very same day. And I had the chance of maybe five years ago in her and ask you about that an issue that's absolutely true Sarah both of those songs the same day I wrote 1 in the morning. And one at night as the sun was going down and he said I've tried to replicate that day and retreats that day. Every day for the last forty years I've tried to eat the same thing I have for breakfast where the same clothes go to but he's had since Wednesday secure that's amazing though. It was Google when he day that was the way to write songs about wage yeah. And and make billions of dollars from the camera he's very misguided interviewed by the way off to find that audio with one of these days. 8:34 Wednesday morning among the many potential consequences of climate change is one that I think a lot of should be afraid of and that is this. A chocolate shortage. Means. I know a new report says the rising temperatures could make many rainforests uninhabitable for onto cal plants. By the year 2050. That far off that would force production in the higher altitudes. There's less real estate higher up on the mountains. So we would do drive up to price in disrupt the ecology of those mountainous areas if there's any saving grace here. It into this University of California is currently developing trying to develop sturdier can count plants they can withstand drier climates. I don't I'm not a big chocolate guy you. Oh yeah yeah yeah that's you'd be. Love it I feel like this Delhi is just I nature doing it's a solid it's basically use same philosophy is we don't Yemeni desert in the house because if it's in the house and eat yet. Soledad. Chocolate shortage it's too expensive to buy it there's not a bit not enough of a city just don't eat it and it's better for everyone involved and do you favor thanks nature are taken I actually didn't need a handful chocolate chips. You are right is incredibly you see there you go to you're taking a very. Glass half full approach to yes if it does a lot of little example of like Heidi chocolate summer he can't find yes. I like it. Good idea. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. All week from today on January 17 everybody's favorites. From view I was gonna say octogenarian but she's actually older than that I'm Betty white's actress in in comedian. An exceptionally funny person Betty White turns 1986. Next Wednesday when asked about her. Secret to a long and healthy life she answered vodka and hot dogs. The certainty secrets she's as it also has something probably to do with her sense of humor. In positive outlook on life she said quote I know it sounds corny but I try to see the funny side in the upside not downside. I get bored with people who complain about this or that it's such a waste of time. Words of wisdom from Betty White at age 96 if you're wondering if you want to get her a birthday present. And being a wondering what she'd like for birthday present she said very simply she would like Robert Redford as a birthday present another reason we love Betty White. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC mornings on nine.