Where Does Fat Go?

Thursday, March 15th


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That's another one of those songs in life. You know if you put it in a time capsule 1020500. Years from now future generations want to know rock general Wallace you played that like within the first. Eight powers that be like oh OK now I assume that is are rolling so jumping Jack flash on 995 the mountain Thursday morning. Mike Casey Alley Horrow Rick this is the day for this is like. A day of religion for a lot of people the NCAA men's basketball tournament kicks off. I saw this morning that such warning there's a survey in a USA today 20% of employees. Admit that they watched these good watch games in their office bathroom 24%. Dave Watson said they've watched games during meetings. Which seems particularly IQ Alec why even bother showing up for the meeting in terms of the money CBS sports and turner. Will pay the NCAA eight point eight. Billion dollars. To extend those broadcast rates through 2030 to eight point eight billion dollars in well a lot of money. And keep in mind when you know people have these discussions or arguments the players in the tournament are still getting paid zero nothing. Zero and paid nothing I realize it's much more complex and nuanced. Argument than that but there's a lot of money changing hands. Any as I I know people Salem they are many of them get to the ocean freight. That would be like saying you get helped carry your job so we don't need to pay you know exactly and that's a lot of money that's awful lot of money that someone other than the person playing the game is. Yet that the the good way to summarize it and away we go on Thursday morning. Or Mike feces coming up with a view on 99. The mountain. While it's bitter in its job and it's anger it's a little bit indignant sit there I'm Canadian plaguing today these are real friendly you know. They've really gone out Canadians airlock just not stable boy an ordinance there are just too Randy Bachman in the guess who American woman on. 995 amounts and speaking of Americans and Canadians in the world at large the world happiness report which was first released in 2012. Has just come out to be the newest version. This was you know the stories in the Washington Post the at the risk of the laboring at this hold that did this study is put together by the sustainable development solutions network. They rank 156. Different countries across the globe. On their happiness levels they take into account six factors. I GDP per capita social support healthy life expectancy. Social freedom generosity. In the absence of corruption according to their findings. These are the ten happy as countries in the world. Per for 2017 last year. By a number ten Australia number nine Sweden each New Zealand seven Canada. Rights six the Netherlands five Switzerland. For Iceland. Three Denmark to Norway. Number one happy this country in the world. Finland. This perhaps might explain. Why we don't get the influx of Scandinavian immigrants. Trips did president drug does occasionally suggests. I guess they all made that led gas shows that I think it's some known this is actually you bring up a really good point this is the lowest finish. Since. They started doing the world happened to pour in 2012 the US came in at number eighteen. Down four spots from last year. And this is just to lay per I'm you know I'm not a member of this committee I'm certainly not an expert in this my bet if you do if you really dug down deep into the numbers. Here in the United States has been it's been I've talked about in proven many different ways we as a country tend to be very committed to things like. GDP per capita and income and economics and show what we might consider personal wealth bright and things like that. At the rich very often at the risk of things that you could argue were more and more important healthy life expectancy. Do BB generosity made you know things like that. We sometimes overweight one inch underway in other and I'm guessing against is yes on my part but. When you take those certain measuring sticks into accounts that might be why you were an economic powerhouse but we tend to fall lower on this list. I mean we've heard it over and over and over again though we seem to have missed the message money can't buy happiness. Exactly yeah that's the Fed might be to take away here's a number eighteen the US a number eighteen world happiness report and that's even accounting for me and you know me I am. Super happy like perpetual around a lot figured like nonstop sunshine rice good streaming by about I should we will bring us up to number twelve just myself you should get on its. America yeah yeah. I don't think it's definitely thirty. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away. So he won't be judged eating his course on which by people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. 6:50 Thursday morning here on the mountain should be another nice day today maybe not quite as warm as yesterday but I mean you for middle march you've temperatures in the high sixties can't complain about that. A lot of the East Coast in the northeast bitter again slammed by another were in the process of recovering from getting hit by another winter storm. Why it's no matter where you are spring is right around the corner at least according to the calendar and that means. It's break up season. That's right a few years back FaceBook analyzed user status is. They contain the words are breakup broken up things like that and they found a huge spike. In the time between you know break ups and that kind of language between Valentine's Day. In spring break keep in mind nearly one point three billion active users of Facebook's loads of its a pretty big sample size were drawn from here. So spring on the horizon. Warmer weather creeping in a relationship experts say the break ups are on the rise. Because people feel more inclined. To interact and engage with the outside world that includes new people. You can connect the dots from there should just be aware about trying to lengths stomp yours pre spring was put to be just. We keep in in the back to your mind. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yet so can find 99 but the men. I truly and we fed did we kind of let split people they'll listen that a lot of us want to turn out to be super easy when I first caller and I can't tell it's gonna happen again today and Arcadia. I think it will see me mostly solid this used to be recognized as a day excuse settled monetary. Okay. I think I have an idea do you have an idea but I'm not eligible sometimes Hala let's of the Americas Nady could wind to mingle. But this used to be a day I'm links to settle monetary. If you think you know your target of what we're talking about. Let us know 631 shoot 995 questions. We Mikey now eight minority. Still looking for the right answer her question almost impossible this used to be recognized as a day on which monetary debts. Words should be settled what they are we talking about. More desperate bid in the precarious our default that's. Hello our guest is not the model we are looking for the banks are trying to. Aren't you have a good morning it's against her question almost impossible mare now how about it. Yeah. Oh org or sort of circling in on a Greek yes at thanks to try and Obama to morning which gets your question almost impossible it. Right art. That Marge beware the ides of march. You know Saturday it was in our clues that kind of lead you there. Yeah I like march 18 and somehow knowing you bite my include. In conjunction with whatever on haven't been like that. I eat com. Our little little plan seems to have our our trail has led you to the right answer which is great puts him. IG and you where right on the money sooner did there the ides of march that was the correct answer. Oddly got tickets to the Denver home show for you and also check out Colorado symphony will do question almost impossible again. Tomorrow morning at 710 and here on the mounts. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Morning's quick Mike Casey bought in 1995. The mountain. I saw just a little fact. This morning I did not know I bet you that you may have actually known this but it seemed like something worth putting out there. Given that people tend to beef. How pretty involved in the world exercise and fitness these days released a lot of people do. Do you know where fat goes when you lose weight. While there a couple of theories on their some theories she asks I I am familiar with the most recent one okay fear of his few hints it is not converted into energy fat does not turning to muscle. It has nothing to do is. Spending time in the bathroom going number two doesn't mean doing that so you're not actually alone if you don't know in fact two scientists from the university of South Wales. Surveyed doctors nutritionists and personal trainers. 98%. Of fuel they surveyed did not know the answer. To the question where does really that we're it's weird to think out there were days ago when you lose weight the answer is I bet you're right you Breeden amnesty until correct. That is converted to carbon dioxide and water. You breathe out the carbon dioxide the waters losses urine or sweat. Most of the fat is released when we exhale so yes technically you actually breed out the fat which reminds me look for my new book. Mikey she's hyper ventilation dive to carving shoe store. Mir on. I don't know if not every time you breathe sag comes out it is it I have decided it is and nothing you can say will change mine much OK sir and I won't even try. I'll be over here many isn't nice thing to think about selling your huffing and puffing if they jam every time you breathe out just smell like poof there goes a little more fat that's right. Hey you yeah motivation. He recently that doing squats to his work simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. Imagine you're on driving down the road which you you may be doing right now and we're still sort of middle rush hour here met junior driving to. Rode in eight years Jerry will pops off your car. I realize it's not funny but it's so ridiculous you kind of have to laugh by turns out that's a real possibility Ford is recalled one point four million vehicles. Because loose attachment could lead to that potentially deadly issue. The problem I mean if you have done any of these cars is to be a problem for you the problem is with 2014 to 2018 Ford Fusion. And Lincoln MKZ. Sedans. Ford will make it fixed for free and will notify owners when they can come in for the repair. Eat it seems to me and I don't I don't build cars for living an additional so I don't know that world but if you if you've created a car where this steering wheel is likely to four possibly could fall off. You've failed pretty substantially at that game like it's one thing if there's. You know screw on the door panel that for the pop OK that's one thing steering wheel popping off is a pretty major problem. As I understand things toy fourteen did when he eighteen Ford Fusion. In Lincoln and Casey sedans. Keep that in mind. The brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office at time in between low pressure bringing on my case. Mike cheesy fun idea. The mountain. The only guy doing the on the ripping guitar solo and that's only the last minute of solace meals are all though. He used pat mentors husband so when they're on stage together. She gets to look over Alexi your husband do that you know awesome guitar sort of like every night. And I can only imagine the sense of pride she must feel like the spa like pointing out the garbage successfully bring in public and she looks obviously while what do I did so well for myself I depend with a weapon of repentance are feels the same way. Our Barbara you're on not not five amounts and on Thursday morning the NCAA basketball tournament. Gets going officially today a new survey found that the average employee in America. Wastes six hours of time. During the the the big basketball turned in paying attention to the games instead of actually getting stuff done that works out to about 25 minutes each day. During determines fifteen days of games squares checking scores. Look at their brackets stock and other employees about the game. And of course the debate rages is it worth all that lost productivity. You know that it happens during this 200 big basketball tournament. Or is the upside more important than you have employees bonding with each other and improving teamwork and talking about things that perhaps they care about. You know army words in give suppose depends on which side of the equation you're on I personally think. Anytime you can collectively. Thumb your nose at the man whether it's for basketball or not. I you know I think that's probably good thing to sort of a reminder of how things go it's your office every day or should go in and it just. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. And so okay Perry. Of American Idol judges can receive singer but that's probably an overstatement but American Idol judge is in a certain amount of hot water this morning. Or over the last couple days I should say on Sunday's season premiere of American Idol. There was a contestants. On the show what the Benjamin ladies who was in nineteen years olds he's from Enid Oklahoma. And it's in there to be his audition. He apparently said to all of the judges on the show that he would not. I kissed a girl before a grand so this is the the audio from that's exchange for americanized. You kissed a girl I'm like to know I've never been in a relationship. I kicked kiss the girl without being a relationship coming in every vehicle all the way hold I have. You you can't we have weir yeah. I thought about it when on the cheek no. It may just smile say yeah get them. He's got our hands. So Casey couldn't piece it together from the audio I'm sure you could Katy Perry. Kissed him initiative I believe she kissed him on the cheek it first and then. And I should say to mallet a second one and went straight final and just among lips. Okay now she's Katy Perry's is getting. In news a lot of negative. Reaction to them I would say this on this young man now Benjamin glaze or get an animated someone clear I don't think he spoke about at lake in religious terms necessarily. What is coming out of from the standpoint of I do not believe in. Being. Physically intimate in any way shape or form with somebody I'm not in a relationship where so that's why at the age of nineteen I still have not just anybody that's my. Series of of beliefs. And I get that it's there's a part of this time I guess I'm not understanding in terms of the is it the outrage is that the right words the frustration the way people are responding to this maybe there's a part of that I feel like I'm not getting and you can probably like no hang. I mean are listening to that makes me feel sick I really. Don't like where this. And I understand everyone including the person involved in this said he felt very uncomfortable in the situation she did ask first consents. She decided kissed him on the mouth after he had said it was not something he would do outside of her relationship did not give him the option to participate. And then celebrated taking in Japan. In that moment and that's not a leg can essentially needs to be there and it wasn't and just because she's a woman. And he's a man doesn't make it OK imagine if Lionel Richie had done that to a twenty year old Tina contest and that he'd really death. It's the same thing when Katie showed us this boy didn't man did not give her consent to do and she did it anyways. And and that's. OK will he wouldn't put it that way he had to help out right. They kinda it kinda makes sense and it's that does make sense what you're saying. I guess I feel like there are certain and I'm not I'm trying to put words in anybody else's mouth. But I feel like. There will be at least a percentage of people who will see this church cure this story. I'll probably largely men I'm thinking men are men and men and boys who will see this in their of their immediate reaction will be. All Kamal what nineteen year old dude doesn't wanna kiss Katy Perry if given the opportunity. This one didn't and that needs to be respected. 100% I mean. Sexual harassment doesn't follow along gender lines it's not actually are GO and and consent is required no matter who you are what your gender is well positioned your grandmother and I your famous. You know be big enough that Phil did they booed booted from the show if she was a man I truly believe she would be and in this case the rules may be a little different and why I think the role should or shouldn't be you're not as they may not be addressed at all and this is a very very important instance of where consent needs to go. Equally across all genders everywhere in every situation. I eighty I get why people may see it is different but it's not very much the same Boca that's good explanation. Mike chase its final thoughts. Sir here's the important thing to keep in mind turns out your phone might really be messing with your posture for doctors are reporting machine huge number of people particularly younger people millennial thousand younger. Suffering from back and neck problems problems they usually seen people twice their age. And they attribute it all did. The hours people are spent punching over their phones. That stretches the muscles in the back you creates a natural the natural pressure on your neck. Which ultimately hurts your posture and it's and if they don't mean sounds to me not a big deal but it departure from the don't get resolved. They can lead to all kinds of other brits breathing problems even asthma. Punch bag pods are all really bad things I know I'm an assembly to grow fuel person here and I'm mostly okay with. Seriously. The phone thing like I get it they're functional there fourteen you can just click put him down sometimes because there here's I mean. Here's my observation and I think I speak for a lot of people my age first off they're turning your brains in the mosh. You so much in your apparently unable to communicate with people in person which is an important life skills. So those two things plus the whole neck back issue just put down every once in awhile you know just make it better for everybody and while you're at its. Pull up your damn pants nobody needs to see that.