When to Wash Your Car

Tuesday, April 24th


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Tuesday morning Mike Casey Alley heart which kind of bomb a well I mean it's it's a big deal without a doubt if your arm Iraqis stand. You've no doubt seen Jenny tab nor. To pregame you see her do post game you've seen her and you know sort of liked the roving reporter in the stands kinda thing she's been working in Major League Baseball for twelve years. On last night last night's broadcast Jamie Kavanagh. 1993. To do play by play on big lead telecast and she got its. The great thing that every baseball announcer once. In that situation you want a home run call and Don she got one courtesy of Nolan era. And it's not in the field. The then yeah. Ireland about Z Xeon Susie got the home run call and dom I agree I I've watched part of the game. And I've watched a lot of Brock he's gained some eye and I know who Jim Cavanaugh are his. And I remember thinking she's doing the play by play. But I couldn't remember if she'd be you know like I was eggs the first and she didn't like it I don't know I couldn't. Compute in my mind did not seem particularly unusual to me like a little bush Islam. And then I just kind of do little Google around and it was a it was a big deal for us talk since 1993 and if I remember right. In 1993 was also a Rockies games Iraqis in the reds barely there inaugural season. Yeah so like two of the three times in in Major League Baseball history that a woman has done play by play announcer been for the Rockies. So let's awesome I want to it like he didn't really notice needed doubled Shaq because it is becoming more and more normal CU. Some women are included and arts and yes it's it's great. People don't yet the only thing that seemed unusual to me isn't used to hearing drew Goodman because he is the game obviously was in him. And it in that I knew was tapped that she's. That hadn't happened since 1993. Loss welcomed the brave new world. It happens once every thirty years. Eight years. Or Mike feces coming up and of the year in 1995 the mountain. 6:30 on Tuesday morning this I think I'd feel like I'm. I mean askew what I feel is it is a fairly personal question it's really none of my business with the answer is by its. Of askew anyway. As we talk just briefly yesterday. And it took me a little while to process what you said if and that is what makes sure heard you correctly. How often would you say justices like sort of an average thing. How often do you wash. Once or twice see. Once or twice a year. You know wash it in the winter since just gonna get dirty again so it's kind of pointless to skip that. Hart's thing you need clean clean like that make sure the windows are all white dot. On and if you have a fancy event coming up in the summer than you're going to be driving to you as you wash and. Once or twice a year. Your theory is it's just gonna get dirty again. And end a little light tower while I wash your hands as a dirty and my shower once this fanatic exact reason why a mother and she's gonna get dirty so you're at least consistent are. Am okay some and I didn't hear you correctly that is we said yesterday. How would you what would you guess. The recommended. It. Frequency of car washing should be what would you say the experts say like once every two months or so. Nine enclose the experts say once every two weeks it's every two week out chances for end to wax is per year Cowell absolutely not and is excess and here's why they say that it's particularly it's maybe a little less true than there used to be we've changed the stuff that we throw on the roads when. When the weather gets bad but. You're been helping to minimize ross' I'm a car expensive writes it is an investment it's a bigot you know it's an investment. All you're helping to minimize rust you're protecting your paint I didn't actually know this but I look this morning bird poop. And bug splat this of that you know in the bunny Carla that actually corrode and can corrode the paint. Yeah on your car interest in the hands you know and elected from the investment standpoint you're maintaining resale value of the car or helping to maintain it it's still gonna depreciate but not the same as if you wash it. Once every year like some sort of key didn't. OK so I understand the rusting because bad game in buffalo yeah. You had to before winner started due to pre treat under your car now when it was dine you had to wash it again yeah that was all the understaffed that was so important that stuff is just Hispanic. Underneath I get it but we don't salt the roads with the same frequency they don't help put that out here second lazy about it. But that's that's still get ends of it doesn't just go on to your car control over your pain your own tires mural on the self you know wary about my tires are costing them. Twice a year here as you're still here I twice a year may be held bumping up to three times a year already destroyed once a quarter and sees fit you know see how it feels yeah. I'm I realize I'm dragging you kicking and screaming into adulthood but I feel like I'm not gonna do it in military. I'm probably not they do it in the strength it's raining snow majors car wash. Oki duke. Current weather is doing it for me. It's that's not really what's happening this car water coming down and rinsing off already gotten my elbow action going on is there any leg wax on our pet it doesn't need to be aware of it. It's fine I just think this is excessive lead us deploy on jet engine. For your Thursday if it's a car wash I'm not intercept or use multiple car washes. You know to me getting you gym membership like combined with the one of pointless thing and odor it's going to be great. Thank you an advanced. Always be an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. So take a second if you will think back to like your teen or your preteen years and think of well. Either the likes of thing about the dumbest most ill advised thing you did. Even when you were Matty your parents. I think about the thing including Cuba let it mall around their for a second and then compare it to ditch a twelve year old Australian boy. Has pull laughable feet destroying international headlines he stole his mom's credit card. And managed to fly the Bali Indonesia. For of war David occasion. Before getting caught it's only funny because it's not my kid apparently the young man was and you have some sort of argument with his his mom. He. Decide wall over Angola vacations so he did some research online figured out that he could fly alone. Without needing a letter from a pairings on jets star Airways he took his mom's credit card. Tricked his grandmother and giving him his passport took a train to the airport and flew to Bali. Checked into a four star hotel. And told them that his older sister would be joining him soon and so nobody thought anything about it. He's obviously is very worried mom. Reported him missing it wasn't until he posted a video of himself in the hotel pool. It is vacation finally came to event again it's only funny because it's not my kid. And obviously was the hero of the story this morning if this were me I would have never had. I wouldn't had neither the guts nor the the skills to pull this off while I was this kid's age. But if I would if I did and I got hot I would beg them to let me stay in Indonesia give me a job doing anything because if I go home. My parents will they will kill me they belittled him like there would be no doubt in my mind how awful that would be. So the fact that he is going Oldman that is mom while she's upset his welcoming him back. That's. You do better than I we've done it that's all like that so I can say maybe don't do that again. No question almost impossible it's where the questions are. It possible yes so to find 995 million. So killer queen neo queen tribute bank governor red rocks game you know on July we've got tickets for you. All you do is answer the question which has got over that she's ready. I'm ready I think you're already a tank the first one movie is opening in Seattle in 1951 we're shielding. Me. Miller was moving anywhere in 1951 it was even close to living in my mom was like ten in 1950 cats not as nice when you moved to Seattle here Collins and. As many main thing he wants Marty couldn't. Just a few yeah okay what's the question the first one NBA's opening in Seattle in 1950 lines. You know my son too easy entry woods united I've by the throat every need for personal some possible no Google laying no search engines. If you wanted Abrams in the last thirty days Israel's jets attract good luck. We might now a minority. Here it is the first one of these open in Seattle in 1951. What are we talking about how. Yes. I need you be slightly more specific then just car wash. Not when. I say they're crying a lot. Yeah ass not in my otherwise known as automated eater yeah now automated that's yes. The first car wash the first fully automated car wash over in Seattle in 1951. I'm thinking that you've probably weren't around in 1951. How did you come up on that. Are or where you don't know how do you. How we may be you're assisting and how did you eskimo would be answered yeah. Or are. You did your parents are around in 1950. All. I get you age that they are not doesn't I'll hold you on chrome okay. She. Can't you think they weren't around in 1951 thing. It'll be aggrieved great compliment for them what's your name wrong. All right gender congratulations yet figured secede killer queen that red rocks assuming is now past your bedtime will do question almost impossible again tomorrow morning. 710 here on the mountain. Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't guess which won my case. Mornings when Mike Casey Mike Knight now. 7:30 shares Tuesday morning on the mounts in the first fully automated car wash. Opened in Seattle in 1951. We retirement car washes early this morning so few around for the the 6 o'clock hour show me you got a little bit of a clue. But John Kendrick got the right answer. And you while you were doing a little research on it still Blair. It's still and I side you may know something about it because you lived in Seattle. And sell I guess the first location and it was 1951. Sell or donate your I don't I don't own ballpark but apparently there's a second location and it's still running as well. And that's ion batteries street downtown has a big pink sign. That meant being Gelb. Slogan of that hole and I know I'm really didn't do that once had a real well absolutely I drove past and all the time there I didn't realize that there was. Is like one of those landmark site Israel likely go past the pain yes it's. That's exactly what it is and it's probably even more it's probably better known as a landmark denim actual car wash all of I made like this a sign in Boston and yet sit around for now that's exactly. OK I had no IDS a look at that actually Vince it will not the original original one but open by the same people say people in just a few years later at like five years later 1950 sexist one. The thing I can't really figure out I mean I have a theory. But because it ringing so I will tell you having lived there buffer for quite a long time. People are not merely is committed her passionate about washing their cars in Seattle as they are here in Colorado. 'cause it's just let all the time ripe for the most part you don't have like dust build up on your car anything because it's always wets. So it seems weird to me that the first fully automated car wash would be the place like Seattle where rains all the time where rain where I would actually never want I would never wash your car 'cause I barely do now yeah it was raining all the time and you see once every four is absolutely not the only thing I can figure this is my theory I'm told them pull this out of nowhere. Prior to 1951. Obviously the majority of car washes were hand staff after a UN actually people lake. Because it rained so much in Seattle because at least in my experience people wash the cars a lot less frequently. I'm assuming. Somebody thought what we could make money with a car wash. But we can't be we can't paid fifteen people to staff it is people wash their cards enough. So maybe there's a way to automate this still make money but not have to pay a full staff of people who do it I don't like that. The bad theory is not bad straits it's awesome it's and it it's the most fantastic theory I think he I think it's a really really did. Members not to be treated. OK now we know 710 nod tomorrow question almost impossible again. Killer queen tickets up programs. X five year plan and it has any minute by minute play Casey in the morning and the mountain. Our according to recent survey 31% of men say they're extremely. Likely. Extremely likely be considered getting plastic surgery and some of them I guess this is a very popular one now. I this is lost on me a lot of a lot of men are getting lip injections. In order to try and look like Channing Tatum. Yeah Miami plastic surgeon doctor re on Merck's invented the here's with the procedures called. The macho mouth procedure. Which gives apparently gives men a prominent lower lipped. Which doctor Merrick has become a symbol of pride in power. It's become a symbol of stupidity is what if you're good if you're describing still do that I mean you have a that naturally great amid a super. Benoit. Don't groups in. Make new collection and Tate there's there's nothing nothing good can come of that especially if it's called the macho mouth procedure that's not even a good name for procedure is my opinion who. Is he even plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind him. It's my GC a nutty guy but some now life. If you have book a kid or kids or maybe even bring kids that really super new video games and you're in your own seniors and complete waste of time. Mean personally. I tend to agree with you I feel the same way but it is worth noting that Ashland university in Ohio would disagree with us. They are now offering scholarships for students. Who are excellent at some different video games including fort night battle Royale starting this fall students can hit a scholarship to college. For playing video games Ashland University joined the national association of collegiate east boards. And now recruits these sports players. The same way they would any other traditional athlete I it seems to have this for the finally gamers are getting me on the same benefits as the jocks. I don't I I don't get via like I don't get video games and this is not my thing. I understand everybody has a different day you know more power to you if that's where you're into the part I don't really get is how do you monetize it right like traditional sports. I get why there is a value for a a college to recruit eighty. Football player basketball player of tennis or gymnastics or whatever because the school. Didn't you know didn't realize some monetary. And some. Let's say some some exposure benefits from having that kind of athlete in their sports program. I not at this point I'm still not clear how you do it in the world to view sports and video games but maybe. Maybe issues of peace in this on missing maybe I did general teach you know my kids open attribute it brought it all happened. But there probably is a piece on miss. If god created sleep than the double created the alarm clock and Mike Casey. Is the love child of golf Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountain. You know I sometimes find if funny so it it's bye bye letter from the car or schema on the first album which in 1970 Yates whose. Like what forty that's forty years ago. Now Ryan Malone GAAP forty years ago at this point. I still not not every time we played you know but occasionally. I will still get the occasional email or phone call or summit on Twitter whatever the sick. What are they singing. In this of the what's the word before alibi. In Enid the song here metal spotters. It's. Ground by the broke did. Broken alibi and he's broken elbow. Never even thought of what those words where I attempted to know because no clue. If he straight up no influence and I just slip you my own worst I mean it's those undecided different language now what they're saying am I can or here's the thing people generally they ask that question because they think it's a it's a bad wort. Instead of broken alibi I. It's wild I think what you'll only be right you know Mike it's not. That's good forty year like you would know if that was that board were especially in 1978. Lake now. You know contemporary music we even think about bad words in contemporary but. But then yeah I absolutely did well I'm sure also someone who worked in radio or you know. Boards that regulate radio how yeah noticed yeah. Years ago yeah like the SEC probably would've said something about it last week and playing at for forty years yes I'm gonna agree it's broken alibi you can everybody can rest easy broken right I know the words in general be viewed through words now you know an album by byline Soledad now. I've got five and increase the words I know who my more than fifty per that are killing. Might Casey's final thoughts. So you all heard this name dealing mcwilliams view heard this guy he's twenty years old fare fairly young young men. It's three years ago. We've been seventeen and three years ago Dylan mcwilliams was bitten by a rattlesnake. In Utah. A year ago when he was nineteen he was mauled and dragged off by a black bear here in Colorado and the last week. He was attacked by a shark off the coast of Hawaii. So Dillon twenty years olds the says he's a former survival training instructor it is broad pretty good ads you attacked every other day. He has survived three potentially deadly animal attacks in just three years which is pretty amazing especially consider. Don't mcwilliams is only twenty years old. This is far outside my area of expertise but if I may Dylan. Doug offer you would Nickels worth of free advice. Securities. Stay inside. Dude just stay inside could stay away from wild animals. Just stay inside clearly after three attacks from potentially deadly animals in the wilds. Just stay inside. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to him it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountains.