What's the Real Deal with Coffee

Tuesday, July 3rd


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You know Alex are feeling the X-Factor in that there's always been the drummer Larry Mullen junior and he he tells a story like his first drumming experience. Well I wouldn't know what to call it in Ireland but I picture it to be like and ROTC kind of marching band. Thing writes I'm you know like little kids in uniforms and that's terrific and and I and you. Particularly that song but there's a bunch of them. IG I can hear that influence I can hear him like the militant drama exactly and it just lends itself so perfectly to a school at the pin was doing its sleek. They are no restriction is brilliant accident you know bill they found each other in that way and yeah you can hear it up the hallmarks of his shoe on all over the band U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday on 1995 the mountain on Tuesday morning. Mike Casey Alley heart Wiki it's started I don't know if it started going. Quote unquote viral yesterday or earlier this morning. But there are two Boston Police officers. He see this are any. Top of the X yes but not all the way through because you know we catalyst to get through in the morning too much a hole yet DL. And they are singing it in their allegedly singing in their squad car. God bless America while while you for a here's just like here's the end of it here. Throw a new well you. And I mean drew the old ocean. Wow. Well. It's. Yeah. You are. Okay. I believe. It. Pretty cool hump and is that was really dead. They do that they do also says shouldn't play the only thing I was saying I'm not nuts like trying to throw stones at the house. I would be shocked if that the audio is actually recorded in the car to beat us this. Didn't really get a yeah the audio quality student obviously they're both wonderful singers like their you know their voices are beyond reproach there. But it's just the audio quality alluded to it seems to me a little too purity of but maybe yeah. It becomes personally more sound proof that. Maybe I don't you and I both had tried to record things and car in wherever in. Usually jump ball whenever they're recording on this police flood has no 'cause that was grace yes really cool video that will put up room on fees for patient will put them on her blog. A little bit leaders wealth. Mike feces coming up in the field. I'm 9095. The mountain. What's the it's beat roasted for hunts also and humid and is that is and I made yes it's really good. Straight day it's it's in it's a little sing me to inning as I don't usually. Approve of things that I make all the wake secondly there's always room for improvement. But this one hour Internet guide yeah I'm proud of this yet I'm very impressed love your religious share the rest of via an Oregon lol hey how's that tops finding yourself. He did. Nothing could this period and give it a failure wit of 6 all Tuesday morning the never ending debate of whether or not coffee is good or bad for you. This study lands squarely in the pro coffee camps are very good news for you. Alley includes billions really view were big fans the conflict new research suggests it be a coffee may actually boost chances for a longer life. Eva here's the crazy part even for those who drink at least eight cups a day. It's a cubs today they surveyed half a million. Adults coffee drinkers had a slightly lower risk of death over ten years then did abstain ears. This longevity boost was seen with it didn't matter if you drank instant coffee your ground coffee decaffeinated. All those same veto anything in the coffee family basically. It's so I guess some good news interestingly the study was funded by Starbucks. All the time unbiased yet you know I'm Teresa do we should get like a big white board. And just draw a line in the middle now once I'd write copy died on the other copy that and every time we do salary gap which is keep a tally guy and figure out where we are. That's really get a dictionaries have IC one of these electric just do this I think we just did but it does a couple weeks a well it was like never have coffee or alcohol has death. Right now it's like feed and I. It's great jets like oh we do with eggs for like a forty years so yeah we just can't decide if things are kind of bad for some wishy coffees couldn't. And disorder wanna do it again aren't. Bob inspired by allegedly inspired by you some said folk goddess on Joni Mitchell that's songs coming up next as well as three things you need to know for this morning. With Kelly her sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Mike Casey mornings on night. Three things you need to know with deli part where equity got. I weren't service did news in Thailand there's the boys soccer team that was miss saying oh yeah if yeah after answer. That basically they weren't there out and a group trance they went into McCain's width they're coached caves flooded. I divers have been looking for than it's been ten days people assumed that day as were Asia but they were all found alive every single ounce okay music however. It's believed to that it could be a two month beefing for the he get them out because of the way that though waters are and the link to let their awards so basically now. But I governments trying to get them supply is they're trying to get them off following so that entice their parents the nation be stuck in this canes. For her mother and just I know. I can you imagine not and he's like twelve year old it is you know I I can't imagine that. That's him in that seems like there would be incredibly disheartening for them. But on the upside as you pointed out the beginning of story amazing that they've been found alive in yeah and very Syrian there'd at least more out of harm's way now than we thought they were before so great news. Absolutely wonderful news in Annapolis there's the tragic shooting there earlier this week on mayor Kevin Buckley says he put in a request over the weekend. Per president tried to lower American flags Indianapolis on the five people that were killed. As the capital is sacked. That request was turned down however the governor is ordering the state flags will be lowered and they can still lower the American flag if they had wanted to. I'll but it wouldn't have been an order from the president so that's kind of in an attempt to move to make to just Lorena and now I'm at a loss. To explain now on I understand why I mean you there's all as a reason we could speculate but I don't understand why I thought if folk. Local municipality in this situation at request that of the president like you just you say okay. You say look and move you say OK I mean yeah. I pour you are sanity yet it's very important community and whether or not you live in Annapolis local journalism is incredibly important especially in the newspaper level. That's where a lot of the investigative journalism that's out there in the in the country comes from there on day do incredibly important jobs. And that it's it's a little disappointing but there will be state tax tags on it. So a hearing Colorado it's super dry super hot today we've even got holidays surrounding the shooting a fire coming up which is probably bottom not the best combination not been as domination there's so many fires burning right now around the state. Firefighters had some containment. On some of them. The money in the southern part of the state is elements right now Britney it's only 9% contained I think melt 15% contained. I'm not 5% like he and some of the fires a safety in this once down south side near Colorado Springs quite. Hundred homes have been destroyed. Me and during a yell over 60000. Acres it's just it's bad and this one was started by an individual yes while. Another good reminder to be especially. Cautious this time of year and you have talked about the fireworks thing yesterday and north a lot of people love fireworks. We get you gotta be smarter than. You deal especially because highs while fireworks are really find you need to leave and it's huge the professionals imagine a giant wildfire in the city of Denver yeah that we problematic. Horrible horrible horrible and you don't wanna be in Paterson and response often know just down. Cut three things you need to know. We Delhi are we should win Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drone. And I still leave the hardware store this morning with my PC phone and 99 plus the mountain. So today's July 3 come on July 6 the only way you can take any 95 the mountain with few is the radio dot com app okay so you be using a different apps suits history must you build upon the sixty will be able to do that anymore. Download the radio dot com after free listen to use anytime anywhere. Stay up to date technologically. Yeah she's thing to do. Pot have you thought about turning your house interior being being asked we have. But Kraft some friends who have done not not Denver but two fronts and other places who've done that he hears something maybe to consider if you're considering making that decision. When you have just say your house via air via B. There having sex in your house a lot of sex in all the rooms of your house this survey asked over 1000 I guess we probably nudist in week. 1000 guests and 100 hosts. If people are getting it on in their domicile and sure enough 54% of guests said that they had that they had. Not only in the bedroom but also in the shower on the couch and in the kitchen 32% I guess admitted to leaving. Dirty sheets in the light behind each after they were. You were done. This. I don't I don't. It doesn't bother me and I don't feel like Asia and well you're all set for the period I mean it's it's silly to think that people would be haven anyway differently than we like when you go on vacation. No matter where you're staying with your significant other. And share now you don't wanna be disrespectful now by any need this. Just to make it different when your late renting out your house. Like I don't know the same from a German full perspective commit whatever but I'm I'm thing in just more than. There's something it's a little unsettling about it. Real. Negative it's not like it cleanliness saying and what's what's the issue. Don't know I'm not sure it probably has something to do with repression Diaz gonna say I think it's your costs isn't coming out it's just brought in recent media. No I don't yeah I mean after the judgment standpoint it's just it's like someone's. Pin you know integrating your intimate space I guess is what it is yes but if you're inviting someone Ain T your home you invite all of them last year. Well not necessary like revival party I don't expect people would occur that's very. You know and I'll let would you be that upset me if he did it in front of everyone in my like ice time tickets that are closed the door on. All right we'll literally in their BB overt our shelves and it didn't happen and I know. I'm not evident lively so you tell you that. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like Chevy it's for treatment and 995. Amount. Our we'd like to give you tickets to see Sheryl Crow mainly because we think your loss of bullets on the exchange. We got into this question to question almost impossible house got question right there. Okay so the largest one of Venus was a 196. Feet long. Jack. A single business in any idea at all but none of us. Do you think you're not eligible and because as you went. The largest quantity this was a 186. Feet long. Racing through woods shoot 995. That's the number you need good luck. We might finale like. Still looking for the right answer for question almost impossible this morning the largest one of these was 196. Feet long wheezing we're talking about. I love me too little and and so there are dug up. Yeah. They're tired I don't know that he's six foot La hot dogs but all are from all the dagger guests. Is it was it dude anymore clues lead you there was are you just a bit blue. There was the whole you know forfeited all I think Armageddon. That's the war all. This is ridiculous I'm gonna get a flood. You write to your ridiculous but current yeah ridiculous pays off with a our show. But what Saturday Eric. Are there yet to get this he's Sheryl Crow at Hudson guards of that show is sold out what you will be there on July 15. Well two more chances at that on questioned almost impossible this week Thursday and Friday here in 1995 of them. If he's into it looks more each arm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 99 by. The mountain. It's still my second favorite version of that song ever what's your first thing. Hello Mike in the maybe it's. Karaoke yes it deed that's my favorite version elephant doing karaoke bell as a hero. The reasoning goes from there as much reversion 95 for a high today clouds of maybe some isolated storms this afternoon seeming a little cooler tomorrow 86. For the fourth of July to 83 on Thursday. It cost I don't think this is a shock from the most people know this it cost more than one penny to make a penny. The US mint produced more than eight point four billion. Although the one sent corn to pennies last year at the cost of point 0182. Cents per penny. So that means. Still lost 69 million dollars. Just making pennies. In comparison to the actual value of the penny. People who are fans of this sort of nonsense will tell you that quarters and dimes cost less to make them their value so we usually offsets. You know in the grand scheme of things and that but we keep talking about that out of control budget of our government I realize 69 million dollars is dropping mad but. Locket that's not. Yeah why don't we could these pennies we don't need we don't need on Canada got rid of that and Everett and yup they got rid of pennies several years ago. I know that just mountaineers five cents either upper down they completely got rid of pennies. I love that I know that's clearly see so many things they do in Canada that we could do it too if only we had. Start a trade war with them we could probably take this idea woman who would not have started trademark is 69 million dollars B in our guests and please get well. Still ridiculous that I realized the you know like generally people view in your reads like don't believe in. Money at all other than electronic transfers of money I get that. I'm still little old school excess money in my pocket but. Pennies really or use they're useless I don't we've only just throw them on the ground because they don't want them yes there's there's no point we should do that we should save the 69 million dollars wish dead. And I'm in Iran that idea of rate over Washington DC kids. I'm sure they'll I'm sure they'll jump on board pro blank immediately. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. The government of Nepal recently lifted its ban the for beating amputees from climbing Mount Everest why did they feel like there was a specific need. He's link it to make a band that. Damn that you know. Everest is a very difficult climb lots of people I lots and lots and lots of people guys and Amy they were trying tank. Making it easier on guy aids I don't now yeah I it seems like it's. James discrimination yeah it seems like a strange thing in any event that that secondary that probably doesn't mean much to most of us but for 69 year old. Job by you boy you China it men finally being able fulfill his lifetime goal he made four previous attempts four times. He tried to climb Mount Everest. During one attempt in 1975. He gave me sleeping bag to a six climber. He ended up suffering from frostbite. That's what led to him being an amputee at W double amputee unlike Jack you both feet amputated years later. There were complications from the foot amputations and that led to the amputation of both legs so he tried to complete the climb. But there are a bunch of different obstacles the guy in this way including the government that there you know their their band so we never thought he'd have another chance. But then the government decided to lift that ban and finally. Just bow about six weeks ago. As she is I'm sure I'm saying minimum wage job of boy you. Reached Everest speak on the morning of may fourteenth. That's pretty cool isn't it sound is really really grew because no doubt we all go through parts of our lives feeling sort of overwhelmed by the challenges in our face. Yes and as if they said the deck is completely stacked against status rested his case yup and in some yes and then you look at to have people who persevere and accomplish things like this think. What what do might do with my life right I workdays not so bad I guess thrilled is absurd don't manage. I play Aerosmith records relieved our congratulations that's a really amazing accomplishment so tea reminder to all of us. She's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. I don't really notice but that's real thing resolves. Right there that's where it just musically speaking that's where results on day in the life to be ovals. On and 995. The mountain that is subconsciously guys even here and there. It's deserved event yes Oka why I think you'll like this sort according to a new study being on a couch potato. Doesn't just mess with your body and also messes with your personality. Researchers found that people who are more active or more conscientious open agreeable an extrovert and this means that being sedentary. More than likely will cause you become less open to new experiences. Less hard working and less sociable you know how they studied this they just chocolate Kia. They put a camera here in the studio. Actually put a camera here in the studio and now they call it the Hartley Casey serum yeah so Holmes is a more active. Evils more conscientious over agreeable next reverted. The other side less hard working less sociable less opening new experiences. So do you think maybe people it's not necessarily because you don't work out your less agreeable it's because you're less agreeable you don't wanna try new things that you just stay at home rather thing going to work out. Maybe we as the cause we're. Yeah you're escalated chicken and the egg I. I would be more inclined to between the second way you excited that I think it's probably results of you know earlier there's a whole bunch of different things going on but your personality your chemistry that makes you a little less inclined to participate. In in a bunch of different things like that we'll amino how participation is just your favorite thing I love for his beloved so much I go out of my way saying yes to everything yes. Exactly I'm very participatory but other than that I totally fit within the in the realm of the store so keep that in mind if your baby you have the messenger for some exercise plans or whatever over the course of the holiday. You're doing a good thing for yourself not only physically but also. Spiritually emotionally from personality standpoint I mean not that I would recommend it but it's illustrate their fourth fight GC EC is tacos over a tortilla. That way when self inevitably falls out why a lot he already has another taco might TC in the morning on 995. The mountain.