What Would You Give To Look "Perfect?"

Monday, July 30th


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The fans from mom Norway and they wanted a name that they felt like it didn't matter where they came from or where they played internationally to name would mean. Pretty much the same thinks they picked off ha which I don't know if they've. Second guessed over the weaker emergency blades. No claim now wants Oprah down on yeah and when he Oprah one with year on compliments. Oh. You obviously are not. A fairly difficult you know Brad SE come moment where you suddenly big realization. Right okay so worked on that level to the desk as are so Smart heartache on meet. Unidentified announcer on Monday morning Mike Casey Alley heart wake of little bit of a cloudy start to the day we're expecting this year clear out by the middle of the day. Colder. Kind of like what we had yesterday's 76 for a high today. Warmer tomorrow and Wednesday 86 for higher on Tuesday eighty for a higher on Wednesday so. Great weekend I went to great party on Saturday night's. You know yeah you know Laura was. It was see your house plus in my house in my party was green. It was great he might my favor I mean there are a lot of their parts it was nice to meet. A lot of people that I've. Obviously heard about for a couple year. Had necessarily minimal but my favorite moment was. When the do the wind picked up in it got a little bit rainy. And cut a lot of bus headed see your garage because he went to the garage right and then outside in the yard. Greg and I guess a bunch other people they started putting up like camping tents and shooter the what are they doing out there it was a super geeky REI moment but the same time I was like wow this is like an all weather party. Within about 45 sack against several tents and shelters have corrected themselves and people where huddling underneath every night we and a house right there. Yeah all the beer everything was in the backyard. And what I say there yeah it was really interesting to our artists is fairly sizable. And we figured that the number of people he had a guy we have plenty of space for everyone kind of mill about and never going to sat in one and it. Area predator I stood Christ around oblige her alive. I'm but it was great it was awesome having you'd Eric. On I was very like worlds collide to so many people heard about you obviously you know I Lerner you and I talking and and you've heard about so many other people. So really anything like oh this is a real person yeah he's like and yeah yeah yeah exactly. He got me ever know he's gonna show us yet it wildly unpredictable he would even give me the confirmation that you would be. Yeah there's so that I can in this Oreo it was started people like as Roy brotherhood came and then we've Brad we want to rock his game some other stuff. And we are and we may be left at 630 or something. And I knew the party was gonna go on for awhile after that who was sort of people the electron around 1245 for one. Yes it's yes or does stick around don't party and it was Dan hardy people who are quick yeah yeah he did I mean he was an over the long ago jokers he was there when I got lit up the fire at sat around for awhile man. Fool hardy will have another one that was a good time I do their weekend well I mean it's a lot of work is alone and we'll do it again I promise a corrected you know. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal. My ninety day plus the mountain. Joseph any David Hale's version of events is that he came to the band with this Vista keyboard Griffin lives bill BC building blocks of the song and today I got the sawing David Xerox response was look man. Your Guitar Hero nobody wants to see you playing keyboards they just. Did she hit and I guess we you know aegis of collective agreement you know carry on with the song anyway and of course sort of view big east if they add. That may have signaled the beginning of the end for the David Lee Roth version of an island I would think. Odd jump on 995 the mountain on Monday morning if you are the office brown nose or bad news for you. You may be good at sucking up to the boss but you probably shock your job. Research from Morgan State University found that the office brown nose or spend so much time and energy trying to get on their boss's good side. That they end up actually slacking at their real job and not to mention alienating coworkers. I think I mean it's our job at it's it's kind of an office job but not really yet so we have our we Dooley didn't not to spank. It's not office yeah that's a little different than that so I when I saw the story as actively work with anybody like that. And nobody came to mind but I had I think we've all had that experience at some job at some point. Reader my take away would be exactly would organ state university sentiments like clearly you were spending so much time. Choosing your boss the you're doing your job. And the reason we hate office for around I'll totally I feel like if you're really good your job that's enough for your boss you don't have to go all above and beyond to try and suck up to them. Because you know you're just gonna speaks for itself yes if you're not getting your job why get a strike something yeah. Got to cover that's not gonna do it. I wonder if there's a fine line I was thinking about this youth there's a fine line between it's kind of a buzzword these days but managing up. People talk about you know being able to submit pollutants socially politically manage the people that are above view. Is you know so that your reflected in the most positive kind of lifetime. I wonder where the line is between that and brown missing because the one thing I think is very effective may you up Peter Brown knows or nobody. The beam brown knows I think it's incentive like you know being yes man and put it essays in Maine is saying and not feeling confident enough tip presents an alternate opinion there perspectives and we could use more of that and our dynamic I could use a little more. Yeah again. Each candidate an office brown he's on right. Had no idea slot and I am positive that I don't know woman is what are now instead of yes men. Three things you need to know coming up next with your no woman Alley. Just like the old saying goes if you ain't broke. Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet. Mike TC morning's fine 1995. The mountain. It's funny that song almost always shows up funneling DC compilations like this new wave hits in the eighties which he was but the song actually came around 1979 to technically. They were little off on that. Are my Sharon and back on 995 the mountain. Are cloudy start to the day 76 for hikes they were expected to clear out as the day progresses 86 tomorrow. 88 on Wednesday three things you need to know Monday morning however we're. I'm well he began on Monday morning we are waking up to a bunch of tweets then it's aren't. Potentially serious tax ball. President trump said he's willing to shut down the government over immigration reform. A lot of tweets came by yesterday morning he was threatening government shut any sent a make it happen if Democrats don't give him the votes for a wall at the US Mexico port. This is. I and I don't even I'm not even seeing specifically just president trump I find it troubling that this is become. A tactical approach to governing in the last I don't know a decade decade and change like this is not something that happened when I was acute government into shut down knowledge alarming regularity all the time like now it feels to me like that's enough. Really and again I'm not saying it's just him because it's not it's been used on on many different sides many different ways but think that that really what we wanna do we're really excited down. Wilson has bothered me a lot in the past week is there's then. Really heavy. President of us vs them yes. Democrats each did this need to do this again as we are all living in this country together. It doesn't matter what your political party affiliation as. It's not us vs them it's not one side vs the ownership it's trying to figure out how to get there stand together with differing. Viewpoints which are not one or the other so Adventist has been getting under my skin recently because it has been happening a lot and they all collectively reject that we don't have to be a part ordinary. Into California and Vegas wildfire that's there is continuing to grow. I sadly more people died this week and two firefighters were killed and authorities confirmed yesterday for civilian is died 95000 acres. I strike more than 800 buildings. Forced thousands of people from their homes is is in northern California where a lot of players here in Colorado our for the most part under control. Firefighters have been doing a fantastic job in this exceptionally dry summer. And then medical officials in Colorado. Say that a patient being treated. For Ebola like symptoms in Denver probably does not have evil and that is using coming out of nowhere people are saying you Bolick has it looks like it. This individual was working with Ebola victims in the Congo he returned to the US a few days ago and then became extremely l.s cell he is quarantined. Along with the ambulance drivers that picked him up. As a precaution and even a tests are coming negative incidentally and a few more tests to make sure on that much better safe than sorry because double. It's data that is not to mess with there are no I remember this this I remember cicada being very afraid of people out because. There was a huge Africa and then recently there was another one so it just finally plays and fears that we've all had Michael now. In this and I seem content and I don't how to and I always works yeah Fareed treat things you need to know with Alli. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might DC and 99 by the mountain. You don't really is your Monday started off on the right foot is if we handed you some Steve Miller Band tickets which com we'd like to do just after 7:10 this morning question almost impossible. If you come up with the answer we give you the tickets are all this week just after 710. He in the morning here on the mountain if you wanna impress someone with your knowledge of food in NY near you know pairings of food and one that you don't really know how to do it. You don't have that skill set apparently you can just you can do with Alexa the Alexis skilled wine finder app. As 500 different types of food and the right wind to go with them even include you can say what one goes with hot dogs. Oh. Volume I don't know the answer I kind of what is it likes by seed but also very salty. Via removable is that and how I need an idea of the Alexis skill Alexis skill wine finder if you install the app on your phone. You can obvious she can look like a little bit of a wine expert I. Everybody didn't memorize Alexis answers impair and not actually tomorrow you just tell people I have Alexa do that for a meal like like you know yes all that impressive. And I think my question about this is just to do via briefly. Everybody's. Taste sense of taste is different so like what you'd think a certain wind might go with a certain food might not actually. Be the same for me sure he had but there's some science behind it so it's kind of like opening hung lemon unfinished when you think of it that blame. So balancing things is very important so you don't necessarily want things in fact most the time we don't want things that taste similar anyone things that are going to add balance themselves and he don't want to end up with the drinking orange she is after brushing their teeth yet I just had such balance now and let's not say OK you Alexis still wind fun you can use to chief like Alan cities memorize all the answers. You locally Beijing's. Question almost impossible in 1995. Hey this is pretty big deal you're Steve Miller Band Peter Frampton come in to fill the screen on Saturday we've got tickets all this week on questioned almost impossible services like it. Is this series prize so we got a serious question. Some. That's pretty serious we'll say. There was very noncommittal. How you know me and only to commit all the way them especially on Monday yeah and I want to oversell and I am there. So a recent survey says it's 60%. Of adults. Owens wanted to see this as a child's. Regardless of gender regardless garbage Energizer you're an adult now 60% amounts only to wanna see this as a China. OK in no age age. Restrictions due to security well it's not just sit here and also get severe eighteen or over. Coca aren't there you go there's your question if you have the answer we got Steve Miller event tickets for U 6312995. Question almost impossible. We might now a minority. Question almost impossible for this morning a recent survey says that 60% of adults own one of these as a child reaching for talking him. Or are. John Breaux of your exactly right how did you know that. I'm actually at the what I do and by Obama did have a little you know what I'd never did you broke. So not really I made at L-3. Sales of you to have another conversation with your ma about watching you joked thorough. All she did this when you Steve Miller bid to get so maybe maybe you don't need to have a covers it should. Yeah about not at the record straight diversity. You wrote people are bad. Oh congratulations what unit are. Are Tyler your rights a 60% of us alone to jump rope as a child or at least remember hitting a jumper opened as a child. Question almost impossible again tomorrow morning after seven just after 710. The mood been tickets up for grabs again yeah. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head. Mornings with Mike TC on 1995 the mountain. They did so they were here just to go August for a couple three weeks ago now so early in the set to the Eagles one of these nights on that 995 the mountain wanted to agree once as far as I'm concerned. 76 for a high today cloudy start we should clear out by the middle of the day much warmer tomorrow 86 for hi on Tuesday eighty on Wednesday. Mike Casey Alley Hardwicke question one of the questions this morning. What would you sacrifice what would you give up. If you could have the quote on quote perfect bodies overnight. Perry ponder that for you I'm thinking about it OK a survey found that more than 75%. Of respondents three or four said they would give up. Something that they love significantly they we can they would give up coffee they would give up alcohol they we give up social media. They would give up sex if it meant they could instantly have the body that they wanted 3%. Send it would give up their homes. For the ideal body they would give up the home that they lived in my cap rates or I die 2% said they would break up with someone they loved. Me yes in north but in order to instantly have the perfect body is titled my scribble when you think about that where a. We'll give up their homes I sleep all need to give up. Is a couple hours a week. The GM. And try any banner and you can honestly do as it's gonna take time you're not gonna get it overnight you can. Ever you love. Given if if you can't do it instantly and it takes work we're not sue okay this effect I'm just trying to come up with a lady you can have both. Yes well as you point out there are a lot of ways you can have both produces I love the question because it's the instance. You know I NC gratification the thing is not clarified in this and I think this would possibly change my answer. The implication is you instantly have the perfect body the body that you once. Do you get to keep it indefinitely without having to do any work like once you've yeah out once you've instantly achieved its you don't mean now that changes transact. It's your dies because and less here teenager. Having a very fit physique requires a lot of maintenance yet. More so it's not like it now I can just slowly let Iran out over time now if you don't keep up with that thing it's not get a stake Aaron. On to write and what if it what is the implication this question is that it does. You get to keep it forever. Nets lose this transaction only at all but it only got ideally yeah a couple hours a week kind of forever. The California. Presumably you have pizza Reid talked about it now. He recently edit doing squats to his or simply by. Moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning line that you guys plus. The mountain. There is a funny thing about singing at a lot of people think it's about being technically precise in hitting you know the right note in N sometimes it is about that but really when you get right down to a great singing is about effectively communicating emotion. Right and not that doesn't always mean you're hitting the exact straight noted you know it's your you're communicating a feeling Janis Joplin. Great example that he's a mean of rock and roll Belcher he's kind of knew it was coming from her toes every time she sang Janis Joplin peace in my heart. On 995 the mountain I think we all know. If any of us who ever had to buy car insurance debt car insurance that didn't automobile insurance is generally more expensive for men. Then it is for women. We just cleared Qatar women's hospital drivers and pianist don't try and don't try to change the subject I don't. I'm just winning out and go out is particularly true men under that men and women under the age of 25 is a huge. Price difference. You know significant. That all factors into this story a man named Dave voter who is identified himself as David this is not really his name. Of cantor of Alberta Canada. Says he figured out a way to beat quote beat the system and save 900 dollars a year on his car insurance. Here's what he did he got a doctor's note. Saying that he identifies as a woman. In arranged for a gender change on his birth certificates and his driver's license. That's status change allows him to modify his gender to female. On his auto insurance policy for lower premium payments which saved him again about 900 dollars a year he is a man 125. There's some game port eighty it's a little bit little easier let's say did to accomplish this in Canada than it is here in the states. But he apparently has now. He's got to take into social media to do little chest bumping its look I'd be I'd be the system I'm not a really identifies of woman here. Transgender but you know I save money on car insurance. I eat. Boy there's a lot of things to say about the story and I don't I'm not sure any of over super positive. They're not hide I don't have anything good to say for this individual nothing at all by this is not one of those situations that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything because I need to in this moment. Trans people work so hard. To be able to be recognized legally as the gender pilots died and suffered says gender individual to con man. Take advantage of something that has been fought for. Vigorously oversaw many decades and say that they're doing so to save less than thousand dollar see our insurance. This entire system was not set up for you to get some sort of advantage and trick the system this is there to protect people. To create an opportunity for people who who identified differently and the rest of us to be able to identify in the in the weighed it l.s right to ban. And I'd love to see that 900 dollars that he saved good towards supporting. Some rights for trans people feel like they're probably I don't think it's telling tale here's the other thing to keep in mind that of wealth said. I feel like he's looking at this situation. From the beginning as as a discriminatory 1 I am being charged more because I am a man what's funny about that that's not hop off funny but funny. Anybody who knows anything about insurance. It's it's the most unbiased thing in the world it's all about numbers and facts men under the age of 25 get charged more because they're higher risk yeah it's not it's not you know its its irrelevance. It's not they're just picking on you this is what the numbers bear out so you get charged more that's how insurance works. So he's kind of I think from the beginning decided there's something happening you're that is really happening here. And it honestly heap thanks car insurance is unfair. Enjoying life as a transfer to send it had nothing from here on out is going to beat. You always give me an interesting tidbit of you know somebody whether US or ignored it is something else entirely Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. 8:45 Monday morning here on 995 the mountain as hard as it is for me to believe. Evan is leaving for college in basically about a week. You grow leaves about a week after that are within the next couple weeks we'll pleasure out of college. So yesterday and I think this was eons idea she said you know you might wanna have. A quick discussion with them about. How budget works. Which I immediately thought Owens is something which is tough lot sooner than you know at this point yeah. But again we view I don't know the slows things if you feel like people are gonna learn about in school than you realize they don't teach things practical things like that school. I should tell both boys yesterday and I guess I should qualify this by saying because this who Evans going to have to play baseball. He grows going to run track so they're a little different situation a lot of college students in that they're legitimately not gonna have enough time to also have a job. Oh yeah and no wilder in school absolutely not gonna be really challenging yet so at this point they have the money that they have in their pockets. So to speak in their bank accounts that's what they've got to last throughout the school year and right. So I've sit down both of yesterday and I am too short given him just the of real basic overview of but say I mean we'll just use round numbers let's say you have 4000 dollars in your to be in school for ten months. Roughly 400 dollars a month or about a hundred dollars a week that's basically where you have to spent raids have been on kind of walking through. While here are essential purchases like food or gas for your car whatever. These other things if Iran says simulate by issues public yeah. That's what we call it not essential purchase unless you don't have shoes on your feet and a so O'Connell locket tutors with them an end. To try and put it in view of more contemporary context that I mean spreadsheet for both them. Here's all you do whenever you here's your these are starting number here's the money you have the last for the ten months. Whenever you buy something keep the receipt bring it home put down the date put down the amount to four and it holds the track for you actually you know. And end they're like yeah yeah okay we get it in heaven sizzle here I have a question what happens if we run out of money. S. Well this is why am teaching you this this adult don't run out of money. You have a bowl would have liked the way different voices could. I don't like it. Lake. You're not discouraged like how would you how do you want me to answer that and he's a no seriously but what do we run out of money in my. If you run out of this amount of money in ten months. I'm gonna make you get a job while you're in school in plagued by you are going to be hit up for cash Thanksgiving all I'm sure yeah. But if they go through everything to have that amount of time I'm not given him anything. OK I. Mean November 20 I don't believe me I don't believe in yeah neither does heavenly just like he is askew here dove low. She's great at making people. Which would be greats if he was trying to be funny my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.