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Tuesday, September 12th


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Tuesday morning Mike Casey out heart wake I fully expected. Both view and our friend Rick Down the hall. To basically come crawling in this morning and about 520. Because I knew I know he was staying up for the game and you were at the game yes I was used stayed for the whole thing. Yeah you're currently even those critics eating really exciting and you and yet you're here early and realize I behave myself last night for the first time Africa -- we heard I don't usually I'm not the one who's like in control and while the ladies and Nolan the control of multi of people like milk she'll break bring it down you know you Brian you have a game last night and it was worth there was were staying for a came down to the very last play. For the Broncos Shelby Harris. Two big old hand sealed the victory for the Broncos last night here Shelby after the game. You look at it and we'll give it all the owner gone. With the dynamic moment again. Yeah that would deliver excellent quarterback got to play everything into the clock that bill was. With constant work everything that Goldman front as well it's more important is one I don't want an open one and. That's right one knows a big wind you know his big win as you can have early in the season but an exciting one super exciting it was actually it was sol. Cool being their last like as I toyed with the idea of leaving him in early just need to be here at U arguing that early I couldn't bring myself to do it. And then all of a sudden I see over time potentially. And I thought oh I haven't asked you that fan because there's no way you do and I can do over time. Sell what names on the block they can't. Everyone in the stadium just started like this it was around us it all went bananas and so my friend Dorothy was next to me and rot. Hugging each other she's like are you most excited that there's no overtime and a field. It. Moves ruined and knowing resume making. Now. Yes so exciting game are great when we will talk to gene in about that about 7:15 this morning we'll get a wrap up from him. I thought it was interesting though you did not get to experience is because you were actually have to game you have but I was at home watching like I'm sure a lot of other people were. It was the first time and that there was a woman play by play announcer in the Booth for money and football her name was Beth moans. What struck me is most interesting about it at least in my house. Nobody noticed. Not one person not in not any not the girl's not the boys none that nobody in my house even noticed nobody even said hey. That there's a woman announcing don't know and haven't said anything. That is incredible that's amazing and the reason why that's amazing is it seems so old so normal so well why would there be and yet it's there and I'm on the gas so not even recognizing the fact that it's never happened before just assuming that it's normal. That's a win in an of itself that's awesome. But nobody ants. Yeah I did think it was in you and I talked about this little bit earlier this morning it. There was a little I don't social media backlash is into orbit but a lot of people Mozilo the you know this blow this announcer socks or whatever and people were kind of banging on Rex Ryan to. The thing about football about sports announcers in general. There I've observed it's a very it's a very individual thing in like I was sub Phil Simms was terrible I I did not. Particularly enjoy him as a broadcaster he was the number one broadcaster part of number one broadcasting team for numbered years obviously people like Tim. Last night was a little bit challenging in that you had so you had Beth moans who's you know for doing this for the first time. With Rex Ryan who's new to the world the broadcasting as well plus he's known for being cell like is an agreeable. Right everything you can tell they hadn't worked together before and yes there were some rough spots but beauty of the what I've seen on social media I did not feel like. Was warranted. You know some of the some of the backlash but again I'll say it it feels. People like who they like and don't like who they don't like and they don't always understand wire put any thought into it yet. I thought she was she was more than competent I thought she did she was as good as any other announcer she's not as good as Al Michaels but nobody screws on Michael's. Mine is that she was in the discussion with a anybody else seen doing and that's okay. As you and I know all too well everyone has something to say and social media and most of the time it's no problem does not operate all so it's it's not. Even constructive like yeah and likeness why do why do I care angle anger Royce you know carry all the years I'm sure he had an has yet. But it is something that you just see if you go looking for he could find an onslaught of nasty sesame just about anyone. Journal. Is Atlanta like well yeah and I I think it's just like Elson frozen out of Atlantic final mustard singing promise. I think that's probably good idea it congratulations a big bronco win and delegates have talked to jima about the 750 this. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. The feeling 90% of office is there going to be a little short staffed until now. And 1989. There are really your resume your. Little bit late today and even when they're there things and running behind yes and probably talking about the big game last night which of course we will also be doing set a little over an hour from now 750. Will talk to the G men about to go first Broncos win last night's one and I'll start the season our social media aids. Do at least earlier this morning when I was mechanisms and his. Jim Carrey. Actor comedian Jim Carey did it in your view. This is over the weekend it was it to Harper's bizarre is icons event was part in New York Fashion Week. And he did an interview with someone from. And it's. It is a gone viral the fair to say Ayers to getting some it's getting some traction online I think a lot of people at CNET and it's probably crossed your path yet at the end is looked better. Yet because it's weird it's weird interview and you know what the leaders like committed it's not the whole thing leaders admitted to Jim Carrey's weird interview from this week there's. On the new dynamic so lab I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could finally come to enjoin. And and and here. There's not admit it's completely meaningless. Well they say they're celebrating icon designed rating I like that is just an absolute. Lowest. Aiming. You know. Possibility that we could come up where it. It's like I crimes we do believe in icons. To the personalities I don't believe that you exist but there is oh wonderful fragrance and hair. You don't believe so icons and the power to make chains to think differently to be able to inspire. Aren't just your them. A good. I don't believe in icons. I don't believe in personalities. I believe that peace. Lies beyond person. You on invention this guy it's beyond the red bats and Wear on your chest that makes bullets bounce on I believe it is deeply. I believe review of the energy and some experts out there is no mean there's not you know we're not here this isn't free to use things happening. And there clusters and had to keep this moving around again. It's not our world. Notice that now it appears we don't matter we don't matter allowed us the good news. Electrical pieces of treachery key drugs like yeah so it was a real it hasn't certain. Let's say Charlie Sheen vibe to it it dead. I on in Washington video will put up or on the blog and everything this morning. I thought he was just. Be yanking her chain like I thought he I'd there's a part of him that something about his face said to me. I don't really wanna be here it's New York Fashion Week I don't care about this one of my manager said I should be here and I'm just having a hard time taking me seriously. That's what I saw but I you saw some differ. I did see something different and I read a follow up inner reveal. After this with W magazine. I'm just stepped out the whole energy and these principles these philosophies that he. Released on the car or something he believes in sticks you. Not the right place I mean we're not in I admittedly eat out we're not sitting in a university classroom discussing existential and a red carpet you know. This woman's trying to do her job. There's no need to antagonize her with year philosophies which it did seem a little means theory did what he was dealing. But what I also sell as a person to me who area well. Like disconnected in a way he passed so Jim Carey has been very open in the past about his struggles with depression and anxiety shirt and when you're in a situation like this where he's talking about theory deep concepts in a in a way that doesn't affect. Did that don't fit with the context yes what's going on around you aren't completely. Ignorant of everything that's happening to me that says this is a person who. Has removed himself. From every day life. In a very noticeable way yeah our response is connected via yes that's cause for concern and it has all of interview. Again this is just me. Reading a little bit more into that he did say that he's off. Any medication and that he manages his lifestyle through diet exercise which is a personal choice and people are completely. Should pressure at liberty to deal I do not judge anyone for the way they she used to handle their mental health struggles. Well when you see that interview and you watch this immediately I feel some sort of of concern and wants. It to protect and help and it's. I don't know it just increased a lot of flak. Yeah okay I saw but me I just thought he was you serve and again I'm not defending it he'd like you said this is somebody trying to do their job and if you don't wanna be interviewed in that situation. I'm told him he did don't go on the red carpet or don't don't go to the event itself from in Syria I didn't think it was. Anthony's behavior was appropriate announcing that it just to me seem like. He he was goofing around and thought he was doing something funny. You saw a little differently and I imagine the next couple days will roughly have a much better idea. Yes we keep hearing a bit more from India which side of the fence that's on yes. Go ahead take Mike's advice he's not using this morning's quick Mike Casey find 995. The story was in medical express. This morning over the last couple years apparently there's been a fairly big to be between scientists some of whom believe humans. Hand. Live forever despite defected to this point in time as far as we know. No human being is actually done that lived forever other scientists believe that our bodies can only live for so long and are trying to figure out. How long that is right now. Their research indicates that the maximum life expectancy for for women is about a 115. Point seven years. God men did the the far into the far this extreme they can come up with is a 114. Point one years. Which is still mean that you let's be honest that's a pretty good run. But there's the other scientific camp who actually believes that as more and more information as we get. You know into the nitty gritty of what happens in our bodies were keeps us alive and went. They think that possibly humans can live forever I don't know how I feel about that debate products I'd give you that information so you can start planning for that to be coming to. Coming to the forefront for you. She's great at making people left. Which would be greats if he was trying to beef. Funny my GC mornings on 1995. The mountains. Question almost impossible and 99. Are you serious deceive trans Siberian orchestra can believer in talking and I mean I love you Trent head in prayer in your frustrate I don't like that if that happened. It is coming up on it there at jump Pepsi Center November. All the sweet done question almost impossible we have TS who tickets. Our question this morning. And that's. That you do that Mikey let's not do so this can be heard from half to five miles inland. Okay like it'd be so big discount can be heard from up to sign it miles away from the CU after rear Buffalo Bills win. I know that's more like ten throw it to our five miles. That's okay it's very open ended very broad Camille lots of things aren't 6312905. Question almost impossible to sources. If my finale like. I'm torn between doing insert. In the movie the Bravo one. That's 10 really good answer in fact it's the right one what was your other guests. I I can't I'm not going -- be willing. Against its your your first guest at the U. Yes you came down to two both one of which are really good and you picked the right one this is you're off to quite a start. This morning out you. Know thank you to all the hard work with Sudan are mining. How might be going to be that. You'd take them oh definitely. OK I think that's probably good choice they get on your part can you give us a lions roared you have lines were with the new. I can really. Just. Cool I. Goods and it's impossible is going to be back tomorrow morning after 7 o'clock. Right here in and do we can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride into work itself. Mike Casey in the morning on 9095. To the mountain. The legal battle. Over the rights to his self he snapped by an Indonesian monkey is finally over. I enjoy that headline a lot and yes there's a lot of happy or relieved to gases content I am I've been following this busy with incredibly closely. The six year old primate named Naruto. Snapped an accidental self feel an unintended camera back in 2011. Once the photo went viral Peta people for the ethical treatment of animals. Sued. The cameras owner showed the owner of the camera David Slater. On behalf. Of the men key. That's what they did it in 2016 a California court ruled that a monkey couldn't own the copyright of a photo but it's. In an appeal. No rubio scored a win of sorts in a settlement yesterday. Mr. Slater freelance photographer agreed to donate 25%. Of future proceeds from the photos taken by your Trudeau. To charitable organizations. That will protect monkeys across the globe. We have what we have here. Is an organization that shoot a person on behalf of the monkey. Because the monkey grabbed the camera and took a self he took pictures with the camera 'cause it's a monkey didn't really interest in what needs doing. This I think tells you everything you need to know about the student the world in 27 team. We've people suing people on behalf of a monkey. There are multiple examples of missed some not singling out PD year. But it seems like. Some organizations. They start with something really selling great. And then we'll just kind of snowballs and some completely out of control but they maintain that mob mentality that no one's seven aside being like now holds. The last set it makes cents rates and they and I think and I agree Ethiopia Peter does a lot of wonderful work and it's not a single them out but there's a lot of times where you you. Think to yourself like. You're you're making us hate you I don't think that's your goal you don't want a city EU but you're doing things that make us hate you sometimes is one of those things just taking that. Half step of perspective back and looking at and it's. Out to be helpful means you don't sit on behalf of monkey ass while 12070. Sarcasm is just one of the services Michael offers others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes. You'll be here all week. Mikey seems mornings by 1995. The mountain. Here's something to ponder as you go about your day something I know world sort right now hi from the big Broncos win yesterday that. As I'm often do I'm gonna take a little air out of the balloon has nothing to do the Broncos though. In a very unwelcome milestone for fiscal conservatives and I suppose a lot of us the federal debt. Now crossed the twenty trillion. Dollar mark for the first time. Last week twenty trillion dollars according to Italy's treasury figures. This is an increase after were president trumps deal with Democrats last week to lift the debt ceiling. By about 318 billion dollars now puts the United States in a position of having twenty point 17. Trillion dollars in debt in the red in other words up from about nineteen point 84 trillion keeping in mind and their. Many different interest in footnotes to this I think China. Date China owns about 7%. Of of our debt foreign nations as a whole. We'll wolf 32 point 5% of that debt is owned by foreign needs so that doesn't see him. This seems like a very weird in precarious there's a none of economic expert obviously but it seems like a very weird in precarious position to be in doesn't it. Like where other nations around the globe. Maybe you may be their friend to me be their 40 maybe that changes they own. A substantial portion of our decks twenty point 16. Trillion dollars for the record that twenty trillion dollars if you lined it up and actual bills. It would be of well over. That one billion tones. You know oh well over one. Yeah one billion billion tons so much through it. He's at his best when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain. It may not sound romantic but dating apps are offering researchers great insights into what people. Most people tend to one in prospective partners and mobile multiple customer surveys and academic studies have recently found. When it comes to looking for prospective partner. One's credit score is hugely. Hugely. Important in a survey of two over 2000 online dieters. Financial stability. Was ahead of in terms of would you be looking for an in perspective partner financial stability and and credit rating was ahead of humor. Well ahead of attractiveness. Well ahead of ambition courage and modesty. All those factors were less important. Than your financial stability. And your credit rating. So. Me. Year I mean I consider myself lucky for many many. But the fact that I never had online days may be number one because all I've got is moderate okay looks anymore and sent do you. Credits courses Harry you don't want a slight laugh Imus and say hey you're in sync my if you go home and just say thanks Greg for overlook GAAP. Just overlooking battle birthday I'm I'm I'm dating ups. Well I had some especially my violet be like I like ice cream wanna eat some would regularly buys true yes I. I don't think I can't conceive of a dating app world because that did that didn't exist that wasn't even conceivably possible. Back and that time for me lies. I could see where. It is that is more important now. Then perhaps he used to be like you I've talked about before won't like what my parents got married you basically moved out your parents' house and then. Be you know marry somebody neither one of you had any credit rating people didn't it wasn't a credit based society back yeah the way it is now. And should you people were generally younger writes Ian you didn't have an extra ten years to ruin your credit history. Before you know now you be somebody you do for awhile you get married your twin twin 930. You could have a pretty big financial. Burden coming into that relation to bringing that into a relationship that's. A serious. I find especially amongst my friends. I really combines their chances and true I did think about that it's another thing yeah I mean you want them on his financially stable. So they can take care of themselves. But lessen its league you're saying it's less about the fact that they may negatively impacts yeah you're combined crew you know you're combined credit your command have to do that you have to combined creditor kidneys keep your stuff separate basically Greg has perfect credit and mine. If it. It's as we all look. Like mine to be bringing him down because between need him to keep applying for the lawns and stuff. While the IIs I understand it I'm not an expert by. If if you were you're apply for something jointly yes then you were negative but your less positive credit score could impact on clicking elections they. He's had reason to go ahead and call and then that would be an issue if he just like give if you guys are gonna buy a car and he justice. You know did the loan period in the low it was all through him and not use do you think I'm like well never in my. And well then the answer is no user you don't I independent feminists yes you are. But you're Smart you realize that if that makes more sense to do that -- that we do with that I had about making things more difficult for myself you need in this particular instance or hope that they can that boys nice dinner taste in my idealist and I and I did just text economic effects of Asia are well done thank you drag on making chicken. When he goes to the gym keep parks in the spot furthest away. So he won't be judged eating his crossover which by people walk. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. This gone from the White House she's moved on to the speaker circuit you know because of his candor. Which he you know he was known for when he was the Press Secretary there so he moved on the speaker circuit but his legacy. Who lives on in the form of an Emmy award. For his SNL impersonator Melissa McCarthy on now Sunday she won the Emmy award for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series. For hosting Saturday and it lives earlier this year if you haven't seen in any personally I don't find it that. Politically charged. It's it's her big screen making fun of his mannerisms as much as anything else regardless of his politics are what you may have said. While he was you know part of the part of the White House it was more the way he said it's or didn't say it's the admitted so far so congratulations to them Melissa McCarthy. Another Emmy award for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series spicy he's out there on the speaker circuit. Roland in the Dow. And that is when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain Lance presents that toast cheese sandwich it's too. Like Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on many 95 the mountain.