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Wednesday, October 18th


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Alley Harwood Mike Casey one of the big we talked about yesterday going into edged. One of the big headlines over the last couple days. The NFL and some owners and some players representatives were gathered I think in New York City yesterday. Amongst other things they were planning on talking about was that the whole ongoing issue with the view of the anthem and playing players. Standing in kneeling today I know the meeting was yesterday they come to any conclusion on that. Well so the meeting does continue today they wrap up today with a whole entire meeting and Roger Goodell is saying that they did discuss the issue yesterday. And that the NFL is committed to social change and everything for the players. But they have aunts said yet it was the official policy is going to be so there could be more there probably will be more and basically just said that in the issue was discussed. Amend their committed today going forward together with an agreement between players owners. Management's. Everybody involved spoke I Woolsey would books on what comes of that today obviously a lot of strong opinions on both sides of that tonight. Both sides of that discussion simply for them to. Move forward with today 7 o'clock this morning falling to cash 784. And five I will give you keyword. You have fifteen minutes detects that word to seven to 81 he could win a thousand bucks and then another pair tickets to. The G three guitar summit Josef Triana jump the true she and Phil Colin. From Def Leppard will do that at 7:10 this morning question almost impossible. Or Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain. Wednesday morning if you've been awake for awhile and maybe your kind of lamenting that the Jews who have to get a visceral. There's actually some good news for early risers. A new survey found the people who get up before 7 o'clock in the morning. Are not only happier in their jobs. But they make more money to grow. We're so we should do and I should be loaded I would think of the survey respondents those who woke up at 5 AM had the highest salaries. And those whose alarms went off at six had the highest job satisfaction so I would guess that if somewhere between the two would like a 530 yeah. That would sort of be the optimal time to to be giving up. Forward your job is to pet I don't know are you do you would you get up it would you be an early morning person if we if you didn't have this job. I think I would always be the person and that leaves myself the million mom amount of time to get ready and maximizes nicely no matter when my job start. Five I would believe that the would you guess it would be you would tend to be earlier or. If I Wear regular nine to sign yeah I would sleep until 830 cell late Boca got our answer I'm actually not a morning person at all which people. Donald several broad opinion of nighter my morning job I always like to stay up late and get out plates. Yeah I need a the only thing I mean. I would agree with is based on my own current experience but I've had a lot of jobs that have weird hours and I've not always been particularly. Ecstatic about. If you don't like the job and I've been in that situation rightwing Eden that you maybe don't like the job you'll have to be there at 5 o'clock in morning debts like this would be really our job if I didn't like because the hours or partial Roth I find it easy to wake up early and and coming in because I do like this job and it's enjoyable and they're always willing to make up for something that you like to deal. He didn't include data and it would be tough I don't know I feel like we don't have the best perspective on this because of worst sell far outside the norm an arm via I agree but if you so that's a little if you if you get up early for working your. A little bit grumpy about it there's some good news for no need to because statistically you should be happy he should be loaded yeah. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always get worse unless you're giving blood. Morning's quick Mike Casey and 85 the mountain if it's a David endeavor is Goliath tale to this one involves beer the brewers association. Is targeting. Big beer via a crowd funding campaign they're trying to amass 213. Billion dollars which is a mean that's part of quite a crowd funding goal which they say would be used to purchase. Anheuser-Busch. In depth view of the biggest brewer in the entire world. Bob so far they've raised one point six million dollars which is pretty significant although still a long way from 213. Billion dollars. What if this is a little bit tongue in cheek I don't they're not really expecting to collect 213 billion. And they won't collect any money until they reach. 213 billion by. Their their pride their their rallying cry let's say is take craft back as in take craft beer back. And trying to bring attention to the issue of of larger version in this case in Mr. Bush in to have their intention to have. To Alter the craft beer landscape by presenting acquired brands like we could we proving me and lesion brewing company as if they were truly authentically independent which of course to people in the craft your community. Don't feel this is legitimate trade they don't both you don't feel the same thing as a craft brew. If Anheuser-Busch InBev. These you know buying up other brewers and then repurchasing their stuff and and making an Anheuser-Busch in depth so like I said David vs Goliath I'd they're not gonna. There arteries 213 billion dollars but for craft brewers and craft brew which is big thing here in Colorado. There are bring into intention to an issue that they think is pretty significant so that's stories on our blog will be on the block. You check it out and 995 the mountain dot com. The vast and ending knowledge of useless information it's kind of there. Question almost impossible and 99 by. Tickets NG three guitar summit just century an Angel of the Jersey and bill called the death leverage this week. We've got up for grabs today voice. It's a question we got hey. So today's is a lot Martina yesterday as this sounds is in the key of it's a sound you hear pretty often. And it's in the key of the the currency is fairly content sources yes it doesn't sound I would say everybody has heard it at some point. Coca he event. So you music geeks well this could be the question for you 6312995. Question almost upon us. If my finale mind. Our question almost impossible this morning this down this fairly common soon ease in the key of path. Already. Well it's. You're really really really close she got a thing about a little not the telephone ring but it's our dial tone there. Exactly. Well done sir would you did you do that based on our clues. I get up and heard at least say about. Alina but don't lose. You do it. Detectives reasoning I think is what they call that what's your name. Our Gerri tickets of the G three guitar summit Joseph century on jump Richard Sheehan Phil Collins of Def Leppard those tickets are yours. Thanks for playing along will do the same thing tomorrow different question of course 7:10 in the morning here on the mountain. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored on your ride into work at so. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountain. Else. If you at some point in the near future anticipate that you might have to. Leave Denver or leave Colorado we've moved to another state for job or something like that I mean we hate to see you go. But if that turns out it's a thing that you have to do. This might be important for you'd have to take note of there's a company. Called homesick candles I feel like we've talked about them before we can't Dave made candles that smell day they claim that they smell like. Each of the states he could by candle smells like Colorado or know most of the Pennsylvania or New York. Well now they've they've drilled down a little bit further and they have candles that smell like specific cities. Including. Denver which they say. What would they say on the as it mountains just rucinsky. Lodge or something real. I think it's more the state wine Boca Denver wine smells like fresh hemp shocker there ethnic. You can Dutch freaking out to the Chilean cedar Oakmont amber musk and sweet tong could be I don't know what that is. Selling Denver Denver in Denver should be. Purina dog food we didn't east Colfax that's would have Denver candles should smell I mean yeah they have a New York City candles that dispelling. 2995. Homesick candles and state by state and now city by city to win as well observe what's Denver again tells me there's a lot of stuff in there. Fresh tent with earth peanuts at the Chilean cedar oak mosque in Hamburg mosque and sweet Tonka beans. I'm just sounds like Andy does and it just out of hand I don't know it's a convenient I don't iron money Cilic applying to notice that's exactly what I'll do. Our talk of being this you know I don't get this Tonga beamed. Is a species of flowering tree in the the tree is native to Central America and northern. South America so not even Keener eye area well as timid include those trees don't. Bruno's remarks emotional Kate Snow is straight isn't there all over Denver at two different tree. Altogether. If his plane crashed in the wilderness Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's going to be Mike Casey in the morning on 995. Director Ron Howard revealed yesterday the name of the Star Wars standalone movie you on that he's soon directing. It's called solo. All Star Wars story. There's two movies about the young Han Solo hits theaters may 25. People and I don't mean to. It's just it's not my thing I know people are super super and a Star Wars. But I was fighting agency like the the Internet goes completely insane. Because they've told us the name of the movie. I mean wow that seems like a strange thing to do but again it's just it's because it's not my thing if it's her thing that's great. But I'm from with a solo a Star Wars story Ron Howard bigger reveal yesterday movies in theaters on May 25. Before you criticize him you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountain. Yes. Not all states are created equal when it comes to energy efficiency that probably doesn't surprise any of us wallet hub has a new rink it ranking. That crunches data in two. Broad categories home energy efficiency. And auto energy efficiency to figure out that the best in the worst worst excuse me State's overall. The job top ten we gearing Colorado we snuck into the top ten. At number nine we are aids and home efficiency ranked in fifteenth. In auto efficiency ranked the rest of the top tens of Colorado and nine Wisconsin. California Rhode Island Massachusetts Minnesota at number four Utah number three Vermont number two. And the most energy efficient state New York overall. Home efficiency energy efficiency at number four. Auto energy efficiency at number one wade the other end of the list South Carolina as at the bottom. Tennessee. And down Alabama those are the three at the bottom of the list plays a Colorado nuts about it in the top ten obviously Stoops still room group throughput. I don't like where rats. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drunk and has to leave the hardware store this morning with Mike DC find 99 plus the mountain. It takes to feed an entire NFL team. And they visited of all teams the Buffalo Bills who and they got a sense of what's going on in the cafeteria this would. You know fairly hold true across the league everything their 53 players on each active roster. Ten players on the practice squad. There's this staff in this coaching staff and support staff obviously a lot of those players they're they're very big right there very big people. In order to feed them all. It takes over. 15100 pounds of meat and 500 pounds of veggies. Per week. It's per week. This kitchen staff cooks 24 chickens each day that 700 pounds of chicken all week they also import. 600 pounds of grass fed beef from New Zealand. And serve more than 250 pounds of fish and that does not account for the smoothie bar that show is served up sixty shakes. Each day. 15100 pounds of meat and 500 pounds of vegetables for wheat and that's for the Buffalo Bills for a team that makes the playoffs it's twice that. They have the lake three deaths movement now. I he was necessary dog I had finally decide had to do it that is staggering though. That is Ethel that's a whole lot to think about and meet often times is ours food consumption goes we have a very hard time looking outside our own place like he. Your own sure know how much your how seats yeah. But that's about it and one alleys that I really crazy to think about yet. Face up to a little bit more of bills that show clips. Well I mean I think he should. Should write somebody actually I know people in the organization. And I can TUC can give them the absolutely I mean I'm sure haven't called me I will let them know I'm sure they've had nobody else offer out there advice on how to get to plants in the policies and in 25. You know welcomed Jiri your critique Hampshire comes down to the food. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each week before my PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. 8:50 jail Wednesday morning amount when he gets going in no about 678. Minutes now from nine to noon and then we get into Burleigh monkeys right after that. Bob story for you to think about on your your voyage this morning if you sure desire is name is a guy Gentile. He's a banker in the Bahamas any any he's does make a lot of money during yum well to do. Early earlier last week key because he's. Evening started somewhat difficulty difficultly. When he met his soon girlfriend she's a 23 year old Russian model named Christina Kuchma. And they were meeting for dinner and she that apparently she'd asked him for a significant amount of money. To help start a business. And he Indy he turned her down tonight I don't I don't wanna give you money to start the business and proceeded to explained that didn't go very well sushi. She threw a drink Adam. She grabbed his car keys and then she stormed off. And next. Sometime within next hour mr. Gentile received a text from horror. That said you told me would help me started business those were your words now you wanna be an investor. Well investor I have a surprise for you in the backyard to start with that an investment idea first so when he got home. He discovered that is 55000 dollar Mercedes. Was in midst was sunk in the back of his cool. In his backyard which apparently view. The his girlfriend or ex friend now has decided that's. That's would she want to do with it mr. Gentile at some point in the past was part of the Wall Street scam that she turned into an FBI informer. And has a rather complicated past according to the New York Post by its. In conclusion he said you know I dumps her she dumped my car I really love this girl would have married her but she went. Too far so I buy bring this up because at some point today do you think boy. I just wish I had a whole lot of money. And I didn't have to worry like worker worry about anything see this guy has a whole bunch of money and he's got a Mercedes in the pool in his backyard and this woman thrown drinks out of and so does not you know I'm an all that money that doesn't really solve anything you probably better off where you are. Give god created sleep in the double created the alarm clock in my Casey is the love child of both. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountain else.