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On Tuesday morning my case CLA heart or today voting day for a while for pretty much everybody for everyone in Denver will forever went everywhere everyone there. Yet we're not voting on things that affect everyone everywhere yes tell us local would be better way to say yes so that's that's today that's an important. Note for the day. As is this some little reminder that ball's been more than a little remote from the big story now the woman. Who most photographed last month flipping off the presidential motorcade. As it drove as it drove past this was as did the motorcade was leaving. Trump national golf course in sterling Virginia. Fifty year old Julie brisk min was riding your bike. And achieve. You know gave the one finger salute which was then captured on film and it and ended up. Being sued FaceBook I was FaceBook or summer social media ended up going viral and at setter at setter she actually lost your job yesterday as a result of that action she. Was working for. A company called a key Akeelah acumen LLC which oversees government contractors. They decided to relieve ms. Bruce min of her job according to the company social media policy that bans obscene content. It's one of those interest agree I mean personally I think that's ridiculous but. It's one of those interest in reminders. And I sometimes think of of my kids and people their age who don't. Necessarily always understand that's. Social media is I mean it's you know it's a public profile. In a lot of ways in what you do when sale on social media re you know can have an impact and yes you have a right to free speech but. Your employer doesn't you know you have to deal that the consequences of your free speech to your politically. Your employer doesn't have to you know can't not fire you because you've yet exercised her first amendment rights so. A lesson learned I suppose. Indeed I mean once something's on the Internet it's very hard to make Eagle Lake. Yes no matter what it is if it's good great if it's bad you're going to be dealing with that for along time thread kids looked that you listen to you. Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain. 68 Tuesday morning on the melts in its so make it looks like the fog has rolled in again which is we don't generally get off all of that around here but over the last what 45 days it seems like without a lot of fog and kind of law. Okay Michael's love it's rolled into the Tex and we can tell you that much on how we have more on traffic you know I'm just a minute. Before you commit to a new show your maybe your thing you know I've heard this is really good I'd like to. Maybe get involved in watching whatever they show is but your single home Obama's time as you can take. You know how many episodes are many seasons will now there's a handy little website reconfigure that out binge Clark dot com. I was invented specifically for that reason it's an online tool. The tells you exactly how many hours or days it would take to watch any show like for example game thrown she would need to set aside two full days. Plus another fifteen hours. To watch game was thrown in its entirety so far this site also has a bunch of other features including a binge alarm. That reminds you when new episodes are coming up this seems like you would be valuable to me I think because time is a little bit. Of a bit at a premium to think in my life like this I don't like has. All I don't wanna know how long and spending in front of the TV. It's one of those things where you're not really sure how much money is left in your bank account does some left it's fun you don't need to know sure I spent a lot of time watching TV but as long as I don't know exactly how much time than it's fine ignorance is split. So this would work this wouldn't be a good fit for you necessary I don't think it's something I would want to know about Kazaa and I'd have to question all my life choices. I could see that I mean again be good times a little bit of a premium in my life but. I think if I actually sought laid out in front of me this is how many hours are trying to signal on knock him and we want to do and I would never do it. Now I'm I don't like there's else really don't like when Netflix asks you if you're still watching because it just feels very passive aggressive with. But that's just finally come out saying are you still watching me laughing as I am still watching the office net I'll let you know if I've done what I. Need your judgment just keep the percent of comment on turn off what I'm getting ready moon does she told Netflix and yes I know binge binge alarm for you feel bad like I usually just tuchman how much of Netflix hate airing her dirty tree in front of Patrick let. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools. So Smart it's like Casey on 1995 the mountain. Our 647 right now on the mountain coming up at 710. Your chance to win some tickets to see trans Siberian orchestra yes that time of year again. On November 18 will do that was questioned almost impossible at 710. Armed somewhat bucking expectations obamacare is actually off to a record breaking registration starts. According to the hill. They reported that about 200000 people have signed up for obamacare health care coverage so far. On this to this point near which compares to about a 100000. People at this point last year show you know pretty significant increase. This you would think early enthusiasm is good news for fans of obamacare a lot of whom assumed. The enrollment would be down this year you know because of the changing administration. And do the legislation the advertising budget by 90% and shorten an enrollment period. But the thing to keep in mind here's the early high numbers in illustrated the the early enrollees. Tend to be people who are renewing coverage. And not people who are getting it for the first time. So last week standard and force shed enrollment Obama Karen Roma could drop by as much as one point six million. Registrant this year so early early rush to get in but the expectations are that the numbers would be down. A beast on where they were last year. If Mike can only make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 99 file. Holiday favorites trans Siberian orchestra from the Pepsi center on November 18 we've got tickets for you. Provided you can answer this question fidelity which has spread over there. I haven't guessed it right okay so you may have these at some point in your yard and if you do your mind because they were once used as currency. They're not much more once upon a time. These objects that you may have somewhere in your yard re used as currency. From June completely cut. Would could even possibly be. I don't know but it doesn't mean it could be a lot of the yen from the real people aren't 63129. O'clock. Question almost impossible trans Siberian orchestra tickets up for grabs. We might finale mind. This morning's question you may have some of these in your yard and they were once used as currency what's your guests. You gas well actually specifically. The the thing that eventually becomes a two. Go to a bowl yeah. That I would I would just six manager crew are flowers here without. C. Is that common knowledge in the flowery industry which you said Oden. Narrow our armed current contract but there are a little passion in my in my. Obama well that's where we owe it to give things to run this announcement. Is this your perfect. I. Exactly. Trans Siberian orchestra tickets that's who we've got for you what's your answer. Are. In line. Our Desmond good work out you congratulations. On the trans Siberian orchestra tickets if you wondered that too little boldly used as currency were talking in the Netherlands in a seventeenth century more violence. For impress your friends that for a fact. Question almost impossible back tomorrow morning at 710 right here on the map. He didn't trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. My GCI 99 but the mountains. There's been a lot of talk armed recently about. The technological advances that may allow people like you know regular people to go to mall hours some their eyes so that's been in the headlines a lot lately. If you're considering that. You know little ways down the line if you're considering that here's something you might wanna keep in mind according to a recent study can commissioned by. And NASA to worry about the microphone. I commissioned by NASA. Every single astronaut in this study that spent any significant time in space. Came back with. Alterations in their brains their brains were structurally different not mean they just not the day. Thought different things their brains were structurally different when they return from space. Then when they originally left in in lay person's terms of the brain itself. Is squishy year. Then when the U initially left to go into space. Going into space changes your DNA tear yes or study that was done recently identical twins. Where one twin was in space and the other was here when they left to their DNA was identical when one twin returned from space there were significant changes and the energy. Yes sir you have to bring the squishy brain. The changing DNA. Plus we've and we've already known this for a long time that. When you went in spaced Astor traveling to space and particularly astronauts are exposed high levels of radiation. They tend to lose a lot of muscle mass and bone density when they're flying around in space as well. So these are important things to keep in mind if you're planning on space travel it occurs to me. In looking at this this little tidbit this morning. I think what's happened to me is secretly a night why obviously somebody's been sending me into space. As my brains out machine Biden brings much jump losing muscle in the past might bode densities down at my hair is fitter my waist is bigger this is all. Somebody's been shooting me and his basic night time. Yeah is that the most likely explanation I knew it. I knew that says that some to do them very disappointed and whoever's doing it without my permission. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using this morning's quick Mike Casey find 995. It's not here yet but we're definitely closing in on the on the holiday season for a lot of you know Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Christmas and Chanukah or gift giving around that time of year if you have someone in your circle with a family friend whatever who's a big fan of of ranch dressing. Boy have I got the gift for you you can actually up for them you know from you you can actually buy a keg. Of hidden valley ranch to the sing for 65 bucks. I mean did that would be. Even if they didn't use it before all went like 65 bucks that probably worth it just for them. Just for the laugh wouldn't it a keg of hidden valley ranch stressing. I think I know what I'm getting my brother for Christmas screen put the young link on the mound FaceBook page you check it out there. People which would be greats if he was trying to beef up my GC morning's hot night. By the mound. 8:13 Tuesday morning here on the mouse thanks for taking some time out of your busy day it is spending here with us we are we appreciate it and we forget to say that from time to time. That's our fault so there I've I've said. Mark your calendars the American Idol reboot will premiere. March 11 on ABC with a two hour show. Our Ryan Seacrest made the announcement yesterday he will be joined by judges Katy Perry Lionel Richie. And Luke Bryan the singing competition will continue to air once a week on Sundays. Again starting on March 11 you may remember the original American Idol ran on fox from 2002. To 2016. So. Since the American Idol may gonna come back. In some way shape or form it's probably appropriate that we consider the year 2000 maybe you pretend his 2002 which would mean Lord of the Rings. We don't go would be dominating at the box office the second generation iPod. Would be brand new on the market Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears are still dating and each. George W. Bush is still present you with that information what you well we. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter release you will be bored on your ride into work itself. Mike Casey in the morning on 99. The mountain. It's. Interesting Biersch story we I think we all know craft brewing in an at home brewer both very big in Colorado. This from mom Avery brewing right up the road in boulder. Bob brew master their Travis rough. Was inspired or is inspired I should say it's ongoing. Inspired to brew beer based on recipes that are over a thousand years old in some cases an amazingly. A lot of the Beers that he's tried doubts have turned out really well. Keep these recipes. And he said that a lot of it is through history books and dumb he's I would say sort of not only of Beazer dear god he's also kind of an amateur history guy and into that sort of thing so through history books. He is found out what kind of ingredients people use a thousand years ago were including baking Easton. Juniper berries in something called mogul Mort as well he obviously uses modern machinery but tries to stay as true as he cancer how. These kinds of Beers for brute in some cases a thousand years ago so he's successfully brewed Beers from ancient Egypt. And ancient Peru and now he says he's gonna attempt to brew viking a year. I'll buy a beer I wanna try that that's sounds ridiculous actually this is at. To have an untapped. That's really good question and inject that in Asia on the drive to bolder if I can try biking Pierre. Yeah I mean actually I think out of all those and on maternity Egypt in beer because. Ancient Egyptian people lived for very long time and Cleopatra slight and use of nine. So your bigger and has longevity properties yeah I like could be like carriages like revered for centuries and super powerful and totally awesome I aid. Good luck to your drinking the same beer she I think you're asking a lot from the beer but okay. Am asking the appropriate amounts here are well he would like ancient dollars will. And rerouted through a certain ways I'm here I left the Chara Travis drop at interbrew company boulder let's get all the. I can do for you on this on the Egypt the area this sooner I can be Cleopatra as a matter. So I. Know via it's terrible for me out. Sarcasm is just one of the services Mike offers others include bad puns obscure news into the old jokes. You'll be here all week. Mike Casey morning's fine ninety nine's five great new Ellington Marcus has just released its fantasy gifts catalog just in time for the holiday season here are some of the gifts available for the people. Who might be on your list this holiday season mom for example might be interested in a trip to Zambia to visit the large world's largest emerald producer. Into walk away with a personalized seven point two carat emerald that's only 300000 dollars right now. For data VIP trip to the Ryder Cup golf tournament where he can hang out with golf legend James York. That's only 250 grants so in this case you would spend fifty grand more on mom would seems often like a good choice and for your friends. How about a New Year's Eve party at the snicker barker hotel above Times Square. That is one point six million dollars so you may just want to invite your closest friends to that want the full list is in big business insider today. I mean if you got that kind of money wanna. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always Q what are purse unless you're giving blood. Morning's quick Mike Casey on 995. The mountain.