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Wednesday, November 29th


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5:59 Wednesday morning Mike Casey Alley heart wake. It seemed like it'd been kind of a slow news couple days not so much. Anymore. Big big news in the world of media. Yes I keeping in trend with the news led sadly we've seen a fly outs to yeah he has for the past month herself will describe in and start with their statements of indicate a Savannah Guthrie. From The Today Show from this morning. Good morning everybody welcome to today and put it here with me at this morning because this is a sad morning here today and it NBC news. Just moments ago NBC news chairman India sent the following note to our organization. Dear colleagues on Monday night we received a detailed complaint from a colleague. About inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt our. It represented after serious review a clear violation of our company's standards as a result we have decided to terminate his employment. While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over twenty years he's been an NBC news. We were also presented with a reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incidents. Our highest priority is to create a workplace environments where everyone feel safe and protected and to ensure that any actions that run counter to our core values. I met with consequences. No matter who the offender. We are deeply saddened by this turn of events but we will face it together as a news organization. And do it and it's transparent and manner as we can't. So again Savannah Guthrie from The Today Show talking about the the statement from NBC chairman about the of dismissal the termination of Matt Lauer due to some. Obviously some very reducing your significant. Of sexually inappropriate workplace inappropriate Al allegations. Yes Bob at this point should that's really the first part of the story I think the second part. I guess the more personal part that a lot of people found themselves in recently what. What what position or UN if you're Savannah Guthrie and clearly your Europe a personal friend of Matt Lauer and obviously care about him very much but. Year after reconciled it clearly something very wrong this happened here this is the second part of Savannah Guthrie statement from this morning. As I'm sure you can imagine we are devastated and we are still processing. All of us and I would tell you right now we do not know whether what I just shared with you. But we will be covering this story as reporters as journalists I'm sure we will be learning more details in the hours and days to kind of and we promised we will share that with you. And what I mean you know for the moment all we can say is that we are heartbroken. I'm heartbroken and that he is my dear dear friend and my partner and he is beloved by many many people here. And I'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. You and we are grappling with a dilemma that so many people have faced these past few weeks. How do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they have they hate that plane. And I don't know the answer to that. This seems like that's kinda what it comes down to particularly when you talk abouts. But you know others have that there's a certain. Not that any of us known personally put but Mel hours one of those people who you know meaning. This person don't like you don't like you know and that's why he's guided his job correct in his persona is that out of a very likable and engaged and intelligent and he may be all of those things but it. Again this Savannah Guthrie points out how you reconcile that was clearly. The fact that he's. At least in one case and perhaps more. Has done something. Very wrong and how he also reconcile that with these. The to speak out about this or or at least to you know to read to formalize these allegations when you're talking about somebody you know. Like Matt Lauer like Charlie Rose like Lucy Kate very high profile and very successful. Definitely per trailer certain like ability to people respond to. That's gotta be oh very difficult position for the person to be into. Yeah we know we talked about this at like you and I last week and it's something that we do all need to look at and that people that we love in our everyday lives and care about good people have done things and done things that are that have done things that have hurt somebody else. Would by no means should they be absolved of the things that they've done. By its. At the same time you're allowed to still love them you're allowed to still care about them and they're allowed to still have an important place in your life it is such a difficult thing to understand to reconciled to it. To balance that I'm some level we're all dealing with this let me see a politician we light and celebrity that we like. PBT stingy or done something like best. But it is something that we do need to think about a little bit deeper and that knee problem Clinton can poll more personal ties to this and the like. India than we think we can't. So yeah does that sum that's obviously be of the big story throughout the morning and probably the next couple days they're not very many details at this point as Savannah Guthrie said but we do know that Matt Lauer has been. Terminated by NBC. Mike feces coming up and appear on 95. The mountain. So this Rite Aid December 1 is world aids day bond go through his one and I read to charitable organizations is continuing to raise money to to fight aids. This year as kind of a large keys donated a round of miniature golf. With himself and the other members of the band for guys and you too. Which is a little bit of a joke if you know about you choose history. They've but according to dip their own personal history early in the band's career they once took a solemn oath to never take up the game of golf. Because they felt like it was he was in a very rocket rules sport and it would indicate to them that they have lost there. Rock and roll Berry so they've always said no matter what happens no matter how big we gets no golf nobody's playing golf in the span. Now all these years later they've agreed that miniature golf is a slightly different matters so they're giving away a chance to I mean you'd have to don't have a whole lot of money. But aren't you being you know a chance to play golf upon on the edge and Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. And post match round of drinks with the four of them so for good cause our you can get on the I mean if you feel like you have enough money to make threats. T even be in the discussion it's oh maze dot com is the web site. Always is great. Actually have day to bit necessarily you just have to donate money to be entered for a chance to also doesn't matter how much you don't own now you have more chances the more aren't you don't you don't. Even money five dollars and still be answered we'll look at that's. Who do I you know wealth and I did I donated to different things I really wanted to Rocca a walk on role in breaking Madsen oh. He pre planned this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him it's my GCR 9095 to mountain. Arm 647. Laughing. Oh OK I was smiling at you because you don't really hard time saying it's gorgeous outside. Okay circle. It'd maybe that writes okay these are big news story this morning. Matt Lauer has been done dismissed as being terminated by NBC news it's history that we've been covering them now has been covering all morning and will continue to do so. As more information becomes available aside from Matt Lauer aside from sun rises. There's been a lot of talk about winning a million spacecraft or woman spacecraft on Morris. With a handful of companies really working to iron out the details and solve the problems of such a long trip in space thankfully. According to this story one of these companies these Budweiser. The bigger giant which is teamed up with SpaceX. To send twenty Barley c.s to the International Space Station. 254. Miles above the surface of earth astronauts will start figuring out how zero gravity messes with Barley plants as they're growing which. Obviously the first step toward eventually one day brewing beer on the red planet's writes well on March I would just like to point out. That if we're gonna brew beer on Mars some day. I if we are come across the aliens I don't think the first thing that we went off of them is Budweiser shall we get someone like Oscar loser. Fat tire we can get some a little more crafts. Some high quality. Deere products and and kind of move in that direction to bring that in on March that would be my vote understanding as I do that I don't really get a vote. Placing almost impossible it's where the questions are. It possible yes so two and 99 but the men. Okay we've got some gift cards to elements massage. Today actually old news. Got a question yesterday was our history. I think this moment because over. I think you might be as well the will seat so Vince hasn't boiling point of approximately three time games out of water. So water's boiling point is this a hundred and in this. 12112100. Point things. I forget right now I like signs honored by us everywhere you really have sent I know it's a hundred degrees Celsius. And this has a boiling point of approximately three times that of water. So as a pretty soon what are you going to increase our nights yes and 300. Degrees south. The fact we didn't maybe I don't think that's right. Well yeah I'm getting a lot of you know let me he's got I science you might just. Oh boy all right doctor Shimomura this'll make sense even everywhere like Jerry on their radio from the I don't know I don't feel. How big of bell I apologize I sincerely do it hasn't boiling point three times out of water for 6312995. Please note. We might now a minority. It broke our question this morning this has a boiling point. Almost three times that flow of water when we talk about. Yeah hmmm I heard somewhere that it was fit. All of you. Know I'm full of beautiful trivia and I I think I remembered that from some important number don't look to reduce. You that's incredibly useful to be like bang right out of the I mean we were giving you a few bonus points if you use the more gloss to your term of human saliva. As opposed. Like I remember the boiling point one. Getting into semantic figured out and you got it right and you crashed. Right. So yes we got a gift card for elements massage for you what's your net operating. OK can't congratulations. Question almost impossible coming tomorrow he'll have a chance to just. Sad. X five year plan. Has emailed my minute plan C in the morning and 85. Mountain. I thought this was interesting. I don't know about you when I driver around which I do quite a lot. You know around town I'm I'm one of those people. I don't yell out the way I don't home to make any of that stuff but I'm generally observing. The kinds of behaviors of people exit of their driving has a lot of his idiotic like let's be honest lot of it's idiotic. So I'm kind of tuned in to this sort of thing. When you approach a traffic light a red light. Would you say that you are the kind of person who is more likely to be very close to the bumper in front to view or do you tend to leave a decent amount of space. Between you in the car in front of some I always friendly space between me in the car and let me. Connect you were doing it correctly not only for the reason that I think a lot of us who were taught that. It would help prevent. A rear end collision and you know certainly kind she doesn't stop yes okay so that's true. The people that don't do that tend to do tend to not do it's our or tend to get bumper to bumper because they think that'll help them get through the light more quickly. When the light changes from red to green. Science indicates that that's absolutely positively not true facts. I after recording footage that volunteer drivers or traffic and this was Virginia Tech college of engineering. After recording footage of volunteer drivers or traffic lights researchers said that those who stopped close to the cars in front of them. And therefore closer to the traffic light itself game gains no advantage or drivers who stopped at a distance of up to 25 feet. Away from the car in front of them because the former group. As you would expect if you think about it. Has to establish base before accelerating. So when the light change your life changes to green so being right on the bumper and front view doesn't even get if you light faster let alone it's. It's lack of safety in terms of rear end collision. Yes because you're not in detailed person all the way through the lights sell now that beg your just causing yourself to wait later exit that's exactly right that makes so much that it's okay will you were you were on an actual I was to not for that same reason but I'm like. Are unlike you I was your social keeps in space in front you ask generally good way to do it. And I I'm always an amateur courier new president the golden rule of driving when in doubt to sleep a lot of space. Yes it's amazing how few people do that selfless you don't dress up this morning at click 4 o'clock in the morning there's no one on there there's. Don't like just pick a different light of it if you're gonna speed OK but there's no reason to ride the bumper of the person in front of you with 4 o'clock in the morning yeah. People all people each. Gays. And now they have an intrepid and yeah I had little difference. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored on your ride into work itself might TC in the morning on 995. The mountain. So you know I've admitted to mention this all morning what did the meadow flowers story Communists is such a big involved in North Korea story twos are both fairly big stories I've forgotten to this point so I will mention both of them now. Up first off the Eagles are coming to town so I'm sure you've heard they're doing a North American tour this summer. Tickets go on sale of the general public on Friday and however. If you were a mound insider you can access a pre sale tickets will go on sale for you tomorrow. Okay this is she you know how he because we Eagles cut the tickets are the yes they're very expensive they're gonna go fast. So if that's on you wanna take advantage of the Eagles pre sale either head over our website at 995 the mounting dot com. Through the website you get a password that'll give you access to pre sale its literature pressure that's on the web site that's very important. I important thing number two from I'd you know I think people. Seemed to get into this every year they like to to witness it even though it's New York City in not here in Colorado the 85 lighting. Of the Rockefeller Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York City happens to ninety tree will remain let's. And on display on the plaza until 9 PM on January 7 or. Until the world comes to a staggering sputtering and which ever comes first but they were lighted tonight the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York City. Mike GC EC is tacos over a tortilla. That way when self inevitably falls out. While not. He already has another taco Mike TC in the morning on 99 fly through mountains he. I think that this just makes everybody realize. Because somebody once said. Life is. Fragile like you rain drop on Lotus leaf. And they can just drop at any moment. Not thinking you know you can just pull down this doesn't kill you sound. You know things on that happened and you really have to do is give a beautiful day good day to you know not being silly you know right. And we never know when we know life's taken away from us. Powerful words from a from powerful thinker powerful musician Jim George Harrison who passed away on the states who have been six teen years ago. In 2001. Just shortly before he passed away November 29 but two weeks before. He endured Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney got together in New York City. For the last time on November 12. I think maybe this thing that always sticks out the most to me about George Harrison. Is that you know he'd extensively there were more complications but basically he died of it brain cancer. In the final album that he rushed to release to get out you know before his. His health issues took already called the album brainwashed. Like even to the very last seconds he was gonna be George Harrison he was gonna have him. A wry and sometimes dark sense of humor. I think he. Hi I didn't look at the world is like one big interest in cosmic joke. That's in a lot of ways he benefitted from but also I think understood that. At the end of the day he'd he'd there was a lot of luck in in where he ended up in his life and was pretty gracious about all that's why he's like he was always my favorite Beatles. He was always my favorite beatle I made it went through a theory hardcore Beatles phase and I'm sure actually has passed all the way. A thing meant that my friends and I who are equally assessed The Beatles always did was pick your favorite want to show you one as well as you know most girls our age were picking their favorite members and sank I was right now it's all that Eric Harris and you're really setting yourself vote from the crowd he was just insanely thoughtful and I came across to somebody who never experienced his music. As it was happening. Yeah yeah well the secular sense sixteen years ago today bittersweet but I think your you have to us with quite up quite a legacy musical and otherwise. Can get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike Casey in 99 but the mountains. I don't know if you saw yet. We will it'll will posted on our blog accurate and unify the moon Docomo a few minutes it's the of the viral picture. Probably popped up bond I know it's on FaceBook this morning couple other place on social media. Police in Massachusetts. On subpar in Massachusetts have posted a picture of a vehicle. With it if it if it look it's a small car like you can't really tell what kind of car is in my Buick up. A Prius or something and it's got this Christmas tree scraps the roof the looks like it was in. It was one of the trees from who've built in the grinch who I mean this thing is just giants it's cut you can't see through the the windshield you can't see other side windows is just comical how ridiculous it looks. And according to the post from Sudbury police department one of their officers stopped that vehicle. On no routes warning just outside of Boston. I with a giant tree on its end and stated the obvious like this is not seeing if you can't I know your typing easier because Israel. But you can't do this fortunately the officer helped secure the tree more safely. So that the that you continue what you know and actually be able to see out the windows. And then let the driver off with a warning it is Christmas spirit it's ridiculous but it's Christmas spirit. Just like the old saying because if it ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet. Mike Casey mornings on 1995 the mountain.