Too Much to Tweet

Wednesday, November 8th


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Wednesday morning Alley Harwood Mike Casey I guess it it passes for big news in the world these days Twitter. Has. Whoa they've done they've increased their character let's not plan Donald doubled the character limit from a 140 to 280. I I don't know opera is to miss him grumpy when issues but I'm okay with that it it's a thing and it's an interesting things. It always throws me off a little bit when peeved when. When Pete whether their internal the Twitter or not look at this is some big innovation this isn't an innovation you'd double the number of characters you know it's like. Yeah I did not an innovation but it is exciting because you don't have to and it Jerry do you treat so heavily anymore but isn't that part of what kind of made Twitter a slightly more efficient in May be a little bit hipper than some other social media platforms and that you just Chile have but don't you think players are off to dwindle with their active users so I'm sure that this is a waste trying to get people back. I have mixed feelings about this because I'm. Personally very excited to be able to do locker tweets not have to try in any doubt in abbreviate things. But then I'm also very sad because you don't need me and it could be used to always have me come over an eight year tweets dance and make that a 140 character through this year and it's going to be evil between it is your question I don't even serve a purpose. Well I you know I think I will still think I would probably still think in terms of a 140 characters. I will probably always trying defer to the idea of the less is more. And therefore I think your Twitter editing skills will still be essential. To not only my well being but the well being of the show OK I am. I like your optimism I want halted an accent like things are gonna change your clicker here no substantive and up with a 145 characters and wanted to be a 140. Mike feces coming up with a view on 95. The mountain at the one thing according to a news survey. By software provider pay scale the one thing. That would make people happier at work. I think most of us if given that question we go money will everybody wants more money right everybody wants a race I think I would want security knowing that I can have my job for ever. Well okay that's one it to me at didn't you come up so you're kind of an anomaly they're surprised. On its not money it's not security the one thing that people want to for most from their employers. Is to be appreciated. Along above and beyond all being appreciated ranked higher than open communication career growth salary. And the outlook of the company according to the report appreciation is key in employee feeling appreciated her under appreciated. Moves the needle on satisfaction. More than any other variable I find that interesting because if you look at that list. You know salary you've. Outlook of the company. Career growth. Of all the things on the list that's the easiest one to provide and yet the least you know I mean we've all had jobs were. That's sorely lacking in yeah just it beats you down at a certain point you're like I don't care how much you gave me a not stayed here because you don't I'm not appreciated. I mean if you take a little deeper is it just kind of what we want the most out of out of everything like that of I relationships who want him appreciate it like with their friends who want to feel appreciate it yes it's been very human need that crosses all different. There you don't want it everywhere we're all just running around saying appreciative so. Please appreciate it. Yeah they exist appreciate me believe it's meant to probably would and with that degree drop arts of take that into our review today. CO that you don't appreciate some network Jeff appreciate someone's you that. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools it gives them a glass of water Smart. It's Mike Casey and 9095 the mountain. If you're committed to the idea that it's never too. I think there was some like that when they Def leopard would disagree too late for love on the 995 the militants be a Dr. Phil here according to Forbes magazine. Is the highest paid television host. In the world's these days he took home. 79 million dollars last year. It's basic 79 million dollars thanks to pretty substantial salary. In a percentage of he shows profits Ellen DeGeneres. Not far behind 77 million for Ellen DeGeneres third place to Ryan Seacrest. Who basically like every media job in the world. And made fifty million dollars doing them. Judge Judy 47 million Simon Cowell 45. Steve Harvey you view hosts of onto TV shows 42 million. Our former NFL all pro Michael Strahan 21 1000000 between Good Morning America. And talking football on fox and he is tied with Heidi Klum. A Project Runway and America's Got Talent so 21 million and the top of the list again Dr. Phil. It's doesn't get I like I don't have anything against the guy personally but it. I don't. The little bit I know about a muck around these there's nothing groundbreaking happening facility basic. Common sense advice. And 79 million dollars a year I would clearly I've picked I don't know I've very strong winner. But I shouldn't say that I really enjoy what I do you put it seems like dispensing folk wisdom and collecting 79 million dollars would be bad either going to be. Know that the vast and ending knowledge of useless information. There. Question almost impossible and 99 file. Hard trans Siberian orchestra tickets up for grabs today and in throughout dressed this week. How he's got a question provide a means you need to make it through there allergy girl I'll prove don't you worry about me you struggle a little bit this morning I muddle through. I guess allergy situations going on in India are now. Still little stuffed up which she can't even tell because I pretty much have chemicals that I'm getting is this we're spreading evenly across the whole entire globe. It would form a player 500 feet that. Just really sell of all business that currently sensed the spreading evenly across knowledge did love. The informal layer five feet. We've been getting very science you lately mostly showing the mushrooms impossible yeah that's that's cool you know I mean maybe you would certainly never were before and we believe it healing people think you're tedious and you won't come right we should not only to entertain but also to inform. 6312995. Question almost impossible deluxe. We've Mikey now he's fine. According to a hospital this morning if all of this currently in existence for spread evenly all over the globe. It would form a layer 500 feet thick we think we're talking about. Writing what are Rio from each list. Assistant. Moll little watered him leaks of the world. If you're if you're closing the Versailles. When there there's there's one component that is very noteworthy in ocean water our. Okay I. Doubt seek the water out it would be left to it. All out in the open. Wow. This or multiple choice you would have had a fighting chance. And pretty much lies that he. About doing isn't exactly. Congratulations may you one is this like one of those little trivial notes that you just always known or did you get there from some of the clues we gave her. All thought that I want we have heard or read that somewhere way in the back in my head. Know that I beat the ocean would be but I didn't quite get paid. An amendment was quite honest. News close enough to get juicy trans Siberian orchestra go on us. That brought them RD in Jersey showed thanks for playing along trade Siberian orchestra tickets up for grabs again tomorrow questioned almost impossible just after 7 o'clock in the morning here. Go ahead take Mike's advice he's not using its warnings which Mike Casey find 995. Since we're talking about water this seem like an interesting little factoid worth worth passing along apparently. That is new study indicates drinking. Ice cold water. Can help you lose weight I have is before they asked. It doesn't say why the ice cold part is beneficial it just says that ice cold water throughout the day helps you burn more calories than regular. Regular drinking regular temperature water room temperature water. These last few down. Burns about seven. Calories so if you treat Soviet drank ten glasses of really cold water day that's like four were within 409 the caller's for the week. I mean I will tell you this right now high school girls are the most well hydrated individuals on this planet affect the cut is. This whole rumors started very long time that if you drink ice cold water. Your body temperature cools down and see your metabolism has to speed up a bit to try mourn your body back. And so makes sense of like keeping yourself really cold like drinking cold water you just losing in trying and every single ever girl who's having so many insecurities about body is like trying this Arafat and just in a duet and then I'll be skinny forever and it's amazing so apparently dated there is data that supports. My friends he's to have like insulated being jugs of freezing cold water all day every day. Because that is the state of America where does that say girls are convinced they're fast breaks. I knew this I've heard it's. Every now and then I decide yes it can to try anyway and then I just again I'm really hydrate and it's grace which is also supposed to help you loosely. Sure okay I'd ever heard this this is completely new to me and apparently there's some but again there's some data supported there is one I saw the story there's actually calculator. He only can online calculator that shows you lake if you you know if you drank X number of cold glasses of water every day. One I'd filled it out apparently if I drink eleven million really cold glasses of water every day old solely be to go away. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile in his shoes that we want you to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountain. Yes. Are you may have seen I believe is too late to get in on it now but to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary as a ski venue. Aspen snow mass released. Lift tickets for six they cost six dollars and fifty cents because that's what lift ticket cost fifty years ago. You believe that six dollars or did he say it's only for one day December 15. Those specialist cigarettes out can only be used on that in December 15 I believe I saw this morning over 121000 people purchased. Those special discounted lift tickets not they say not everybody. Is necessarily gonna use them to us to ski. Rates focus otherwise you have some pretty significant lift lines although I'd imagine that will be an issue. Some of the people you can also use that lift tickets have you know they're gonna have parties and different things going on. In the in the village and on the mound on December 15 so not all of those people will be skiing. But if you got one year one of the lucky few and if you didn't then I guess the upside is you've you know. The you'll you'll avoid some lift lines as cool idea a six dollars and fifty cents for lift ticket I believe they're no closer to like 6000 dollars for one day of skiing near second to. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drunk. And has to leave the hardware store this morning with Mikey she's fallen 99 plus the mountain. Oh purely related deaths fell by six point 5% here in Colorado. In the last few years after we legalized recreational marijuana before that's. There have been a fourteen year trend of increased. OP you're related deaths another study from the journal of the American medal Ku medical association. Found that yearly overjoyed related deaths were nearly 25%. Lower in states where medical marijuana is legal. Again this is one of those things were. They don't have all the cause and effect necessarily lined up but there are some indicators that may be. Maybe there is cause and effect of pursuit here which would certainly be. I mean any information at this point would be welcome I think we all have seen in various parts of the country here and our own backyard to rubio purely an epidemic is. He's really just ravaging. A lot of different communities so. Again include Mick and you know maybe there's more information to be found here on the story was on the Denver channel dot com this morning. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Mike Casey mornings on 1995. Services. I'm in obviously to get your take on this particularly since it if we were applied more directly TU. I'm than to me and more of them anymore time conscious kind of way a survey of more than 1000 marry people by financial services firm TD Ameritrade. Revealed that 37% of respondents said that they started paying more attention to finances once they got married. 30%. Said they started saving more money once they got married and 10%. Said they started spending less money when they got married. Oh yeah because suddenly somebody else's reliance upon your money to announce this year and it doesn't change. Transaction does a totally Morris yeah and sell ice to last because I know that I got me and Greg to think about outs. Before if I have five dollars my bank account and with the matter I did I fire bucks for awhile. Yeah I got what and and that's it this is a very positive way to look at it and I think. If that's true for most people that I that I hope that's true and that's a good thing I think the the downside the way to look at it and this is a little less true now than it used to be when. I think a lot of people now have the experiences you know you may have had combined finances and some when she performed before you reach eight. Right whereas that's not that that wasn't as common 3040 years ago. I think we're much more likely. Back then to get a surprise of oh I had no idea this person was a complete financial train wreck until we got married. I don't think anybody I've met its looks at me as financially responsible so I'm pretty sure that it's going into us we had to date for like a week before refugees and I don't. She is not kind of actually good at anything he says yeah but that's not saying doesn't that was that was known for yet but like you know that everyone knows that to me passing me a mystery about debt. Looks like electoral staff who have money she's annoyed but again then I guess the upside takeaways that. Maybe that's the being married in the joining financial pieces may be it makes it more likely that you you know the EU. Approach things differently financially yes I'm trying to soft pedal this is much. Thank otherwise it's a flake I'm just hammering you and undock and then attend different from every morning how well that's usually in jest this would feel like he was more Sears and I don't you know and. There's a bigger joke than money at the top five broke all the time well. Elsa. Like TC EC is tacos over a tortilla. That way when stuff inevitably falls out. While not he already has another top golf Mike. Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. When you are and get on an airplane. Which siege do you prefer if given the choice you make a window or middle or dial. According to a recent study if you prefer the window seat. This study indicates that you're probably selfish. But that he defy you prefer and a selfish and controlling as a matter of fact those who like aisle seats are more likely to be. Introvert according to study and they don't say anything about I guess. I guess the bottom line is no one really takes a middle C industry and up there by default so maybe that's why the skipped over that are my thing is here. Like it seems to give in I'm not a window she personal and I'll see person. And I could I guess I could see the introvert part but did not. Sitting in the aisle that's not really an introverted place to sit because you're all you're having him get up and moving people are million OC have to be a little comfortable. With that sort of thing. I'm I don't like sitting by the window but most of the time the people are sitting by the window just seem like they fall asleep to me and they may be have done so because they just wanna be out of people's way. So maybe this is a completely different study that. That I need to do because I don't these ones aren't adding up to me keep in mind then my general takeaways and I still really like flying in general. So seeding become secondary to do the xanax for me so that's maybe what's throwing it off but. That study do with it what you world. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored on your ride into work. So Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountainous.