Tom Papa Talks "Baked" And More 8-30-18

Thursday, August 30th


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When just on 995 of them Johnson is a big friend of the show comedian. And author and now hosted his own show on the Food Network called baked. Mr. Tom Papa. Well let alone. Good days there you moved from the world of drinking into the world of peaking and we're also impressed. Think that that. I wouldn't have left the world of drinking has just added anything. But man that's Goodyear's still everytime I turn around time he got another thing Muehlegg. You're mr. irons in the fire now you gotta you have a couple big can show now. In a database. I wasn't planning on this planet literally was just baking bread with my daughter having a good time. Creating this new I'll be visiting bakery when I travel on the road and that the television show. Still a nice little works out like that is that. Yeah I think it's actually the most enjoyable a lot of up and kind of it purely wasn't looking to do anything with that I literally was just having fun and learning is probably. And that. You know whether they do a TV show or not I'm still gonna come in Denver and go visit a bakery yeah I mean. It's not yet that's who think that the the showtime has called bait yeah. Yes Kobe. And he starts. Coming up here next week on. This Labor Day day after labor. Yellow would mom up next Monday night. It. 10 o'clock east again. And then we're gonna run to episode the first week we run New York. And betray. In New York one has. Surprise visit from my the pension gap it. Okay. So tells a reality you know doing too much for it but tell us a little bit about the the premise. Of the show because I think you're fearful if we just left of it is people do it well watching Tom big bread. Mina punitive boasts exciting so in the world that's really what's so it's. I know who it is really funny because I really thought that could be a show what. I love red let's let them like why wouldn't you watched. Someone may read this and for hour after hour. But they decided no that include keeping that the good basis like flying into these different cities. And we go visit the best bakeries and creators of baker that we can find little bit like 45 different spot. In the lowlands in new York and trade in Los Angeles. And we roll in find the five best places. And it's. Really really cool you get to meet these families were baking that in the evening out. They're good people you know you don't normally find a mean person decide. The bake cookies for the community and I think that the and there and you know as the Food Network is. Legendary for. The waving shoot this stuff is so incredible. I'm like watching the edit. And they're watching out that you bond commodity of and in Philadelphia like. Until there's really that you on TV eating so. But there are good at that there's so good at the food court it's as I'm telling you you're gonna you're gonna watch still. And that is salivating like the Bloodhound. It that the. Well that's pretty that's pretty sour there that's impressive and being or if so. It's so you've got to go to there's a geography components in this is well right because usually you said you moving around from city to city and I would suggest in your travels that you found. That each CD has kind of its own. If not signature. Things are signature items good every victory in every city has little different spin on that world don't think. Yeah for sure you know. You know New York time zone style go to Cleveland they have their own style every place definitely has the personality you know sitting there. And I knew this and doing standup and you know. In a lot of ways we shared stuff online and were more common we're more alike than we have been. The years. But you know Cleveland the Cleveland had not been there you know there's like there's just a different culture than they do good things in Scotland. Sell them they conspiring when you go and you did these places. People not only from that city but those people that seem to build that city keen from all around the world they brought with them. Culture and their recipes. And you know I was in Cleveland in Louisville Hungarian bakery. A polish slave. The guy who. Lou the American Dad! and grandmother came from France and now he's making incredible Popeye. Used. You realize how lucky we are all this stuff and in one spot. It's it was pretty inspirational. I'm getting this whole league circle of life kind of vibe right now. Right in line to circle of life got a thing. I would or you know without kind of corny but I. You go to these places. And the one that is successful. Really really care. And they they put love and everything being made and then calendars places that open if you missing ingredient in the same car. And it's not going to be good. But the people that really have a passion for. You didn't you can hate it and they're in there and products for sure. In some sort of viewed six. If you take somebody who's listens to our discussion right now and they think oh you know I'm. Really like Tom is a comedian I've seen him out on the road a bunch of times I like his work. I'm not like a big big your guy never really did kitchen kinda stuff. What do you say to them in terms of like I know you so I on the other imagining the appeal of the show is designed to be much broader than. Just people who are really debating things you don't mean. Yeah now it's it's it's kind of like watching me do crowd work and yet again. It like that come in and they. Look I'm a comedian that the only year that I now so I'm gonna be funny with these people in China and that they did you seriously and that I wouldn't it just means this thing with these people so. It is comedy for sure. But I also have this real curiosity about how this stuff is made in these people are. So I just. You know the combination. Of the Beijing. The comedy. I think I think we have a really fun show. Tack that's great man it's called Bates makes its debut Monday this coming Monday on on Labor Day. And you birdies he said the times and guns it's pretty exciting stuff meant. Yet really cool I think is I think people really get elected. It is from the people who haven't seen it you can tell what I've done projects before where people like yeah. Little things. At the one people like. My gosh I think. A well it's a little that's great man and it's great to see you you have seen some those of passion and kind of expanded and showing up. The audience for your personal fashion twosome it's really exciting stuff. Yeah it'll be cool and I'm not been I think I've even seen mine I'm coming back. I've been and that September yet I think this residential building on the air when. A bit of a most of you. You mean my show or your show. Well you're still at apple where you will be on the theft I hope so you know something I don't know. Communicating. Yet we'll look forward that I was always great to see you know is great to talk to you congratulations. On the continued success the king of all media Tom Papa well thank you all been real.