'Tis the Season to Break Up

Thursday, December 21st


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Thursday morning of December 21 tally Hart with Mike Casey today is the winter solstice yup in pain that we are furthest from the sun ray which is it there's a specific time 9 something this morning 992920. A lot of people don't know this but traditionally. The winter solstice is actually today. It all the people who were on the blues Santa's naughty list are gathered up. And we we put them on a train and send them to Washington DC in the become elected officials and we called on congress. That's actually where that comes from is not the only pain part of the solstice the latest and most people don't know that. We why congress because there's no way your on the nice soul I'm on the top of the priceless. And leave. Movie he apparently he's jokes or even though it doesn't work alphabetically. Fans at the top it's not pretty much at your house Burress absolutely sometimes he comes more than once Britain Asia. And absolutely. She's hit it. Yeah it is just today is also so December 21 it's now border inside. The 36 hour window of Nguyen Minh traditionally be in Christchurch. Well tomorrow is the last day the you can order from Amazon prime and still have things delivered by Christmas. You can still get it you can origins through day shipping Yancy can Hammett and why now. Tomorrow and having Christmas Eve to all to wait until tomorrow I don't think as I've got time you have to know what to this by your president I didn't even realize she could you I had. Easily tomorrow's the deadline for Amazon prime. Okay that's a good fact yes that in the whole congress winter solstice I just we're just parliamentary effects that's what we do you welcome everyone. Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like five the mountain. 630 here on the mountain you can now. Have your Christmas cookies and your whining you can have them paired together and I'll tell you I'm a little. Disappointed. Did this whole idea this should have been your idea. A lot because you've volume do you like whining you know about wind but you're also have your super tasters. Yeah so these these things that they've put together. I don't I'm surprised you weren't ahead in this I'm not trying to criticize your thing just seems like this would would and I should have come up with at first half so like chocolate chip cookies and cabernet. Sugar cookies and Chardonnay. Zinfandel and gingerbread cookies food that is that sound like on. I don't what are liens or cookies and north of York. On my limbs or committees I should know let me let me get on my Google machine myriad that's why you didn't have its way to know you know it's. What those are either solving your home bloke and who injured cookies. And saw those are the ones and handed jam in them daily to Gianni sandwich okay RE Jamie sandwich cookies and so you emblem then. And Don pinot noir and soft molasses cookies. Those are the pairings. According to. Somewhat close seeing someone who knows more about MySpace and it. My favorite cookies or not I don't like the Italian he's an army with analysts and I just kind of like. Lumps and need to dominate a singing you put that the rainbow sprinkle leak things on top. I've never I've never seen those before why us I don't think more so I don't think I've it's not ring and dying your super Irish she never had Italian Christmas well. All of that cookies each and everyone made with either lemon Dell our analyst now. Who you no that's true but I mean there's a lot of Italian people transfer so I mean yeah I know also mentioned the media didn't have just forgotten but that's marina del at all and I don't know you'd pair them with which was on the other two. Thing with the. Mauled G is mighty. What good are you I don't know but maybe you could net maybe that could be your pairing that you put together okay right. I left on for you piano and it's that's great on the fun time doing overseas but he so offended division noted could. Well I just like me and now we know there's a lot of thoughts going through my head number one I can't believe the you have never had these cookies number till. Like I don't have time to make them for you say you can and I yeah. No that's true everything's good yeah. Christmas everybody. Just like the old saying goes if it ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet Mike Casey mornings on 1995 the mountain. I know this has become much bigger thing here in recent years especially with people doing so much online shopping these days. But we've too and we've talked about it on the show the porch pirates are the bugle combined steal all your stuff off your front porch which is. I would guess fairly easy to do you know I mean there's you maybe there's a box that sits on her porch for 2346. Hours before you get home from. Whatever you Dylan. Pretty easy pickings are guy name German Barrow he lives in the state of Washington. He has any access to camera set up. On his porch so he would he'd seen people. Repeatedly stealing. You know things packages off his porch when he wasn't home. He caps on contacting the local police but they really there was very difficult for them to do much and and stop the the porch the jury that was going on some mr. Barrow came up with his own idea it's called the blank box. It's an empty box. Loaded with twelve gauge shotgun blanks these are real there's no real bullet twelve gunshot gun blow twelve gauge shotgun blanks that are fired. When the packages lifted off the porch. So mr. Barrow says he says I was thinking to myself how can I scare. The thieves in Macon truck and drop on packages never come back my porch again and I thought getting shot that is scary. That'll make them think twice. And so far it's it's it's working he's because he has surveillance in a set up on his porch he's actually has video. And I'll post this in a little bit he has video of people attempting to stimulus packages. You lift the box and then you know you essentially neuter shotguns. Are your shots fired there there again their blanks it's not really anybody firing at you but you'd be amazed how quickly people leave the porch. When that happens he's looking now patent his creation and sell each box for around sixty dollars the blank box. As necessities mother invention is this year. The vast and ending knowledge of useless information it's kind of there. Question almost impossible in 1990 by. Okay that one yesterday and the day before were both a little. The harder but yeah we've found some hard ones we made up Chelsey yeah which is nice to do on that. Monday Tuesday and then now we're really very units yet today's Thursday that Trace elements besides give guard UBS to do between 500 dollars from Colorado lotteries Richard Land wealth. Which question gene. Our ranks one in ten people had broken up with someone for this reason. Okay yeah. Only 110 small number relatively small Sanderson of people had broken up with someone for this reason. Aren't particularly Ansar and let us know 6312995. We call it. We might finale minority. One intends people. Have broken up with someone for this reason what do you think. And maybe cameramen Christmas present is. Is. That's exactly what it is is this ever happened here. No I did not but fix for the last look at that element they got hit. Yeah we could have figured it. Kluwe might help so you've never given anybody a presence. That you feel like led to the end of their relationship or vice Versa that you you've never. Now you never received one have been like that dude is got a. Go out because I'm not a gold digger can. I am really trying to break up with someone and just not giving hints to get them like watchers. Like a great way to do it. Early deodorant yourself right back there a lot of that this hasn't happened to you but you you follow the clues correctly which unit. Jenny Law all right congratulations and you've got the elements besides give carting your also enter to win 2500 dollars from the Colorado lotteries went through lane well. Question almost impossible again tomorrow morning 710 here on the left. When he goes to the gym keep parks in the spot furthest away. So he won't be judged eating his crossover which by people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. Good news for you if you are the youngest sister in your family. According to a new survey you are most likely to get the best gifts not surprisingly according to this particular study. Middle children are the least likely to score here's to score big in in the gift to world we and Alitalia at our house and this is so many in this. Has always been. Very committed to you and I think as part of this is because she she's one of ten children right herself. She's very committed to making sure that the presence that they've come from us. Are very equally distributed in terms of numbers. I only I have one brother and I don't remember if that was something meant. Was a big deal in our in our house is kids. But it definitely is in our house as adults so nobody's so you know my kids nobody's getting Mike short changed on this but according to survey. If you're the youngest sister. Not the youngest brother through the youngest sister you are in that you were in the position day in terms of Christmas present. If you lived concrete mixers then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. I say it's a mean looking out the window I'd say it's a little more than a dusting in the tax on her like I see the cars move in slow enough that the you know it's a little I mean it's not a you know. So linked. Significance. Knowledge six inches very angry every hours now we're seeing more and more buildup on the ground in the flakes are getting bigger Catholic in store there. Yeah and hope and hopefully I mean not that we want to. Falconer dumping here but it would be nice to get some in the high country as you you talked about a New York Times this morning like for little. A little behind peso it would be great thank you get but the ski resorts could get a bunch. On the good drive has been little tricky this morning I'm going to talk about that in just a minute our recent survey found that half of all dog owners in about 40% of cat owners. Buy gifts for their pets during the holiday season this is according to the American pet products association. Dog owners will spend on average about fourteen dollars and gifts for their puppies or dogs while cat owners rules we'll spend around twelve. The National Retail Federation thinks pet owners will spend even more. Their their estimate is that the average pet owner will spend thirty dollars. On on their furry friends which is up from twenty dollars last year I'll tell you and again I've bench we don't we don't have any pets in my house. At this point in time initially. When I saw a story this is one of those things that it's a little knee jerk on my part or a Mike. C'mon do you really like to his pets don't understand how whatever but then I thought we added we had dogs and I was a kid. I guess it's I guess it's a neat little reason buying gift for a bit eat eat the baby isn't now it's Christmas they don't understand they're getting guest. It's an enemy should feel it yeah no I get that in and I also think and I haven't seen it for a long long time and I suppose depends on the pat. But it probably pretty amusing to watch dog opens. Leg over the. There's a credit cycle is on stocking it really yeah notre. No UT it's followed the stats and attributes it to history. Does sound stocking and is on Christmas. And he gets patent vote doozy was it full of what you say and believe only text so do you wrap them and then he really has otherwise he'd be picking the ball sticks out a stocking rain. OK there. And then put. I don't know police X Obama's it's like. Scrap dry. All part so dog is love yes and he's loving it's it's huge and he knows what it is I'm assuming by smelling blood split the bank sounds. Kind of a bag of ballistics on an camp. He can be upstairs sleeping closet which he does often and sprinted downstairs in seconds when he hears the ballistic. In any here's the cheese or RP doesn't. His lip and so we know regardless of we reduced with our question almost impossible was about lousy Christmas presents this morning. You may get a lousy Christmas president Greg may get a lousy Christmas present but cold series the island had he's got he's. And have the greatest Christmas ever said anything did the same thing next year well tumbling six every year but they Syria in his planner only guys it's going to be abused me and Marty spent far more than 30% honesty it's okay well it's well look forward to seeing the picture it's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. To pressure bringing on my case. Mike TC on these. The mountain. So if you're traveling for the holiday. Air travel and talking particularly for traveling today obviously probably goes without saying check your your flight times to the DIA because with with the weather may have noticed a slight back abuser on the terms of traffic and getting their or you know maybe you know departures from DIA is well. In the bigger picture maybe you know leave until immune tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday or whenever. We've your traveling across the country by air you know. The EU you want to minimize like that the drama in the hat the headache and hassle particularly as it pertains to the security line with that in mind. Here's a quick list of things that you may not know. TSA will not let you take on a plane and some of these may actually surprise you for example. Have they and it doesn't say why it just as you were not allowed to bring these things through security you'll you'll not be allowed to take them on play magic eight ball toy remember those like you shake it and saving you know you ask a question can't take goes through security foam toy swords. Now Jolene souls can take those through security according to this story. Cast iron pans. I imagine that could be a weapon. Although it seems rather silly but apparently cast iron pans nerve guns water guns. Ice cream I don't who trying to pass through security it's gonna melts. And medical marijuana which I think we've a lot of us here in Colorado realize you gotta be real cautious about that. But being legal here in not in other states you can get yourself into trouble so that your list and I will tell you it's a long time ago now. Long long time ago flying back to Pittsburgh deceive my parents Evan was me beach. To I'll say two or three and he had this little toys plastic like with football that there was least favorite thing in the world. Terry with him everywhere they confiscated and execute thirty they wouldn't it was like. Afoot now blog is a classic because they quote could be a weapon. I remember hitting I'm hitting myself within elect this is not I don't let it you can't hurt anybody who does that concern server gonna have to. So then we had a grumpy. Two year old for like the next eight hours to do. So B warrant to guide don't try and take any of that stuff including the little little ball that through security. Probably not gonna war just. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain.