From Tinder to Wind-er (like window, get it?)

Thursday, September 7th


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Thursday morning Alley Harwood Mike Casey it's free ticket Thursday so that's fairly exciting. Sammy Hagar in the circle coming to fit the screen next week we will have tickets today at 79 new and three and five and on top of that. There's more wait there's more. We're talked to Michael Anthony this morning who is the the obviously was based player Van Halen but he's also the bass player in the circle. And when I think Mickey to you Clark B 50 sometime this morning where he talked to him should probably now I know but it's still early on put those pieces together. And when we get that interview together will put it up on the mountain website and if you go check it out on the web site you can enter to win front row tickets. Yes front row is if you're gonna go see the circle you muzzle seem from the front row. I don't think I've ever seen show offered for this could well as if whose computer chips but it won't tell us your nose to be someone else's yes you're not eligible. But dumb so we have that going on this morning the NFL season kicks off tonight paper she. Don't like Sana CD now. I don't hear doubly excited I got highly sat super ready to bell. Taka football season beginning. You also should be excited are you will be excited about this if you don't know already put you probably do. I mean girls musical. Co Covert apparently don't know and I told by liquor producer really excited co written by Tia today. And produced by Lorne Michaels. Will open on Broadway on April 8. So that means that Tina Fay's husband did to music. Because he is a composer in Houston music for all of her show house speaker than I would guess yes and they've written songs that are like musicals. Theme far from the results yes and now they're doing mean girls and everything is fantastic starts previews on March 12 OK so when Mike. I'm guessing probably as soon as you can get there would be April 8 but if you get opening day tickets than you would. All my cash I don't know I can quote every line mean girl all I know you can once on Iraq on an application for a job I was asked if I spoke any other languages and it listed mean girls as a language that is. If he you have to Vista oh no I did note I kinda I think I think San Rachel Isuzu bill that's similar to speculative and I must show that's exciting. And then I mean just to make your make sure there's less free to worry about in the world. These days Dennis Rodman is volunteering to straighten things out between Donald Trump North Korea. They have been throughout an offer to straighten things out between trump. And Kim Jung. There were like I can't live and saying this but. Let's get the shot I got. Jimmy Fallon from his show so there's that slick everything and no rights. So much going on today you're stuck on the mean girl's I aimed at even on the police just announced last through news right now so liking on a mean girls musical. Second figure to Canadian. Caddie haren. Let's. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. You know I really feel like when when you Gregor on your honeymoon in the toward the end and you're like oh this is great but I'd show bombed out I'm not back so I concede foreigner. At prestige in Fort Stewart free acoustic sets. Only got it's like keyword there race single conversation how many million news this is so great being on the beach but all it can't believe who cares about the sharks and sea turtles freight we could be seeing a foreigner acoustic for free. Oppressed he's actually that day we are flying and sell. Yeah Brian real ways through year round I probably would true it was really cool thank you give the folks prestige imports from put them together. The guys in forger their manager Phil Carson who are also a chance to talk to. Those videos of some of those videos are up on Memphis will pitch the tournament there are new study says that men are better at the game scrabble. Then women are wheat. Not bolts I was swing vote no you were about to term with Arlen usually raise okay are. But this doesn't have anything to do as nothing to do with the differences in in. Brain development intelligence world word skills none of that it's none of that instead the researchers found. That men are better scrabble because in general. And I think really speaking as a man this is the perfect summary of of men to break here as researchers found that men. Are more willing to waste time practicing useless skills that he didn't win it arc. If it seems guys I think needs videogame industry. To do that race is these guys spend their time practicing and analyzing the game whereas women are more likely in the case of scrabble displayed for fun played as a hobby. Based on their studies there's no difference in the talents between genders it's all about. What they're seeing its intensity enthusiasm for winning and practicing. Useless skills which if there's anything again that summarizes being amid. It's practicing useless skills your example do you beat me industry is perfect is the absolute I deal. Example of that. So in this week's studies we did it need yes we really didn't need men practiced useless scales could see things right but again things that are sometimes masters like gender you know do dubious of gender issues mr. The the better bettered scrabble not because of an intelligence thing just because they practice useless skills and women have other things other. And it sits bitter import like whoever it is the man who's practicing his useless skills she she should do exactly. Perfectly in her dream sounds exactly. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools. Supporter Smart it's like Casey on 1995 the mountain. John spices final day officially the White House was last Thursday and it looks like president trumps former Press Secretary. Has already lined up his next gig he will be paid speaker. For worldwide speakers group which states there's a high demand for mr. Spicer on the paid speaker circuit due to his insider view of the election. In the trump administration this is a quote from their website with he's well known candor. An extensive experience Sean Spicer is uniquely qualified to help audiences understand how the political environment will impact them now. And in the future. I think the only thing that's jumps out to me about that as the candor partly Q what he. He really looked candor wasn't his strong suit his Press Secretary Armenia the inauguration crowd thing. And ended. Co effect may thing which he's Serb actually meant something was just to type so maybe candor isn't necessarily strong suit the other. Thing being I seem to remember him criticizing a lot of other. Political figures. For a being paid speakers and then this is of this looks like his b.'s first game out of the white I mean not that I blame on reducing the crucial bit of conflict between. You know what he says and what he's doing now put of course the only things stranger than the real world news politics that's been proven time and time again. Go ahead take Mike's advice he's not using this morning's quick Mike Casey find 1995. So just over thirty well Etsy forties minutes from now we're talked to Michael Anthony whose course used bass player in the original Van Halen lineup he's also out on the road with him here in the circle. Which is that's who were given way tickets were today free ticket Thursday were talked to Michael Anthony. At 8:10 this morning and give you a chance to in front row tickets to see the circle. So that's all happening here in the very near future. Didn't you refresh me just very briefly. Do you have the first day where you bit someone did Oca that is at things that something you didn't why aren't forced. No but you know what I think this is this story is gonna make you feel a little Luthor is and possibly a lot of people a day. Earlier this week this is in on the UK I've. Gunning Lian Smyth he's grad student in on the UK you know a nice dinner with the woman he met on tender after dinner was still fairly early. So we said it wants come back to my house rules you know entrants from one watts and. You're and balanced team Jerry wants Netflix she'll show off so they decide to do that at some point during the evening do the woman. Asked if she could use his bathroom and she said yeah of course. And and bit maybe like ten minutes later came ounce and the woman in his date said you have to sort of imagine with the British accent her saying mess. Touch it protects the British woman she said. I went for a two in your choice it's and it and it would not flush. Since so. He then claims of the woman with so mortified. That. This could happen did she then reached into the toilet bowl with this you do paper. Grabbed the do you key. And threw it out the window brave because seeds as one as one good because one wouldn't want their first date to figure out that you just you know lead cable to. Hit his bathroom and it wouldn't flush. Being a gentleman mister Smyth said hey. Tell you what let's go outside together will just will back up the offending who will throw it away forget that it happens not a big deal. His bathroom window does not open to the outside. It opens basically in between like in between walls let's say yeah. And there's a very small gap between debt were to win the of the outside and then there's another window there. That's actually where she threw her to so the story gets better. So he went to get a hammer to smash the window so he could climb out and get them to include active. While he was getting may hammer she has decided to go out the window ourself. And got stuck in the window. Upside down hanging upside down from the window between buildings. Trying to find proof that you threw out the window on your first date. This trumps any story you've ever had in your entire life. Honestly. Word that to happen to me and I where were alien in the situation I would marry that person. Then and you don't have iTunes spot just tell this story wouldn't you have to just because she did everything the public an amazing I would love to be her friend. If you ever come to Denver les let's go out for drink the medical emergency services get out the window. And he's seen the pictures yes she's hanging above study found mice she blushed as stake and that's enough yeah. And apparently was really just found the whole thing a little bit funny and even when that did so a lot of it funny what W drug deal little various wouldn't you think you have but the best to get over an embarrassing situation is to tell everyone to brings you can laugh together instead of having people have. Well apparently that's what they did in one of the people that I that followed up on the story said to mr. Smyth will would you be you know. Egyptian going now a third get any civil she's a lovely girl I'm really busy with my dissertation at the moment but I'd certainly be open to seeing her again. You're right they have to get married just for this story what I typically. You'd response like what do Braun well I am really busy at my dissertation right now or not to add BZ. He little wanna take this little hurt her learn and then and now essar. I I agree if you boosters she should just uses acknowledged that the very least this is worth a second date. And possibly you should propose on the second day because you have a story. To tell kids and grandkids that will be any story ever I am more invested in this coupled and I am on the three year Tinder couple that they sent to Hawaii yes they do care about those boring people best suited to this is what I care about. Includes bossier gas through saucer men honestly LAQ Britain's most eligible bachelor it and I smell yeah I dating back to. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Mornings we might GC on 1995. The mountain. On speaking. Of those stuff going on coming up this weekend on on a much more serious note on on Sunday this Sunday the tenth Sunday's world suicide prevention day. On and on Sunday morning from eight to ten and we are running special here on the mountains call I'm listening. And the stigma of talking about mental health this is presented by Children's Hospital Colorado the pediatric mental health institute. I think it's. I would imagine it's Ecstasy at the probably are too many of us who have not been. Impacted either personally hear you know through family connections for an connections. One way or another by the world of mental health and part of the challenge. I think becomes how to we talk about it we address it what do we do with that information. That's exactly with this specialist designed to have. The topic you do it's designed to introduce and in some ideas okay this Sunday morning at 8 o'clock right here on the mountain. To. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Michael Anthony's been in the world of rock and roll for quite along time now a lot of us know him as the bass player for Van Halen the original lineup of Van Halen. He's gone to play with chicken foot with Sammy Hagar and another line up the circle. With Sammy Hagar Jason Bonham and big Johnson there will be ads through the screen on September 12 and Michael Anthony joins me right now. Michael seems like Kia both few and Sammy in particular have spent time in the past with give big high powered high pressure rock bands. I would get the feeling with the circle that things are a little more of boosting groovy with this group. The lack. Well I mean you know obviously there comes a certain point in the true that you depend so much accepted as a kind of afforded the luxury of being able to cattle. And do exactly what you do. Less than for sure. Is that you know we want to really great friend to me like playing music and that's Soledad I mean there's no egos involved and it is out here that happens and play music so that's what makes a great and he's all right so Van Halen we got there are you playing music you don't work music you know. There's simply just get through the drama and everything mr. Sears. Again and she's going all the drama you know you can dish out I'll jump back and that again but at this point. Just wanna have signed. This is something I feel like I should know but I don't did you actually starts. On base. I'm actually a base amount because we're back in school. Is like my plan is really they either want to be greater Robert Plant. Now Qatar cleric lead singer. And the guys that went out drowned in Iraq hardly any bass players are sent text. Player base. And that it turned out great because I never had a problem fighting advantage going. First let it go everybody needed a bass player now that he wannabe guitar player of the singer. Right right so you are so you were elected head of that curve in terms of figuring out what do you bands usually need I think they'll do that. Yeah little in the very beginning I saw how well there's a base player player basis. Actually out of your mind it's hard to complete a string that is to my standards and started playing bass like that before it I get up there one. That you shall remember that first base that you that you bought the you can afford about. I actually haven't. You believe that yeah it was the coming out of it very. And I little Japanese company that formula. We market NAS drive in theater that we could go to on the weekends and I play good and then I traded to up. And there about eight years later I was. This guy and I could not even believe he says they still have the base. I train them when my signature back penalize them that's not my trait among my future basis for a back and I got back. The original play our showcase. The result the leak and elsewhere that and I have a little pitch pipe. That is the play could commit. There was there inside out and shout about is pretty cool. How many years after you would have had to be you know moved on from that instrument would you guess that was. Aren't gonna talk. My guest is Michael Anthony bass player from Van Halen and from the circle with Sammy Hagar or they will be at feed the screen. On the twelfth Michael what does a set list from the circle look like on a given night because you guys have you know you'll have different phases of your careers. Actually dropped from Sammy says stop the nonsense and then you and then some other than concept. Oh well so when does the rest up and obviously because of Jason being in the bad. And that's it could happen because that's what Sam feels comfortable singing because you know we don't want him like be terribly well. He's at his legal right because that might make for a short sat after awhile to send out he'll let you know what what you'll culpable for not actually we offer our consent send. So but no. Make it possible percent to Seng are up first sat down at least they'll send you get some high note because I suggest we do assign an app that onstage. If you look down on June oh. My when I was looking at a couple years your bio is on line yesterday a few of them said and I you know you never know what's your read on line about how much it's true but. A few lives said that you were a baseball player and you ran track in high schools are right. I want to be a baseball player. And tonight my personal ambition was it professional baseball player and I I went in all those views that that know about you know based on school whatever I want. If you of the code. We needed yeah that it was called. Yeah that's when the except we gotta pick and when school you know started started playing more man I decided I wanted to do that in certain. Little old track in in high school gym. And high school that there. We didn't waste that my father played professionally for many years when I was there but as far as really hanging you out there whereas the the first discovered yet that united and you know you gotta be a test you have it doctor one of those type of deals. That would not serve finally realize just how much I love playing music that enough. You've listened pretty much we got those it says about Munich Hamburg or based society is something. Michael you didn't clearly we talked about the surely you've been doing this for a long time you've do it and number of different bands out on the road flame alive if they can be grind to say the least so why after all these years then there are you still they're doing it. I'd love to have planned in certain. Just doesn't especially playing and you know that I that you get on stage when you're out there you know. And as a big crowds were just stop and then playing music. It's usually down because accept the money if you are glad that let's this little hole. That the political withdrawal planning a bunch. Quite a time where we're coming up there's some almost like a man. I do this and then you know couple weeks later I'm ready to go back out again. While this has been a great pleasure men are appreciated. And that it document you're not what are upbeat and a little bit of a break and now pushed again. This weekend to make it way out for you guys in my memory effect can be a great time. Yet we're looking forward to seeing him be on the twelve just a little longer we can now be on the twelfth that of fit the screen here in Colorado thanks again for your time and we'll look forward to seeing there are. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter release you'll be bored on your ride into work itself. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but still mountain. How to questions asked on the Internet at that time and you already know they know and so excited so I've seen I've seen things like this before I don't know it's going to be OK from techcrunch starting in them from ten to number one number ten. Most common. Most popular how to questions asked on Google number ten how to boost belly fat number nine how to make French toast number eight battery cover letter. Number seven how to make pancakes. How to make money how to draw that's number five how to lose weight number four. How to get pregnant number three. If you're Google and that there could be an issue of numbers are for the how to how to kiss and number two. How to tie 88 tie number one the most popular how to questions. Asked on Google. Did you think there could be some more. Playlist I always felt like how to boil and Hank was on the O I think that's a YouTube video yeah oh that's. That is I think is the single most popular YouTube video yes but it does connect with what I think my overall point is here and I realize I'm just gonna sound kind of grown being out of touch but I'm used to that at this point. Computer technology for those of us to. I didn't see anything you can remotely like this until we were 1213 fourteen years old. Like he was still pretty far off fantastical idea. We have this amazing. Amazing technology most of us carried around in our pockets every day. And this. Is what people are using this amazing technology for how to draw. Powell to make pancakes. How'd you get pregnant and how to tie it side. It feels to me as it is this seduce her exit reaffirms everything. That I sometimes believe about us is human beings. That can make she questionable there's no such thing as a stupid question rice again these are things that are asked one timer to time these are asked. Far and away more than any other any other Cleary on Google obviously there are some gaps in the education system Robson tell why. Forget about. Let's forget about half we should just be teaching people how to tie ties and get pregnant. Hike you would think one of those would be of significant. Import. Perhaps more so than the other yeah. I'd like that how would you get pregnant saying. There's probably a lot of teenagers who are very scared huge don't have a lot of information that's okay we see where that's coming from I don't think it's a thirty year old woman like now for my under and then I just part I wonder how this happened it's you know I think you're probably right about that it just seems to me that on the whole. These are not these are fairly pedestrian. But we are using it thinking like. How to understand quantum physics maybe not that you know group did something to subdue a little more substantial and how to make French toast a million it's pretty simple you know I mean not. Evil are asking. We play this game that I introduce you to you called the Google game. Where you just type in the beginning of a question us and see what pops up and it's always really funny and but but generally not. You can't then where it's like how much how to where it is and you see people are searching for and 90% of the new couldn't percent on the radio though about the their funny yet really completely different game garlic looks when that you cricket yeah. He recently that doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. Boring new Washington Post article mullah deals are opting for paper towels over napkins. It seems according to business insider that they don't see the point in buying both especially since they can newspaper panels. For more things then napkins other things Rolling Hills aren't buying as a rule. Generalization that is houses motorcycles. Bars of soap diamonds. Designer purses. And fabric softener. I think those all make sense to me other than. The fabric softener part like I don't I can't really see younger people being up Celek marching against fabric softener like. Average per adjusted to the man. All five average slick that part I don't get but maybe there's a more pragmatic reason for skipping. On the fabric softener and into our real even though I realize I'm not a millennial or anything close the paper towels for napkins thing moon. I am totally with you there dismembered gen X stands with you on the paper challenge. Sarcasm is just one of the services Mike offers others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. Mike TC mornings by 1995 the mountain.