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Thursday, September 28th


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Jon Bon Jovi Alicia Sri in this morning when he hugest stone trees to Jersey guy we ailment that but he just he just botched. A Condo. In Greenwich Village New Yorkers during gotta have police are going to stay in the city obviously. Nineteen million dollars or ninety million dollars of forty foot living room try to adopt a new faces South Florida ceiling windows hardwood floors in years of view of New Jersey. From his wounds yeah I don't remember where your top absolutely I'm from bear. Ninety million dollars that's a lot of change John Buck Joey blaze of glory on the 995 to melt since Thursday morning. Mike Casey LA heart quick I think it it is big news even though lake when you are talking about this morning. 91. So like that's a shocker if you die at 91 that's a pretty limp along like you have the long life but Hugh Hefner the the pipe smoking drugs are more and founder of the Playboy empire. Died yesterday of natural causes at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles according to a representative. He's soon of course to have. Pop culture figure or celebrity fruit and with sixty years seven years. Yeah some more than two or three was the first publication of Playboy yes with Marilyn Monroe you re so he obviously came in with a splash and spent the rest of his years ongoing now the splash this is. Q after talking about the the appeal of the Playboy Mansion. It would mansion is hotter today than any other time a part of that because of the television show goes and explore but I think it's also because I'm out about you know the multiple girlfriends. Fuels fascination. Would both men and women. Like how can you not. Love the kid I spent his whole let met most of his adult life it is the jobless mood. Surrounded by a beautiful women and making money like it is that is like the American some version of the American dream right there I don't know. It's amazing we think about how he got it started because I yeah I aimed. Really love the story of Playboy and that you have there's this libertarian guy. Who does not agree with censorship in the United States and he decides to start his on magazine he's publish what he wants she'll images that he wants. And just do the dais and not care at all about government censorship and there's something is a horrible and you look at. Many of the authors that we know of who are now part of the American cannon then publish their first story and yeah. No that's true rewrite its its a joke but it's in but you know people's Leo I've read it for the articles the really there really was some high quality guy right there are still there is I actually just had a friend of a friend get published in Playboy about how. Kitchens and such sick in the United States and the one area where feminism hasn't caught on and we're not seeing any when those articles that Playboy is still publishing and so yes we think if you have a generic kind of business Fletcher is old man that he can I had my ear and let Eason didn't sell much. And really stop it in an amazing. The edge and changed the culturally it. He is you know news from the recent event as Hugh often said in his life life is too short to be living so my real sister so UF there. Scion are consider 91 paso yesterday. Or Mike feces coming up in a deal. I'm 99 plus the mountain. Meg and Kelly is less than a week. In to her tenure as a host on The Today Show which is what is it like a third hour or something or what is but I haven't figured out and it's our sound Arnold sure is right. She's not started. Off particularly. Strong I wouldn't say yesterday she grab some headlines not intentionally. Should Jane Fonda and Robert Redford on the show to discuss their new movie. Arsenals at nights making tell the men headed down a certain roads Jane Fonda and Jane apparently didn't like him marchers Serb Megyn Kelly speaks first. Let you know you've been an example to. Every one in how to Ainge beautifully and with strength card. And I. Okay yeah. Amazing. Yeah I'm proud to admit you've had worked on why not. We really want to talk up. It's. What you think I even think about him at. And at you is how amazing you look well thanks good attitude good posture. Take care of myself but let me tell you why I I would I loved this movie that we give ourselves at night Rafa. Rather than plastic surgery and he hadn't. Yes a couple of awkward to use some water of their top okay. Kind of a strange awkward moment on meg and Kelly show which I understand I mean I'm not trying to be Europe I understand she's confident in new. A new place a new network a different approach to a show. I think it's representative of the fact and I think was last week you and I talked about this. It feels like they're trying to make her leg Oprah or Eleanor something in that. Snot and she's that's not her that's not her strong sick you know our age you could possibly grow into it but that's not she. Yeah I hope she dies I hope Julie this'll be a learning home to an opportunity to him and I feel like we've heard over and over and over again for the last few years. The very welcome. Perspective of it not being appropriate to ask women about their offense blend the you've shown up somewhere to talk about professionally yeah. We'll particularly. Like if you're gonna roll the dice with that I don't think you roll the dice on that with Jane Fonda only do not let. That doesn't you don't in the world is it appropriate to ask somebody who shot to talk about we're moving to care about and have done. And same like your plastic surgery your face that is so well inappropriate is yes this questions driver at. I know none of that no. And I imagine his looks had nothing to do this interview come on maintenance catch I didn't think I had to step up. Yeah the dialogue has been moving away from questioning her theory long time. Or four days in NG. She's very again I think she's in there ever doing. The wrong thing for what her skill set is but again she you're in Europe she could grow into that at this for days in GS and done that yet but. When it's good luck and good luck. If his plane crashed in the wilderness Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's gonna be Mike Casey in the morning my neck. It depends on on the home I guess but so for a lot of us more devices. In our homes. Are now connected to the Internet than ever before and because of this. There's an increased risk of malware getting into those gadgets. And really messing things up some researchers have gone so far so warn consumers about. Smart refrigerators Smart vacuum cleaners Smart toasters. You know all those things are either you again they're not in my house and maybe they're not in yours but we know they're becoming a thing they found that hackers. In some cases even government agencies can track your actions. By sifting through data from those kinds of machines that are connected online that suit your. Your coffee pot or your appeared scale the teetered Internet connected may be helping some. They fairies characters. Spy on you which just goes is I mean I feel like every day we're closer to living in a science fiction novel and I'm I've for one and not overly comfortable with the but. When you doughnuts that's progress right. Before you criticize him you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike DC on 99 plus the mountain. When he spends way too much time on the Taylor readiness question almost impossible with. Mikey now eight. Our great American beer festival next week our friend the tip of the group company have a big party we can get you any invited to VIP tour effectively through. Company and maybe. Follow one lucky winner this week. We'll get some tickets a great American beer festival which is sold out all you debt due to answer this question. OK so 169. Percentage of on my main never. A minute there. Can't reach your great day I might take it today didn't it is the problem he ran into on line. They'll look bigger fish dinner is all online to eaters that makes sense I got into deeds herders and and and adding his 60% of online gators said this was buried or extremely. Important in a potential dates. I tried to right that very neat I know I mean I really put afternoon. Some okay did simple offense try better next time. 90% of online gators said this was very or extremely. Important in a potential. Hopefully wasn't him I think 6312995. Good luck. We might finale minority. A question this morning 69% of online Dieter said this was very or extremely important when picking out a potential date we think we're talking about. I bet there financially responsible. Yeah year asks. Think. I think get a little bit more. Official technology like it here financially responsible this probably reflects that. That you have a good job. No. Most of all are I'm numerical. That you make a lot of money. News. Look at their diet if you go to if you go to get a low as regular loan for a car or house or something what are the what are they gonna look for where they gonna check. Oh Erie. Give credit report. You think about that you think. Those. Are candidate like your. Breeder you basically had it right at the beginning yeah you better write the beginning we just review jump through. Which had. Ari congratulations Chris we've got to get to the Tivoli brewing company's great American beer festival party which is next week you we may have some tickets for you for the great American beer beer festival itself. Which is sold the house courtesy and her compliments of Amtrak's Winter Park express one more chance to win tomorrow. 710 here on question almost impossible I don't want to overstate things. But I I just I would like to say say for the record that. In looking out the window today it feels like I'm living in a factory town in the north of England during the industrial revolution. And that today's weather report should include. Ghosts walking out of the miss stands. I judges are again it's only been a couple days and probably should just get over it but it. He would get a little at this point now these have been my favorite couple days I might I just felt so happy and comfortable we get too much sunshine I'm gonna go and say it. He just you feel this pressure to be productive all the time and like you're not living near full potential when it's beautiful outside and you should be doing things. So you're embracing it isn't it as a chance to have to tune relaxed yeah. Let's get back inside and do the things that I should be doing like cleaning my house so our are clicking in and watching movies doing my wines and there's just something so all. I'm her up. Carefree about cloudy aren't as well for an eighteenth century British ghost walks out of the minister in Mike I don't know Honshu were something you can't say I didn't warn you as I tried to warn and the likelihood of that is he H oh it's it could happen absolutely. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drone. And I still leave the hardware store this morning with Mike DC four and 99 plus the mountain. You know I just had it this story here and because of Armenia lost and unified but the the gist of it is Pete Townsend just donated those pretty substantial amount of money missing a couple of 100000 dollars may be more to. The island of Barbuda oh here's a 150000 dollars through his charity double blow to the people in the community of the tiny island. Of Barbuda which show was one of many places impacted by the recent hurricanes the rule through on didn't Pete probably didn't give as much. Dodi says today. GG YU 37 million dollars but still less effort on his part 150000 dollars. From on Pete Townsend speaking of money for the sixth year in a row. Sophia heard Ari is the highest paid actress in television according to Forbes the modern field star burned. 41 point five million dollars last year. Too shabby the rest of the top five Q the cocoa 26 million mean detailing thirteen million. Ellen Pompeo thirteen million and Mariska target day at twelve point five million I'm not be grudging. Those few believe the amount of money that they make it's you know it's entirely up to how things work out for them I do find interesting in light of some of the recent protests regarding the NFL why I do hear a lot of people complain about the money and athletes make and Campbell well. Probably about actors and entertainers of like the whole that whole industry is arguably. Overpaid. You know I mean like Ruth. It just seems like a waste of time to begrudge people the money gimmick unless they're like crooked Wall Street types and I'd be gradual those people. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. My TC mornings on 99. According to studies conducted by scientists in Australia and Japan. Our brains are not built to work a normal workweek instead. The limit is about 25 hours per week in terms of effective work week especially. If you are over the age of forty after 25 hours brain function starts to decline. Making employees less effective and less efficient so there's some evidence to suggest that the 25 hour workweek is actually better for everybody particularly. If you're over the age of forty all I can say is from where do I sign up. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview eighties caddy before my PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. Yeah I think I have one of the car what a few cars still on the road relates don't turn on and off automatically. You might tell Boca well I don't know we both yeah I just keep my eye on all the time. OK I can do that when I get a car have to turn them off eyes they don't shut off by themselves. And that's the other thing that frustrates me a little bit about days like this is because of it starts to rain a little bit more than I feel like you should have your headlights it's easier for people to see you. And then I forget that their own because it's essentially the middle today yep you know Carlin used to and so the struggle is nearly. You know I used to have a card that didn't have automatic headlights and also blades didn't turn off when he turned the car out there and he just sees me pardon my routine. And make you get my car read turnaround geeky turn on the lights he fasten your seat palace and then on the way out it's got receive all turn off the light state deputy. But here you don't get we don't get to do you know because after this four or five or six day stretch than hammers can have sung for the highly twilight time all the time just because it's safer. UB Europe to turn off automatically. I mean yeah when I turn off my car they just turn off my does indeed I knelt and thinking you should get in the routine of always keeping your lights on it so much safer. Oca revealed to work on. Okay. I he's 47 years old he lives in the UK he had to a nagging cough few went to the doctor and got a fairly big surprise there was an X rated sure to spot on his long with. It wasn't a tumor it was a long lost toy traffic cone. That'd district feared many decades earlier part of the play mobile says he got for his seventh birthday. The Colin less than half inch in length had been inhaled. By him when he was seven I don't know if you do it on purpose or accidentally it lodged in his lungs. When he was seven years old they just Disco well they didn't just discovered that he was having some breathing issues one day. Figured out that basically his longest grew around only distance this little toys. Called traffic cone that he'd had in basically in his airway for forty years. On a miraculously he was okay. I'm just wondering. Then had to be still painful when he was child but when he actually did you can residents all fall did you just ignore us he was like. How much I that's and that's another good question I don't know he may have dismantles parents because usually do to control for us. Noodles that's a day I mean. That man has need crazy -- time is just think about that like yep it's been there for forty years there how bad it hurts clean accidentally breed and wrong and swallow water or something why in your lungs and so holy water. It does raise some questions about what happens in my. For hot wheels cars in a GI Joseph with Kung Fu grip that I haven't executed I could maybe I didn't I don't know. If god created sleep than the double created the alarm clock and Mike Casey is the love child of bowl. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountain. We talk an awful lot of bouts. Exercise and exercise habits in particularly the fact that in general American exercise habits or not. Overwhelmingly good the tend to be here in Colorado vs many other states but still. Not exactly off the charts good turned up the same thing would appear to be true. In the UK new survey there found that the average British adults. This is another way to Freeman the average British adults spends more time on the toilet in a week. And they do exercises. With three the average British adult spends more than three hours a week sitting on the policy. That's double the amount of time the people spend working out in the you can argue they go is it sounds like my kind of country. Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't guess which one like it. Mornings when Mike Casey finite now.