There might be poop in your coffee

Tuesday, September 26th


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I never know if I have the timeline right is he. He and his family were they like the first Stanley reality TV silly before the Kardashians and all are they are well before the cart ashy and he had. It is the first one ever penalty or the first family reality show. On that they weren't they were early in the reality TV so in some way shape or form it's their fault. There were living in this reality TV Finland that gambit did you ever watch the house warrants an analyst awesome. If he is worth that. 22 words for Ozzie shot in the dark on Tuesday morning 995 the mountain Alley Harwood Mike Casey. Lot of headlines again today as you might expect protests continue. Our continued on the NFL stage last night in the Monday night game between the cowboys and cardinals including. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to took one mean. With the linked arms with a number of his players before the game yesterday. There are some and I know you'll get to this in new Jolie news troops from the trump administration. Have members of the drug administration have been accused of using private email addresses which of course was of that for government business which of course is a big deal. During the campaign leading up to the election. And also of Jimmy Kimmel and the health care bill they Cassidy grim health care bill. There were some folks in the last couple days or week and since Jimmy Kimmel made this a big topic on his show there were some people accuse him of being of upon further for the Democrats it's better setter so in light gives Cassidy Graham the health care bill Jimmy Kimmel addressed that's again on his show last night. Since the start speaking about this I've been fact checked by against the bill capacity by at least six different organizations every one of them. Came down on my side every major health organization in the United States is on my side every major charity that has to do with health of Medicare is on my side. Because the facts were on my side is nothing to do Mia just it just a matter of what's true. And what isn't true one of the two key Republican holdouts Susan Collins a senator from Maine said she would not support Graham cast lead which means. We'll move to a new day for the. So did have a that's great news thank you senator Collins Maine needs affordable health care more than almost any state in all of the sewers up there. Are filled with trial leading clones I don't know. This news is now I can go back to talking about the card actually it's guys Qaeda. I always read that. Back to return as soon as some point. I know would you try and like we enticement that you don't care back. And we will continue did not start out if anybody wants to talk with me about it I can really use someone atop zero. Are you because I'm not gonna I ruled out either for a person to fulfill that obligation for your I didn't figure was injure Cigna and we talked about this in the last couple days that. Jimmy Kimmel and his team had a very personal. There responsive and very personal interaction with the health care system when their son Billy was born. With congenital heart defects and he took an issue that was important to him and and mated the focus of his show and it's his show show and he accomplished way it appears that. He accomplished what he wanted to accomplish so for Jimmy Kimmel absolutely. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain today is a loss to 26 it's today's. Major we are one month anniversary I know. It is you Marty you Gregor birdie made it further than the average for a national what you know well the holidays. Calling last couple years now Kim was seventy TJ is my most recent one has been lasting awhile. Also like saying Greg detects this morning news and takes me. For the one month dinner soon and he well he's just he's busy. Is that these you'll get the award panel. Completely out here optimism I really do I have I'm not least my hopes up you complete confidence in happier if you one month anniversary take our motto wanna ruin your morning coffee yours earlier or anybody else's spots. You may wanna think about this particularly if you do the office coffee mug thing which I. Did you I sure do that break because you care about the sort of figured you're not you're non. German folk. A new studies found 90% of coffee mugs in office kitchens are coated with bad bacteria. And 20% of those cuts actually have fecal matter on him twice first and saw spooking the fee no one but the dirty sponges in the kitchen that are rarely replaced. Become a host for germs that end up in our coffee mugs and then use the mug from down the hall and now your base we drew can move bacteria so Wal-Mart wants go through it. You sometimes they do you never know who's in charge of the dishwasher. And her little pulled never killed anyone well that's for I kind of figured you would say that I am not I think compared to you know I'm a little germ phobia I'm not really that bad. But years and years and years ago now. In my office I've I've brought in mica a mug a couple bowl like I have everything yeah heated there I never use the office stuff. Only then I almost never. That's you don't let. On it doesn't matter you have your own people your own cup your own plate how do you watch it after take you know it you take it home in Washington. Many don't mostly into 'cause I blushed ample that you have in you learn. Little cabinet in the kitchen sink here where great for Mel Gibson yeah eating food so I hate to break it to you. Rory Zeum Bonino a ton of pollute my whole system is broken down and I broke it well. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools of glass of water Smart it's Mike Casey on 1995 the mountain. Austrian story in Virginia woman in Virginia visited a longhorn steak house names were Rachel miner. She's walking through the restaurant tour table when she says she felt a sharp pain in her left foot at first she thought she'd been stung by B. And kept walking by the pain intensified. When she reached down to fewer foot she felt something moving and that's what if he noticed in eighty Inge copper heads sneak. And freaked out as I would expect you would if you were an Arab state house visits make it that's your foot it's. She screamed I god did I god did that her boyfriend and her son ran over. And stepped on the snake. Emergency medical personnel to agree to the hospital she spent the next eleven days. Receiving anti venom injections. Even though she's home now she said she still deals with a lot of pain. Doctors have wondered that may take several months for her to recover how do you walking through a restaurant and a snake bite your foot. I don't I don't know if that means they do the he must feel like the unlucky is person in the world at that point in time. I would think although they could there could be played their longhorns Nikos steakhouse they made there may be an option for them to modify that. You get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike GCI 99 plus the mountain yes. And if Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 995. Our great American beer festival coming up pretty soon sold out. Oh we will have a pair of tickets to game 21. Question almost impossible but everybody. We'll get a fair tickets to our friends of Tivoli brewing they're having a party. During the great American beer festival you'll be invited to that you just need to. Be answered this question. So it will be an interesting question to answer the expiration of literature with that you spent a few feet neither mind I just interesting Erica. More than 75%. Of men and do you think so yes it is gender more than 75% of men and do you deaths. When he begins this could be so many Presley yes league wide open Al hugely L I like Tennessee where people start. And then we can maybe guide them towards the rights of the news. Yeah okay 631 shoot 995. Question almost impossible good luck. We might now a minority. More than 75% of men do this wheezing which are about. Op or not flowers but we're getting a whole lot closer got an excellent guests thank you. Give it your guess for our question almost impossible to. No Yarborough. Not stranded there I browns now yes thanks you drive it over here yeah well it's not and cannot do you care about getting another pair of mourning was against your question almost impossible job of our lady of Britain getting dairy clubs were starting to circle there. Yeah dad this is slightly more formal and slightly more relationship oriented than that but that's headed in the right direction. It is proven beyond typical more than 75% of men do this it is what you you have your better clue. It's kind of like. I step before another step. Okay are huge and and yeah it's a very. Formal. Traditional yes very traditional he'll probably only do it wants. You just give visual clue but nobody else can Nellie can see and I can even think about it. Moon. And. Only go to embryos conceived through me and I'm not eligible but that's the clues 6312995. Question almost impossible we have some Tigger suit. Tivoli brewing company's great American beer festival shin dig and you may end up winning some tickets of the great American beer festival itself. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis. That using its mornings when Mike Casey find 995. Our question this morning more than 75%. Of men to view this what are we talking about. Asking her father's permission before proposing yeah. You've got updates often was it dark loser you just wildly insightful. And recruit. I accept that yeah step before a step that makes perfect sensitive tumor that. In her brain I've never won anything or bleaching. Can't say anymore. I let us talk what's your dad. You're not confident. Are you Mary budget scandal I didn't did your husband does your father for his permission to marry you. He did not that's OK cars yeah. Complicated it will. I just want to have to. The good other. Are you congratulations Kendall enjoyed the edge of the brewing company party on us and we made some great American beer festival tickets for you to question almost impossible will be back in. Years o'clock here. She's great at making people. Which would be greats if he was trying to be funny Mike Casey morning's hot 1995. The mountain. Few if your I know realize it's only September. But I was reminded this yesterday and my mom called me and sent water. Here water boy for Christmas because we start look at that tickets and I said moment now I know that I realized only when your mom I sequence Alina you just coming you gotta go with it you know and I understand like the you know that they wanna. They'll pay top dollar for the tickets if they don't have to turns out my mom is. Absolutely on that this might be too quick week to book your flights. According to data released by the airfare comparison site hit monk. You can save up to 27%. On Thanksgiving airfare and up to 38%. On Christmas flights by booking this week who knew my mom was so that she probably did. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shoe is for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. If you wanted to creative brain from scratch and make it valued household name the tech sector of probably a good place to start this list popped up today. Susan market was in market watch who's in MarketWatch seven of the top ten brands. Are technology based. Into brand value added an evaluation based on each firm's financials. How much of an impact it has on consumers' decision making and how willing those consumers or to pay. Premium price. Premium price for that brains products or services from ten to one idea and a number 1047 billion dollars. I'm Mercedes-Benz at nine FaceBook. Toyota Samsung Amazon number five Coca-Cola number 41 of the few non tech names on this list Microsoft number three. Google number two and number one on the list probably surprising no one in terms of incredibly high brand value. Apple 184. Billion dollars not showing up on the list those dummies overt act with facts the folks of Philip Morris tobacco. In the folks at spam their brilliance not quite worth as much. Sarcasm isn't as bad as people say it's much much much worse mornings when my GC 199 lives. The mountain. I think by this point in time we all know what may and spleen news yes we do. Now there's a new one this is a big goal of regaining some steam on Twitter around the other parts of the interwebs. It's called. He repeating. He repeating PP eating like re like you read PDA but he peered. It's defined as when a woman's if it when women suggests an idea and it's ignored but that a guy says the same thing and everyone loves it. Oh my gosh if I. Honestly I knew you would love it yes because this happens to me all the time and I ask people up for me I don't do that you did OK I have to ask people in my hand he looked. Is there to have to do you might think that I'm talking and I am hots and what did we not hear those words out of my mouth just five seconds. And Greg does this to me as a gentle key thinks it's really funny there's truth or like if I suggest something and then we do I need to seal told you we should do and you know your age and Indiana as how many yeah aside and tying. I'm sure everyone has experienced this key if you heat heat angry executive to a whole new level where he has made it he's like done it. But as a joke and then I mean that's for all the things he's hilarious that's like island area they usually don't teach that kind of stuff and husband school until like your five or six and he he's an advanced placement course. Clearly he's in a few stupid he's got that our move. Yeah he. Is on track to graduate earlier contain a month's. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride into work itself. My PC in the morning on 99 but still mountain. Tuesday morning here on the mountain I can imagine if you are. A certain age then you probably remember this TV theme summer at a higher open meadow or. Shimon Ben Crane and do jazz from the big TV show early eighties and its own you know internal you can lose at this point. Tumbled. Who played Luke duke from. It is soon well he's facing a new assault. Charges. He was arrested last month's. For real American given the specifics of what deputy who's charged with assaulting a month ago now police have hit the actors 56 years old. With the new charge of felony indecent assault this time for poking a sixteen year old girl in her stomach according to documents he told the teen. I'm a creepy old man you were really talented and really cute and quote. Both alleged victims co starred with Tom. On a production of 42 streets Tom will pads. Formerly Luke duke at the moment she uncle Jesse and bower on the way to the jailhouse to try and bail amounts daisy and cooter gonna stay at home and wait just in case. Boss hog insurer from school. Watch out. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC morning spontaneity and.