The Swedish Death Clean

Friday, October 13th


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No I've played that's all. Why because his Nobel Friday that's a Nobel economist song you know I'm gonna play the next hour or replied. Why because it's Nobel Friday on the automobile that'll be of survive throughout the morning we gonna do it. This'll no valid thing on tried to do it regularly order on with that we're gonna as you would say we're gonna lean into it but a think Armageddon Def Leppard on Nadia five amounts not only know ballot Friday it is it's Friday the thirteenth which for some people's X a big freak out thing. Are enough issues in my left it to worry about dates and you know eight's days and things like that so. Doesn't throw me off aviation opening today. Which very exciting for the ski world. And one footnote for you which will not this whole meaning to until next time you go home. But your favorite place in the world Tim Hortons yeah has introduced. The buffalo alive today which is of regular lives today. Here's the part where it ruins it for you. With added buffalo sauce flavor well and a dusting of zesty Buffalo's seasoning and right now they're only available. In your hometown of buffalo new York and I think if it stays that way that would be OK I mean doesn't sound good. Awful flavor is is just franks hot sauce. And that's great on certain things but I dawned that fresh hot actually eat. You'll well it's just like the vinegar benefits the throwing me off. Because you know how sometimes cayenne peppers at a time hot chocolate it's actually pretty good idea Oca that could work and and franks is basically just bladder cayenne pepper and vinegar yeah. So it could work just preventing parents throwing me want to circle some new people back home to. Here's an early to tell me Tim Hortons is coming to Dan wrote known I was ready Jake get all excited and basically just leave and go Eric. Not not that I'm aware of users to buffalo can't keep my fingers crossed for that and Mike feces coming up and if you find that he's like five the mountain. It was I believe from. Last week and Eminem do this. It was right here this week earlier this week Eminem had a very. Let's see very pointed. Our freestyle rap zoo is directed its president trump and it got a lot of room detention a lot of press and things like that I'm Seth Meyers. Was said he was. Inspired. By that particular. Eminem moment in decided to have his own Eminem moment on his show last night this assessment. Nine I say to any bands of this show who are also. Big fans of Donald Trump it's time. And make a decision guys. Yet all of. Far. Or do you support this show that constantly mocks and denigrate everything about it. I know it's dropped off time is coming to make a decision on not much rapper. But here goes my name is that I'm here to say. If you like trauma go away. Today's news unfairly target G bytes. You know if you guys Seth Meyers rapid knew it was not alone. He was wrapping so much is brining you know be that I guess and set those events in Europe and wolf. I'm singing earlier this morning when I heard the clip and it's it's funny bit. The hula that's really risky in and probably a lot of there there's not a lot of audience Crawford cross over the by not a lot of people were big fans the president were are watching your show yes when she touches on Mike. You're probably not here if you're huge fan of the president you probably not yes and vice Versa your future in the show your pro benefit. So that's since it probably was his risky bet that in this fund you're right he was wrapping you drive it did was still. It is chuckle where they. Mike Casey life. Tip number 256. Always give 101 so much for giving blood mornings we might GC on 995. The mountain. Earlier this week on Wednesday FaceBook any answer Graham a user's experience some outages particularly. In none in Washington in the state of Washington on bottle and near Seattle and a bunch of places in in and around there. Police in buffalo Washington say that the outage caused widespread panic among some residents and actually called 911. To report. If FaceBook. In Seagram. Were malfunctioning and down the police department finally tweeted. Close we will move mountains to help those in our community however we can't fix FaceBook so please don't call 911. To let us know it's down a little later that same day FaceBook announced earlier today and networking issue cause some people have trouble accessing FaceBook services. We quickly investigated inserted restoring access within about an hour. And we of nearly fix the issue for every one we're story for the inconvenience. Get your mind around that's. It's that not one person or three people or five people but enough people. Thought that FaceBook and insert him being inaccessible. Was. I need about a panic where the issue that regard calling 911 this is this the world we live in right now it's history in June. Unsettling to have the same time if you don't laugh fees from drug addict we start with. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth. Mike Casey mornings on that email. So as your last chance reviewer big fan of whiskey and whiskey tastings in your last chance it was VIP tickets. She's it was PX at wings over the Rockies tonight the drive by truckers will perform. Al is got to question you need answered that's how this works. OK so this is being number one thing that men tried to hide from others. Could be a lot of things has gazette and realize it was just one thing my mind is running while starting nine elm and try and hide everything from other but this is a good thing that tops the list isn't even number one thing that they are hiding a way. Okay I've 6312995. If you think you have the right answer to that question. Let us know we've got the VIP passes to who was PX. As always if you won in the last thirty days you don't give some wheels of chance we're impressed with pure intelligence could give give someone else a chance. Coca 6312995. Could look. If my finale like. Our question this morning this is the number one thing that men trying to hide from others what are we talking about. And what about you find him there. War on your own you and we need to get a little more specific. But your your very very very close. We're gonna be another guess what something that you would learn about your finances from it summing up like may be delivered T. My every month. Mike come in the mail on a monthly basis are Margaret here bill what would be an indicator of our financial state that would come in the mail once a month crime and honestly right now there's there's one I'm guaranteeing you there's one in your wallet at least one maybe more than one. Are they. And well and sooner or with your name. Are you did congratulations you're going to the whiskey X whiskey tasting tonight at wings over the Rockies drive by truckers will perform. I've I've really enjoyed the first. Why enjoy it all the answers but the fact that everybody's everybody put would like bimbos kids feel. He's. There are more like the fact that their fat cure really don't know that's all obvious this is a little more. Is a little more subtle than any of those accidentally got a little deep on now on and redwood opinions of just are not great you know. Really go credit card statement gesture so that was actually via the correct answer again congratulations Dave. Should be a fun event job tonight over wings over the Rockies who learned so much development this morning this is Corey. If you see who it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 995. The mountain. And so them to think about as you go go about your day I think we're all fairly test your Smartphones these days. Just how attached like how many times do you think you touch your phone every day. Between typing swiping. And tapping. The average U average rates of meaning what half above and half below. The average US Smartphone user touches their phone. 2617. Times per day. 2617. Times that's amazing. Scary enemies and keep in mind 2617. That's the average I can tell you for fact having four kids. Under the age of torn in my house. It's like eight times that for them they're like 161000 times a day maybe even more than that I would hesitate to even think about so by that measuring stick. Most of us are doing pretty well but that's still a lot. When 600 times. He pre planned this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him he's my GCR 9095 the mountain. Fee in Sweden. And and I think we think of ourselves as a global show that you want to talk about Sweden. In Sweden there's a new. Did you hear this I faced until latest blow a car. While Swedish death cleaning it yet it's a little morbid sounding but it's a very practical idea the idea is to get rid of all the jewels of your home in Euro rather. So when you die your family won't have to deal with it the person behind the idea is the art author. Moderates Magnuson. Who has a book coming out called the gentle art of Swedish death cleaning I love the title. So I agree I love the idea and as you know because we've discussed before I've spent most of my. You know prior to meeting inning getting married I spent most of my life living with other guys so. Jerk it like toilets and haven't been cleaned doesn't bother me showers that ultimately doesn't bother me clutter. Drives me nuts yeah I mean absolutely crazy as my kids will also attest so I really feel like this Swedish death cleaning thing he's right up my Alley. Yeah I mean I love I love the concept 'cause I think sadly we've all been their before every take a look at someone's house nearly I'd sent thrown everything this is horrible. Not a bad person in his airline and I have no emotional hit like shanty this person are there things about each test to lake. Yeah yeah yeah you gotta have room. Yeah get a room to move when you talk to someone else's house or you're out. Cleaning is like you know silly your house is clean so when you die nobody has to go through your stuff I ask you kind I issue is saying that's considering excuse me involved and their before we're like oh no I have to say. Cleanup is dead person's stuff and you feel so disrespectful. Yet telling all their things out but it. You have to. Yet to loosen it. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountain. Very 53 Friday morning a Novella Friday some do keep in the back your money you go about your day today may be throughout the course of the weekend. According to Forbes magazine there are 2043. Billionaires in the world very small and very select group of people as you might imagine. That is the most billionaires in the 31 years the Forbes has been tracking them down. The youngest person on that list the youngest billionaire ever. 26 years old whose name is John Collison these Irish entrepreneur he was seventeen. When he co founded the online auction management system called sure Obama. He sold a year later for five million dollars so that was when he was eighteen he and his older Brothers and co founded striped in 2011. Which is a software package that enables online payments strike is now worth over nine billion dollars that's how John. Collison became the youngest billionaire on the planet. That's 26 years old. I honestly can't even remember when I was doing a 26 but I can tell you. It wasn't buying and selling companies and I certainly wasn't worth a billion dollars so John if while I salute you at the same time as a part of me is deeply. Deeply resentful of view sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Mike Casey mornings on 99.